What if you found a portal to a parallel universe?
What if you could watch 'Sliders' on a thousand different worlds?
My friends and I found the gateway!


News Archive (2003-2004)

Dec10/04 Meet Earth 776. Plus: recovered memories.
Dec2/04 Viewers on Earth 69 endure another trial.
Nov20/04 E2013's bonus features and second easter egg.
Nov2/04 The distant past and the dismal present.
Aug25/04 When BAD means GOOD.
Aug4/04 The return of Chaser9. Plus: Chaser9: The Return.
Jun19/04 What if America was colonized 350 years late?
Jun2/04 The professional sliders return in earnest.
Feb29/04 Earth 2013 brings us "Strange Bedfellas."
Jan15/04 Slidemania's "Life Support" and a Chaser9 classic.
Jan8/04 Added Earth 95702 and an Easter egg.
Dec8/03 New eps for 69 and 5260.
Oct14/03 Resolutions on Earth 226.
Sep10/03 Earth 8950 presents Checkers.
Aug22/03 E214 revised, E30858 continued.
Jul10/03 New stuff at 2013 and 5260.
Jul4/03 TM's Regenesis and T4's Schism.
Jun27/03 S4 on 662; Slidemania-mania.
Apr29/03 S6 on E2013 goes out with a bang...
Apr4/03 Will Maggie meat her match? No.
Apr1/03 In the spirit of the holiday...
Mar28/03 E2013's S6: the penultimate hour.
Mar12/03 Let's play Global Thermonuclear Warfare!
Mar2/03 E12243's Civil War and E7749's Exodus.
Feb26/03 Injuries (and killings) aplenty.
Feb20/03 T4's Connections and TM's Serpent's Tooth.
Feb14/03 Added an Earth 12243 ep and a guestbook.
Feb9/03 The Informant Trilogy, remastered.
Feb4/03 Earth 214: the two-part series finale.
Jan31/03 Yellow fever; my dinner with Peck.
Jan24/03 Putting the "fiction" into "crucifixion."
Jan14/03 Hey there! There goes the Slider-Man!
Jan1/03 It's beginning to feel a lot like... Christmas?

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