V6 Timer
v6.1 : earth 226

These long-lost fanfics were largely retyped from a printed copy by QuantumFluxLSV2. Salute him for his efforts, and enjoy . . .

6x01 :: Resolutions, Part 1
Written by Chaser9

Rembrandt learns that everything thought he knew is false . . . again.

6x02 :: Resolutions, Part 2
Written by Chaser9

With three of the sliders still prisoners of Claire, it falls to one of them to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Season Six Banner Ads
With commentary by Chaser9

Promos for several possible episodes that were mocked up well in advance.

Season Six Opening Credits
An 8008k QuickTime movie

When PVT mentioned that a V6 theme song was in the works, Blinker started preparing a special credits sequence to showcase it that would feature all eight sliders. It was eventually completed, with . . . alternate music . . .

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v6.1 : earth 226