Peel back the veil of reality and journey to worlds unrealized. Worlds where fate took a different path. These are . . . The Otherworlds!


Earth 21diverges from our world in the opening days of the second season. Here, Ryan remained with the group, and the results of this aren't what you're expecting...

Earth 69is every Sliders fan's worst nightmare! Here on this God-forsaken world, David Peckinpah wrestled control away from Tracy Tormé in the opening days of production. The results... PECK was free to mold the show into exactly what he always wanted. Be warned, excessive laughter may ensue!

Earth 170diverges from our world in the final days of the third season. In the world of Earth 170, Sliders was cancelled by FOX but not picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel. The resulting effort launched by the fans led to the production of Sliders: Homecoming, the final epic in the Sliders saga, wrapping up loose plot lines and fixing continuity problems.

Earth 214 brings you a Season Six where everything's turned on its ear. The timer's souped up, the sliders have reunited - sort of - and the worlds are deadlier than ever.

Earth 226 reunites Rembrandt and Arturo post-Season Five. Together, they seek the means to save their lost comrades...

Earth 317 tosses out the disastrous "Exodus" and its aftermath in favour of an eight-episode resolution that closes out the third season with a bang instead of a whimper.

Earth 374 made a concerted effort beginning with Season Five to return the show to its roots. Returning characters such as Wade and Conrad Bennish joined memorable new creations including Autumn Mallory and Andrew Summers. Stay tuned: you haven't heard the last of this one yet.

Earth 406 puts a very different spin on the cast turnover necessitated by Season Five. Check it out; you won't be disappointed.

Earth 500 is a collaborative effort starring Quinn's other brother, Darryl... I mean, David.

Earth 662 is SL4ever's take on how to improve Season Four (while keeping to the actual restrictions faced by the writers.) I'll give you a hint: he doesn't keep "The Alternateville Horror."

Earth 776 offers a parallel S6 that integrates characters and continuity elements from all past seasons.

Earth 1014diverges from our world at a very early point, namely the very beginnings of Sliders. In the reality of Earth 1014, the decision was made to have five sliders. The character of Jayson Garrick was added and nothing was ever the same again.

Earth 1120 sends Wade off for a Season Four all her own.

Earth 1125 diverges from our reality following the end of Sliders season one. In between the ending of filming for season one and the renewal for a second season, Jerry O'Connell was cast in a role for a movie... something about a boat and an iceberg. With a prosperous film career, Jerry no longer needed a series. He left the show, but maintained a good relationship with Tormé, willing to return for guest roles. The character of Quinn died from the gunshot wound he received in "Luck of The Draw" and his character was replaced by Nicholas Lea's Ryan Styles, leading the show down a very different path.

Earth 1712 is a 6MB QuickTime 3 movie that reveals the shocking result of JOC and Peck rewriting "The Guardian." I see time travel, the astral plane, and Quinn 7:-#ing up hundreds of his doubles' lives... go with it!

Earth 2013 presents a unique, alternative sixth season. Tired of S6 fics that either (a) wrap up every hanging plotline of the last five years in a couple pages, or (b) continue on with the S5 cast, spinning out the lame, overextended Kromagg Prime/merger arcs far enough to make Lunchboy proud? Well, this is the S6 for you!

Earth 2958 remains the craziest Earth in our stable. What more can you say about a series with lines like "As he ran he continued to run"?

Earth 4629offers nothing special with regards to the actual show... but their Sliders BBoard must be seen to be believed!

Earth 4919is the sixth season envisioned by Canadian TV personality Ed the Sock. If you're not yet familiar with his... unique take on the world of Sliders, you're in for a treat...

Earth 5260 documents the extended post-Arturo Season Three that Peck would have crafted had "The Exodus" aired months in advance. Giant monsters... catfights... endless lectures about listening to Rembrandt's opinion... relive the nightmare!

Earth 5501 picks up directly from "The Seer." At last, things are turning around for Rembrandt Brown... but the road back to where he started won't be an easy one.

Earth 5732 reboots Season Four with no cast changes and a proper resolution to the cliffhanger.

Earth 7749 depicts an alternate "Exodus" that's as good as our world's was bad.

Earth 8950is Season Four done right! Tracy Tormé retakes the helm from you-know-who and sets out to show FOX how it's done.

Earth 10153posits a fifth season where Jerry's power play succeeded... leaving him with more behind-the-scenes power than even Peck ever wielded, and the colossal stupidity to match.

Earth 12243teams Peck up with his Voyager equivalent, Brannon Braga. Say hello to Jeri Ryan, Kromaggs in go-carts, and "Rickwoman"...

Earth 14111 supposes that Quinn was left behind on Egyptian world, the others having no clue that he survived the afterlife procedure. Quinn's not about to take this lying down, however: he teams up with Dr. Mubaric and sets out to track down his friends.

Earth 30858 is bold enough to not only juggle ten sliders at once, but present a serious sequel to "This Slide of Paradise." Now that takes guts!

Earth 71999is the official Season Six of the Otherworlds. After initially cancelling the show on a cliffhanger season finale, the powers that be realized what a mistake it would have been and decided to make budget cuts elsewhere in order to continue Sliders!

Earth 209715 takes a poetic look at a world where events based on 'The Exodus' had very different consequences. Not to be missed!


Earth X-95 details the horrific carnage unleashed when Peck unseats Joss Whedon in the earliest days of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."


Earth 297 takes us to a small town about to be rocked by the discovery of Sliding... a town where 'Sliders' has just finished a hit five-year run on TV!

Earth 414 supposes that Maggie Beckett could never have lived with herself if Quinn never made it back to his home world. In the final moments of "This Slide of Paradise," a heart-broken Maggie pushes Quinn into the vortex along with Wade and Rembrandt. Sliders history will never be the same...

Earth 421 asks the question, What If another network had picked up Sliders for a fourth season instead of Sci-Fi? Here, a young network known as WB picked up the show and sent it down another path.

Earth 1126 is the flip side of 1125. Here it was Sabrina Lloyd whose career took off - with the smash hit "Waterworld" - forcing Tormé and crew to write in a replacement. Thus, Wade died on Lottery world, the others unable to save her... and the radically different Callie joined the team. Incidentally, this world is home to some of the most surreal, hallucinogenic Sliders stories in the multiverse.

Earth 9999 is the strangest world we've charted yet. Here, the events of "The Exodus" never occurred... but those of "The Unstuck Man" did in their place. Rather than Maggie, it was Diana Davis who slid -- to search for the unstuck Professor Arturo!

Earth 95702 has changed casts a good dozen times and stripped Sliders of everything that once made it great, yet can't stop churning out episode after episode. Read a sample of Season Twelve, if you dare.