earth 30858
Earth 30858
A Sliders Continuation
by Slidemania
6.01: Lady of the Lake
The sliders land on a world of diminutives who are being tormented by an evil spirit.

6.02: The Garden
On a world inhabited by living vegetation, Mallory is physically agitated as his bond with the original Quinn begins to unravel.

6.03: Dimensional Rift
Mallory and Diana find themselves wanted for the "murder" of Dr. Geiger on their homeworld.

6.04: West Slide Story
In a lawless world overrun by gang violence, Maggie becomes the object of affection between leaders of two rival gangs.

6.05: Slide, Baby, Slide!
The sliders discover a world where residents slide for recreation.

6.06: Malibu Law
Janine has trouble integrating into the group when the sliders are trapped in an alternate Malibu which serves as a penal colony.

6.07: Swastika
The sliders encounter a Nazi-controlled world where the United States lost World War II.

6.08: Jurassic Slide
Rembrandt finally relocates Malcolm on the new world occupied by refugees from Maggie's homeworld - a dimension now under Kromagg rule.

6.09: It's a Jungle Out There
Back on Hybrid World, Maggie discovers that Colonel Rickman is still alive, having survived his fall two years earlier.

6.10: Dark Horizon
The sliders are imprisoned on an Earth that has been invaded and conquered by an alien species from beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.

6.11: Invictus
Rembrandt hopes to resurrect Wade in a universe where conscious minds are transplanted from body to body.

6.12: A Slider Scorned
Heresy is a capital offense on a world where atheism is the dominant 'religion.'

6.13: Deja Slide
The sliders encounter a familiar friend on a world they've visited before.

6.14: World Without End
The sliders land on a world suffering from extreme overpopulation, where scientists have developed innovative - and lethal - forms of technology.

6.15: Once Upon a Slide
Maggie meets her Prince Charming on a world populated by fairy tales.

6.16: New Perspective
Janine confronts a very different version of herself on a world where homosexuality is the accepted social norm.

6.17: Liberation
The sliders vow to separate Quinn and Mallory in a dimension where humans can psychically manipulate matter.

6.18: Slide into Darkness
An artificial dimension has snowballed into a multiverse-devouring juggernaut.

6.19: Brother Against Brother
The Mason-Dixon Line divides California on a world where the Civil War has raged for over a century.

6.20: Cries from the Heart
Malcolm clashes with the biological parents of his late double.

6.21: Latin Sizzle
In a 20th century Roman Empire, Diana meets her doubles - identical twins.

6.22: Double, Double, Vortex and Trouble
Mallory falls under the spell of a roguish enchantress.

* * *

7.01: Blast From the Past
The Sliders are caught between enemies, on a world plagued by earthquakes (and disco).

7.02: Sliders Anonymous
Arturo is forced into detox in a dimension that considers sliding an addiction.

7.03: Aphrodite's Wrath
Colin becomes the object of a goddess' desire.

7.04: The Slide of No Return
The group lands on a navy frigate staffed by familiar doubles.

7.05: Fatal Luau
The Sliders are menaced by a warlike tribe; Quinn experiences extrasensory visions.

7.06: Slide At Your Own Risk
Rembrandt befriends a psychic who may know the way home.

7.07: Life Support
The Sliders are drawn into an elaborate Kromagg mousetrap, while Wade struggles with memories of the breeder camp.

7.08: Conquerors
Lost no more, Logan St. Clair continues her pillaging of parallel worlds.

7.09: Let Sleeping Sliders Lie
On a world resembling Ancient Persia, Quinn, Colin, and Mallory become stuck in an inexplicable state of temporal stasis.

7.10: Homecoming
Their long-awaited return to Kromagg Prime throws the Mallorys yet another curve.

7.11: Quantum Peep
Maggie swaps places with a legendary figure out of history.

7.12: The Omen
Malcolm finally tracks down Gretchen, but she is being used as a pawn in the Dynasty's new game plan.

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