Earth 95702        

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Reality distorted and shimmered as a large red distortion ripped through the fabric of space-time. Three figures were thrown from this distortion to the hard ground and as the distortion began to shrink, it formed into the usual feminine shape of Vixen.

Rembrandt Brown was the first to rise. "Richie, Thom, get over here quick, that slide probably exhausted every ounce of energy in her bio-matrix!"

The three men rushed to their female compatriot's aid as she began to sway. Her energy exhausted, she would need rest.

Thomas Mallory looked around at the group's surroundings and spoke, "Wonder what kind of crazy world we've landed on now?"

"I think I can answer that one for you."

The group turned to see the last person they expected to see . . . Diana Beckett.

Rembrandt Brown could barely utter her name, "Diana?"

What if you could travel the multiverse?
What if every world held a new adventure, a new society or a higher existence?
What if nothing was as it seems and what if you'll never find home?


Judge Reinhold as Richie Powers
Kristy Swanson as Vixen
Anthony Jacobs as Thomas Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown

Episode 17: "What Once Was Is Not Now"
by Chaser9

"Yes Remmy itís me, or should I say both of us. Maggie Beckett and Diana Davis existing in the same form, two beings merged into one, much as Thomas' father was years ago."

Richie spoke up, "One second here, I thought you were lost in the multiverse. After the Gatorian Federation attacked Earth Epsilon-Beta-9."

"And I was, dear Richard. But with the help of another old friend I found my way here."

Diana stepped aside to reveal a floating tank filled with a strange blue ooze. Inside the tank was a brain.

{Remmy it's good to see you again. I see Thomas is well and that the age acceleration Tockman used on him had no harmful side effects.}

Rembrandt Brown could scarcely believe the voice in his head. "Mal? Is that you?"

{Of course it is Remmy. My body may have been destroyed when Quinn was separated from me, but my mind survived and thanks to technology designed by the Chosen, I have survived.}

The female Bio-Warrior known as Vixen began to stir. "By Shala! What is that?"

"It's Mal's brain Vixen," Richie replied.

"Beloved. This is what has become of you?" Vixen's eyes began to water.

{It is all right my love. My intellect has become expanded in this form and with the help of the Chosen we hope to clone me a new body soon. We shall be together again. And perhaps I will be able to devise some way to unbind Diana and Maggie's atomic structures therefore separating them, without the harmful side effects that resulted from my separation from Quinn.}

"That'd be nice Fogboy. Damn I've missed you two," Rembrandt could scarcely believe it was possible. He had found some of his friends that he had lost on his endless journey.

"Come, all of you. We will go to the haven of the Chosen. There you can all rest and we may be able to make modifications to your timer."

"That could be kind of tough Di. See Vixen absorbed the timer into her Bio-Matrix . . . she is the timer now." Thom replied.

"I see. Fascinating. You must tell me more of this."

The five figures and the tank containing Mal's brain began their trek towards the haven of the Chosen. Little did they realize they were under surveillance by Will Tockman.

"Enjoy yourselves sliders. Enjoy your reunion. Soon you will be in my grasp and the coordinates to Earth-Delta-Epsilon-Prime will be mine!"

To Be Continued!

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