Earth 662: a Season Four that didn't suck

Season Four Synopses by SL4ever

4.1 'Genesis' Read the complete episode.

4.2 'The Booth' Maggie, looking for a bathroom, accidentally steps into an 'education booth.' Trying to get out, she triggers a religion history course download. Now do the Sliders have to work like dogs at the bookstore for two long months to pay off her debt (since their money is no good) or Maggie has to serve a year in debtor's prison. In addition to the tedious work, Quinn and Remmy have to contend with her increasingly strident attempts to convert them to 'Tree Worship.' Since her brain hasn't been conditioned since birth to accept informational downloads, the download wears off after a couple weeks. The timer finally signals its readiness to continue and the Sliders escape without doing the last 6 weeks of their work.

4.3 'World Killer' Essentially the same plot, minus the HIDEOUS Quinn wig.

4.4 'Stingray' While enjoying a swim as they wait for their timer to finish tracking, Remmy is stung by a sea animal. Since this world is uninhabited, they return to Ryan's world as soon as their timer has acquired the next world coordinates. While Ryan's people heal Remmy, Quinn confronts Ryan about their issues. Coming close to trading blows, Ryan finally makes Quinn see that he is feeling guilty about the way he had been reacting to situations since Professor Arturo died. Quinn had been bearing the weight of his dead mentor's disapproval. Quinn and Ryan part on good terms. Meanwhile, Maggie begins hearing a female voice in her head that is not her own. After some doubts about her sanity, she realizes that the voice is a wolf named Tyra she's been spending time with. Maggie is the rare offworlder who can communicate with the guardian animals, but so far it only works with Tyra.

4.5 'Presidential Timber' The Sliders arrive on a world where Remmy's double is running for President. They are mobbed everywhere they go, both by his admirers and his detractors, forcing them to travel to a small roadside motel. Some FBI types start snooping around, spooking the Sliders. After initially avoiding the government men, the Sliders are finally cornered. The agents hand over two letters and depart. The first letter is from Presidential candidate Rembrandt Brown, explaining that he had been a Slider with his world's Quinn, Wade, and Arturo for a year before they made it back home. So when two Sliders contacted him, knowing his high profile and political power would attract any pursuing friends' attention, this Remmy agreed to seek deliver a letter if he ever caught wind of what sounded like her friends. The second letter was from Colin 1 and Wade both. They were well but knew they were being pursed by at least two evil Colins so they had to keep moving. They promised to leave word as often as they could, and that they would stand and fight to put an end to this marathon as soon as Colin's injuries had healed. No explanation was given on how he'd been injured. The letter revealed that the Sliders were only 16 days behind.

4.6 'Water Works' The Sliders arrive on a world in which the ice caps have melted. They spend several hours treading water before discovering a Kromagg manta ship floating dead in the water. One crewman is still alive. After a day of cat and mouse on the ship, during which the Kromagg injuries Maggie, Quinn finally convinces the Kromagg to respond to them. After sharing stories and bonding a little, the Kromagg tells them he only wants to live out his life in peace in some isolated region of a world not overrun with water. The Sliders agree to take the Kromagg to the next world, unarmed, of course.

4.7 'Colin' The letter from Colin in ep 4.5 had asked them to check the classified section of the Chronicle for messages from 'Buffy' to 'Sammy.' This finally bears fruit as such an announcement gives them a phone number. The number leads them to an abandoned farm where Colin 1 is recovering from his fight with his two pursuers. Colin and Wade had laid a trap for their pursuers to finally put an end to the chase. They lured the Colins to the farm, which had been rigged with all manner of traps and motion activated stun guns. When Colins had not shown after two days, Wade and Colin left the farm for food and were ambushed. The Colins had seen through the 'clues' leading them to the farm and laid their own trap in return. Colin 34 didn't survive the ensuing battle, but Colin 20 cornered a disarmed Wade in a cave, forcing her to Slide or die. Colin 20 followed her in hot pursuit. Colin 1 joins the Sliders when their timer is ready.

4.8 'Just Say Yes' Essentially the same plot.

4.9 'Double Redemption' The Sliders see on the local news that Maggie's double is on California's death row and is scheduled to die in two days. Her double will be executed for a series of grisly murders. After an initial debate with her friends goes against her, Maggie steals the timer, Slides to another world, walks over to where her double's cell would be (it is a museum exhibit on this world), and then Slides into her double's cell to confront her. Maggie's double fools her with tales of innocence until she gets close enough to pummel the Slider into submission and steal the timer, leaving Maggie to be executed in her place and stranding the other three. The three free Sliders visit Maggie and give her hell until she reminds them she's going to be executed for her mistake. They vow to do anything they can to get her out. Quinn, Colin, and Remmy finagle their way into being witnesses but are quickly subdued when they try to interfere. Handcuffed and screaming, the three Sliders watch Maggie executed by lethal injection.

After they are released on bail, Ryan and a heavily disguised Maggie meet them. Evil Maggie had gotten the timer to work by hitting the 'emergency home' button. That button had been programmed with Ryan's world's coordinates. Ryan had quickly seen through Evil Maggie, gotten her to talk (once a slobbering thousand pound bear had convinced her), and reswapped her with Good (but stoooopid) Maggie just hours before the execution. They had waited in the hotel room, which the three desperate Sliders had not taken the time to return to, until word of their arrests had reached them.

4.10 'The God Machine' A world where computers do everything cause the Sliders some problems, especially since this is a cashless society and vagrants are not tolerated. Various robots were harmed during the filming of this episode.

4.11 'Ambush' Colin 5 and Colin 20 attack the Sliders on a low tech world. During the following, episode long, running battle all four Sliders are seriously injured. Colin 5 dies first, and then Colin 20 is mortally wounded at the end. As Quinn questions him about why he wasn't chasing Wade any longer, Colin 20 simply laughs and mutters this ominous phrase. 'The Hive. She's in the Hive now.' Knowing they will never get the medical help they need on this low tech world, the four badly injured Sliders Slide out when their timer signals them.

4.12 'Virtual Slide' Essentially the same plot expect their injuries are from ep 4.11, not a construction explosion.

4.13 'Amy' A sensitive young girl witnesses the Sliders' arrival. She begs them to take her with them to the next world. She says that she's regularly brutalized by a drunken father and her bruises seem to confirm it. Amy says that there is nowhere she could run that he wouldn't find her ... unless it was to another world. The Sliders are willing to consider it until she reveals her age to be only 13. Colin and Remmy think that is WAY too young to be making a life lasting decision like changing worlds. And what if she is exaggerating? Quinn arranges a 'chance' meeting with Amy's father and finds him to be a charming, calm, and sober man. He informs a teary Amy that they will not be taking her. Feeling betrayed, she announces she'll just run away then and wait for her father to find her and kill her. Feeling guilty but helpless (their first allegiance is to Wade, after all), the Sliders are about to leave the world when they see on the news that a local girl was hospitalized last night after falling down a flight of stairs. She broke both her arms in the freak accident. The picture shown reveals it is Amy. Grim faced, the Sliders go to the hospital, get the father alone, and drag him through a vortex to 'God Machine' world. They leave as several particularly nasty looking robots seize him and return to say goodbye to Amy, letting her know she'll never have to worry about him again.

4.14 'The Hive' The Sliders have spent a quiet time on a quiet world and are walking to an alley so they can go to the next one when an old woman rushes up to Colin and hugs him warmly, asking him how he is doing. The Sliders eventually figure out that she cared for Colin 20. She had found him in her driveway, raving and weeping uncontrollably. He had spoke of 'The Hive' and said he had 'almost been lost' and had mentioned several times that it was the next world along. He also said that if not for his implant he would have been lost. It took almost a week for Colin 20 to recover his senses completely, at which point he thanked the old woman and departed. Soon after that he would meet his doom in ep 4.11. Cautious, the Sliders decide to send one person to the next world with the timer preset to return him in two minutes. Quinn draws the shortest straw and Slides out. Two minutes later Quinn returns and immediately collapses. The Sliders stay with the old woman and nurse him back to his senses. He raves, sometimes violently, and hallucinates wildly, often about Wade (old clips from the shows with different dialogue, MTV mixed and with weird colors thrown in). When Quinn finally recovers he reveals the next world is a collective mind world. Everyone is connected telepathically and the entire world is one massive mind. Anyone Sliding in is immediately lost into this godlike collective mind. Colin 20 had retained his sense of self just long enough to wormhole out, and only because he owed his self to another. That mind control would not have held up long, though.

Quinn felt Wade's presence, she was trapped there until they could figure out a way to reach her without being lost themselves. The implants were their only lead, so the Sliders changed their timer to follow Colin 20's wormhole in the hope he'd gone to see Quinn before going to ep 4.11 world.

4.15 'Shooting Star' Remmy is missing from his hotel room when the other Sliders try to wake him one morning so they can Slide out. A little detective work reveals he left the hotel with two tall, gorgeous women. The Sliders eventually track the women to a houseboat where they have Remmy tied to a bed and have been having their way with him. While Maggie posses as a lost bumpkin tourist to distract them, Quinn sneaks in to free his friend. Remmy begs Quinn to let him stay kidnapped for another couple days. Quinn is being swayed until Colin finds them and tells of his discovering of a timer a scrapbook that reveals the two women have been traveling from world to world, kidnapping and eventually killing every Remmy they can find. The Sliders disarm the killer sisters and drag them through a wormhole to 'God Machine' world since no local authorities would convict the mass murdering Sliding women.

4.16 'Temptation' The Sliders find a world that offers long lasting youth. The residents have invented a drug that allows people to live for 500 years in most cases, all the while they have the bodies of 20 year olds. Two catches, you can no longer spawn or carry children once you begin the drug cycle (the locals don't begin taking it until they have enough children), and you have to keep taking it once you start or a suffer a horribly painful death. The Sliders could never bring enough with them to last, and in any case the locals will not give it unless you have a job and remain living there. The Sliders are very tempted, especially Remmy, but their overall goals eventually make them decide to press on. Quinn saves the coordinates on three backup discs, though.

4.17 'Bender' The Sliders are enjoying some time off as they wait for their timer to recycle, and they visit a fair. One 'Fun Fun Room' has the incredible effect of swapping their bodies! Remmy and Colin swap, as do Quinn and Maggie. Hilarity ensues until the effect, which was just brain scan swapping (in effect a powerful hypnotic effect), finally wears off. This is an episode long exploration of the 'Chris Mouse' opening premise.

4.18 'To Live' The Sliders see a Quinn double walking down a street and follow him, in case he is evil Quinn. When they see him take a gun from his pants as he enters a house they are sure of it, so they storm in to find him about to kill himself. Nothing in his life has gone right, he never put the effort into his basement research, and he's a bitter, lonely misanthrope making 6 bucks an hour at Grease God down the street. The Sliders tell him of some of their adventures and bring any straggler viewers who haven't seen all the eps up to date on the season long arc. Double Quinn, reenergized, decides to become a nerd recluse like our Quinn and finally make something of himself. A teaser at the end of this ep shows a Quinn with a nasty looking scar on his left cheek and one eye missing talking to Ryan in the Forbidden World Forest. As the ep fades to black, Quinn says, 'You can begin, my faithful servant. I'm ready to dance in their blood.'

4.19 'Draft' The Sliders arrive on a world where all men below 35 have to fight in a war that has been going on between the US and Canada for decades. No one even knows why they are fighting anymore. Colin and Quinn are pressed into service and have to keep from getting killed (while morally avoiding killing any of the enemy) until Maggie and Remmy can find them and they can all Slide out together. When they are all together, they deduce that Colin 20 had intentionally gone to this world as a last stop in case anyone followed him since any able bodied men are snatched from the streets on sight, a clever trap. This deduction is borne out when Quinn discovers through the timer that the next world Colin 20 went to was ep 4.11 world, where he met his death. Therefore, it is very likely the this world is where Evil Quinn has been hiding out.

4.20 'Ryan Fire' The Sliders are summoned back to Forbidden World before they can look long for Quinn. Ryan has been arrested and is being tried for High Barbaric Crimes. Some of the animals have reported he is making fight each other for his amusement, and even made them slaughter one of his friends, Lisa. The Sliders don't believe it and cast about for another explanation. Maggie's friend, Tyra, tells her that she saw and smelled Quinn last week, when the crimes were taking place, well before the Sliders returned. Evil Quinn must have returned and is back for vengeance. And this time he is prepared, because Tyra was repulsed by something about Quinn. She couldn't get within ten yards of him without feeling violently ill. After a brisk trial in which many people report personally witnessing awful behavior from Ryan, he is convicted and sentenced to burning in two days. Even Quinn, remembering how Ryan was in 'Genesis' doubts him. Only Colin refuses to be convinced, as he has known Ryan the longest.

4.21 'Dead Heat' The Sliders have two days to discover new evidence to save Ryan. They hear of a section of forest deep in the Sliding zone that the animals have begun to avoid because it makes them feel sick. The only of Ryan's people who will help him is Simone, who guides them to this avoidance place. Tyra goes as far as she can before the illness forces her to turn back. Once there the party is ambushed by two evil wolves who don't respond to Simone. After a bitter fight, both wolves are killed and Simone is badly hurt while Maggie is mildy injured. Remmy and Maggie help carry Simone to safety while Quinn and Colin continue on. They discover a two story log cabin, and inside is an evil Ryan double. While he banters with them, bragging of the things he did to implicate Good Ryan, they hear someone upstairs. One of things Ryan says is in response to Quinn mentioning his double wanting to kill them. 'No, he has much worse plans for you, killing is too good for you.' When Quinn tries to investigate, Ryan attacks him. Colin darts upstairs, and a fight can be heard breaking out up there. Ryan and Quinn trade blows and trash the downstairs of cabin. Quinn finally impales Ryan with a fire poker. (around this time a Sliding vortex can be heard upstairs) As Ryan dies, he saws, with fervor, 'you're going to love the Hive, you moron. The best part is that someone you trust is going to lead you to it.' Ryan dies amid a laughing fit. Quinn finds Colin sitting upstairs, rubbing his head. Colin reports that evil Quinn had been up here with one last Colin, but they retreated into a vortex after a pitched battle. Quinn and Colin find a machine in the bedroom emitting a high pitched noise, too high for humans to hear, which must be causing the sickness in any animal coming too close. They turn it off and summon help. Ryan's body vindicates Good Ryan and the charges are dropped mere minutes before he is to be tossed into a fire pit. As the episode ends, the Sliders know they can follow the wormhole that left the cabin, (they can see the coordinates are the same as the world they had been summoned from in ep 4.20. And this time Good Ryan, pissed, is coming with them to settle this matter once and for all.) but Evil Ryan's words ring in Quinn's ears and he looks suspiciously at Colin, who had been alone upstairs for a long time, as the screen fades to black.

4.22 'The End of the Matter' I've already started writing this. To be posted soon.

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