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If you're like myself, I'm sure you bemoan the fact that there were only seven post-Exodus episodes to Season Three. I mean, think of all the wasted potential. So many things to rip off, so little time. And I don't know about you, but there's nothing I enjoy more than a good Wade-Maggie catfight. Alas, Season Four lost its way and returned to original concepts and we were left with nothing but fond memories of a T-Rex's head exploding.

Well I say, no longer! What if David Peckinpah had succeeded in getting rid of John Rhys-Davies and Tracy Tormé earlier in Season Three and "The Exodus" appeared in November? Why, that would mean more episodes like "Breeder," "Slither," and "Stoker"! Well, I found the gateway! Basically it involved a lot of alcohol... but I digress.

So without further ado, let's join Action Hero Quinn, MegaBitch Maggie, Hopelessly Lost Rembrandt, and Manic Depressive Wade as they pay homage the S3 way!

"Cooking Sliding Iron Crying Man"  by Recall317

The Sliders run afoul of a world that's elevated "Iron Chef" into a televised life-or-death struggle. It's sure as hell no "Dead Man Sliding"... but Rembrandt will be if he fails to cook up a storm!

"With God On Our Slide"  by Recall317

"What if Oliver North was the president? No, wait, we just covered that in 'Exodus.' Well, how about if one of the sliders was mistaken for a prophet? Go with it!"

"Dino Slide"  by Recall317

Peck gets stoned — sadly, not with rocks — and decides to go all out with the alternate history first hinted at in "Exodus, Part II."

"A.I. Deficiency Slide"  by Recall317

Maggie brings a world without illness to the edge of apocalypse... and no, it's not how you think.

"Sliderman"  by Recall317

Will a newly superpowered Quinn use his abilities for the public good, or to impress women in bars? Oh, who am I kidding...

"Strip and Slide"  by Recall317

Sinister doings at a strip club prompt the Sliders to investigate — when they're not serving up body shots.

"Slides and Slidesability"  by FearlessJesse

The others are baffled when Quinn supernaturally saves Wade's life... and they can't figure out how he did it, either.

"When the Slider Wakes"  by Recall317

For I slept into the future, And as far as I could see,
Everything was much the same, Only sponsored by Nike.

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