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4.9 ::: Where's the Meef?

Again, allow me to explain the title. It's sad that I have to explain every title in this show, but that's the position Peckinbraga has put me in.

After Peck threw out all the rest of the proposed scripts (too realistic, I guess), he searched elsewhere for inspiration. And he found it in his mother's old tapes of "Murder, She Wrote." No, Peck didn't bring J.B. Fletcher into the world of Sliders; he did something much worse.

He came across the old TV ad "Where's the Beef." He loved the commercial so much that he wanted to glorify it in an episode. But after having trouble making an entire episode about Maggie fighting meat, he decided to do the next best thing.

So, he titled the next episode "Where's the Beef." However, he realized during the filming that the title didn't make sense. The episode was about the return of the Kromaggs, and "Where's the Beef" was too stupid, even for the Black Hole of Stupidity that is Peckinbraga.

He thought of the name Kromagg and their lovely nickname "Maggs". What about "Meefs"? That was close to Maggs! So, from now on, Kromaggs are Kromeefs. There's no explanation at all. Just this line:

Well, Rickwoman, I hope we don't run into Kromeefs in this episode.

Yes, she actually says "this episode."

Well, this episode marks the return of Wade, Queen of the Kromaggs. Of course, Grace Jones, "the tall African-American woman from that Bond movie with Christopher Walken," refused to reprise her role. So, Braga had to play the role this time.

But, Peck's mom had run out of makeup, and Braga's feet were too small to fit into her high heels. Thankfully, Peck the Genius had a solution. He grabbed a piece of paper and taped it to Braga's shirt. The paper read "I'm a tall black woman." That should do it.

Peck didn't want Wade to be around too much longer, though, so they killed her off. But Wade was such a beloved character, Peckinbraga decided to kill Wade off with several homages to "classic Sliders."

Wade is killed at a vampire concert by a band called the Breeders. Zombies wearing dinosaur and animal-hybrid masks drop snakes on Wade, killing her. You know she's dead because Braga's paper changes from "I'm a tall black woman" to "I'm dead."

So, Maggie and Rickwoman need a new nemesis. As they leave the vampire concert, they are surrounded by the Kromeefs (yes, they're still pirate clowns in go-karts). Out of the pack comes the head Kromeef, who calls himself Rickmeef. Yes, he's played by Braga, whose paper now reads "Kromeef".

What is it with Peckinpah and the name Rick?

So, Rickmeef chases Maggie and Rickwoman to a miniature golf course. Rickmeef tells the Gal Pals that he will let them live if one of them can beat him at a go-kart race. Rickmeef explains that the Kromeefs were lords of their world until the humans defeated them at go-kart racing. The Kromeefs were banished from their world until they could win another race. So, the Meefs had been training ever since, becoming the greatest go-karters in the universe.

But we learn a little about Maggie too. She says that her parents were Olympic gold-medalists in go-karting, and that she basically grew up in a go-kart. She also says that her nickname was "Gadget." (Don't worry, this will actually make sense later).

Despite the fact that this destroys most of Maggie's established past, it does make sense in the form of the story, so let's move on.

To make a long story short, after many, many minutes of the ENTIRE race from a handheld camera CHASING the go-karts (lasting more than half the episode), Maggie finally wins the race. Maggie and Rickwoman hug, and we start to hear the theme to "Inspector Gadget." (It comes together...)

Maggie says, "Hey, its time to...um...do that thing we do with the jumping." And they jump in place (nope, no vortex here either).

And then we cut to an old episode of Inspector Gadget, with Dr. Claw (I'm guessing Rickmeef) says "I'll get you Gadget!" (I'm guessing Maggie).

I can't wait until next week...

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