This episode premiered on 20th September 1996 andI don't know when in the UK.

Writer:Joseph Anderson
Director:Oscar Costo
Guests:Laurie Fortier (Nicki Kent), Joshua Malina (Game Official).
Background:None Necessary
The Sliders arrive from "Igloo World" on to an aeroplane. Wade doesn't like flying, but the others don't mind and eat and drink. They find out from a blonde woman that they are on the way to the game, but they don't know what exactly that is. The plane starts to go out of control and when Quinn and Arturo investigate, they find no stewardess and no pilot. Quinn and Arturo attempt to land the plane.Breath masks come down and they crash. Everyone is okay and they get out of the plane. The "Game" will apparently start soon. It seems the plane was a simulator. The "Game" can have deadly consequences. They have 38 hours until they slide.

They decide to pass the time inside the simulator, but when it starts heating up, they grab what equipment they can and run out. They have no choice but to play this "Game".When they exit the building, they are shot at by little things on the ground. Quinn and Arturo crawl along the ground and jam the little guns with pens. The only way out of the game is via the finish line. Some people drive past in a van/car thing. The Sliders find a car/van thing which has exploded. There is another car/van thing behind which hasn't. they check for bombs, but it seems fine, so they get in and drive. It looks like they are in a war zone. They see dead bodies already. They are shot at by something so they reverse quickly and get out of the van/car thing. Arturo is hit and blinded. According to the loud speaker, they have reached level 2. Arturo is agitated because he is blind. The Sliders are nearly attacked by a robot dog, but it is stuck behind a fence. The woman from the plane (Nicki) is helping one of her team members who is injured. Her team mamber dies and she is found by the Sliders. she says that she won't shoot them untill the last level because she plays by the rules. She tells them that the only way to get out of the Game is to stay alive. She gives them a card which enables them to get into a haven building. The Sliders find a "dead" robot dog and decide to go into a haven. Remmy breaks the video camera inside the building and they all sleep. When Quinn, Remmy and Wade wake, they find that Arturo is missing. Quinn finds the Professor outside where he was trying to go to the loo. Robots with guns appear - they sense heat. Quinn and Wade are seperated from Rembrandt and Arturo.

Wade finds a hopscotch thing and decides to play. Quinn sees needles stuck in the wall around them. He tells Wade to stand still. A pillar of needles is triggered by weight on the hopscotch thing and lets them fly when the weight is lifted. Quinn gathers together some rocks which weigh about the same as Wade. The rocks are dropped onto the grid, Wade jumps and together they run around a corner so they are safe.

Arturo tries to persuade Rembrandt to leave him behind, but Rembrandt won't. Arturo tries to leave Rembrandt, but he doesn't get very far before he crashes into something.

Quinn and Wade decide to rest for a while behind a truck.

Arturo and Rembrandt go into a building. Rembrand is attracted to a magnetic web with electrifying spiders. Rembrandt tells Arturo to put the torch with the gun so he can see where Arturo's gun is aimed. Rembrandt then directs Arturo on where to shoot the spiders. There is one left when Arturo runs out of ammo.Rembrandt shoots it usinghis own gun, but with a little difficulty since he is still attatched.Rembrandt is released from the web and they are told that they have reached level4.

Quinn and Wade are attacked by robots again and are helped by Nicki. They find Nicki is injured. The rest of her team is dead. She tells them how the Game started: On the verge of a civil war, the government banned all sports, but people wanted to be entertained, so they started up the Game. It's the only game allowed and there is a massive prize for whoever gets to finish.

Arturo and Rembrandt are attacked by robotic dogs again, but are able to kill them.

They are now all on the last level and there are no rules. Quinn agrees to place Nicki's medallion in the recorder if she doesn't make it to the end. Quinn fires the pre-agreed signal and Arturo and Rembrant hear it. They join up in time to fight more robots together. Arturo's sight is gradually returning to him. Nicki is hit by one of the robots. They get within sight of the end and she dies. Quinn feels he has to carry out promise. The robots use heat senses, so the Sliders use cold carben dioxide to mask run to the end. Quinn puts the medalllion in the recorder and the game ends. The vortex opens and they slide, leaving behind all guns and ammo.

Cool Quotes:

"This ranks very high on the wierd meter." - Quinn
"I need a change of guide dog." - Arturo
"Let sleeping droids lie." - Quinn
"So how's my breath?" - Quinn

Mistakes: * How did the Sliders manage to stay alive to the end, but the professional players didn't?

My Opinion: Not a bad episode and a pretty good choice for a season opener. I did feel some parts were set up to make Sliders more actiony, but overall the episode was engaging. I did especially like the Professors reactions to becoming blind. I thought they were very realistic.

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