This episode first aired in the US on 27th September 1997 and I don'tnow when in the UK.

Writer:Tony Blake & Paul Jackson
Director:Richard Compton
Guests: Zoe McLellan (Logan St. Clair), Michael Bryan French (Adrian Fayne), Mari Morrow (Monique), Lester Barrie (Diggs), Diana Castle (Mrs. Arturo), Warren Sweeny (vendor), Kris Iyer (Maitre D') Monte Perlin (Motercycle guard), Charles Noland (desk clerk), Skip Stellrecht (Guard #1), Michael Marich (guard #2), David L. Nelson (Mike), Michael Krawic (Hobo), Gerry Del Sol (passenger).
*Quinn's father died when he was 11/12 and, on Earth Prime, his mother never re-married.
*The Sliders can't get home because Quinn opened the vortex too early once and that corrupted the program, erasing their home co-ordinates.
Our sliders exit the vortex ona railtrack in a subway tunnel. They spot a train coming towards fthem and try to run out of the way, but Remmy's new boots get caught on the track. They try to unattach them, but can't and are only saved from death by the 10:00 power blackout for that sector which stops the train. Now they have 1/2 hour to get off track until the train starts again. It seems that this world has a lack of natural power resources. They try to buy a hot dog, but no-one knows what one is! Rembrandt gets recognised by a female fan who invites him to dinner in LA. The others get a paper. It is one sheet only and it says that horses are on the endangered species list. Arturo tells Rembrandt to go to dinner with his double's fan.

The other Sliders find out that the city of San Angeles stretches all the way down the coast. They get on a tram, but get off again almost immediately because they are being followed. They try to get away, but are eventually cornered. The people who were chasing them know they are Sliders and the female leader is amazed when she recognises Arturo. Her name is Logan St. Claire (I think) and she takes them to her research centre.

The Sliders find that Logan can track inter-dimensional wormholes using an 8-dimensional echoing process which tracks photons. Logan appears very excited by their appearence. Arturo asks Logan about his double. She says that he was involved, but she didn't know him very well and he died two nights ago when he attempted to slide before their device was perfected. When they go through the scanners to allow them entry, Logan and Quinn's bio-thermal heat prints are the same even though they are meant to be different for everyone. Logan shows them all her prototronics lab. When one of Logan's test objects returns through a vortex, they find that Logan's sliding machine brings everything back burnt to a crisp which Quinn thinks is a result of incorrect re-entry co-ordinates. Logan makes a deal with Quinn; He will help her perfect sliding and she will let him use the lab to find home co-ordinates.

Rembrandt's "Number 1" fan (Monique) invites him back to her place and she claims she is engaged to him because she thinks he's the Rembrandt of her world.

Logan discovers that she and Quinn are doubles when one of her people shows her the identical bio-thermal heat prints. She plans to keep him on her world.

Arturo and Wade are suspicious of Logan and don't want to share their sliding technology. They go back to the Dominion Hotel and Quinn stays to work. Arturo and Wade suspect that Logan lied about not knowing the Arturo of her world.

Rembrandt goes into the room offered to him by Monique. It's a shrine to him and his music. She comes in in a wedding dress and pretty much tells him that they are getting married the next day.

In the lab, Quinn fixes Logan's geographic spectrum stabiliser so that objects will always land within a two mile radius. The power comes back on line and Logan executes another test - bigger vortex, bigger payload. She sets the power too high and Logan and Quinn are nearly sucked in, but Quinn cuts the power just in time.

Wade and Arturo go to see the Mrs Arturo of this world and explain to her that he is not her Arturo. They ask her why Prototronics is so secretive about his death. She also suspects that there is something Prototronics are not telling them. Wade and Arturo go to the lab to find out more. Arturo pretends to be his double and gets a man to take him to his office. Wade hacks into the man's computer while he is taking Arturo to his office. She finds a video of Logan pushing Arturo's double into the vortex when he threatened to expose her plans.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Logan are talking outside. Logan asks Quinn to stay and help because "somehow" they just "clicked". They kiss, but Quinn feels uncomfortable.

Wade is caught and she is held captive.

Quinn and Arturo meet up. Neither of them know where Wade is. Arturo tells Quinn about Logan and Quinn is surprised. Wade returns and tells them she convinced them to let her go.

Monique doesn't want Rembrandt to return to the others, but she says that she will let him go if he sings to her. Rembrandt begins to do this, but is interrupted by Monique's fiance, Michael. He chases Rembrandt away despite Monique's protests.

Arturo and Wade tell Mrs Arturo about her husband's death. she says it was all because of a video disk. Arturo finds out that on this world, his double invented sliding. Wade comments that why wouldn't he since they are the same person and Arturo realises she is not his Wade. He ties her up and meets with Quinn, who ahs the timer. They plan to look for the disk as a bargaining chip.

Remmy tries to get back to the Dominion from LA, but isn't allowed inside the train, so he has to ride on top.

Quinn and Arturo look for the disk and find it. It contains a plan to slide resources in and hold the world hostage. Run into Logan's people. Quinn finds out that Logan is his double. They won't give her the disk, so they have to fight Logan's people. Logan pushes our Arturo into her vortex. Quinn gives her back her timer which he took. Logan threaten's Wade's life to get info from Quinn on sliding, so Quinn puts a virus in her system which he won't fix until he sees Wade.Arturo exits Logan's wormhole unharmed and comes in with a gun. They get away and go to meet Rembrandt at the hotel. Logan follows, but is locked outside the hotel by another power blackout. Our Sliders slide and find themselves in LA because Logan switched the geographic spectrum stabiliser. and now they can slide anywhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Logan enters using one of her wormholes. She tracked them there and now wants the corret re-entry co-ordinates for her world. Quinn gives her co-ordinates, but they are not the ones for her world, although she doesn't realise that. At the last minute before she slides, Logan shoots at Wade, but the force of the wormhole sucks the bullet back in.

Cool Quotes:

"How very male of you!" - Wade
"200 as in miles per hour?" - Rembrandt
"What dark corner of our soul did you crawl out of?" - Quinn to Logan
"I don't make deals." - Bad guy
"Then I don't fix computer." - Quinn
* When Logan heard the name Quinn Mallory, shouldn't she have guessed something since she knew of the existence of parallel worlds and her name was once Mallory?
* When the bullet is being sucked in, the Sliders don't even twitch, even though the force pulling the bullet towards the vortex must be more than the force at which it shot out of the gun.
My Opinions:
This was a verygood idea for the plot. I love the idea of Quinn having an evil female equivilent (I know that's not spelt right). I'd like to see some of the others having female equivs. I also really liked the way that Logan and her allies hired Wade's double. It was something that there was always the potential for but it was never used. I even liked the way she made mistakes which made Arturo realise it wasn't our Wade. I did, however, think that some of the acting came across as being wooden, especially on Logan's diary thing. There were also a few minor things I didn't like, but overall, it was a brilliant plot, but possible not used to its full potential. It still comes across as a pretty good episode.

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