Desert Storm


This episode premiered on UK terrestrial TV (BBC2), I think, on 29th July 1998. If it wasn't then, it was earlier than that.

Writer: Matt Dearborn
Director: Jim Johnstone
Guests:Gina Philips (Devin), Kristofer Lindquist (Jeremy), Ken Steadman (Cutter), Michael Lee Gogin (Master Healer), Lester Barrie (Diggs), Constance Forslund (Fiona), Christopher Maleki (Wolf), Judson Mills (Davy), Gabriel Christy (Man), Chris Nash ("Cutter" double).
Background: none neccessary
Additional Notes:
The sliders begin in a desert and they are there for 2 days. There is no water. They find a burnt out vehicle, but pass by and eventually reach some kind of town called The Sand Pit. They see a girl bound and with a man. She tries to get away, but is unsuccessful and so speaks telepathically to Wade. The Sliders talk to Diggs and ask for water, but they don't have anything tradable for water. And they can't get any anywhere else either. They see the girl, Devin, again and free her, but they get into a fight with her captor. They take his car, but them exchange her amulet for a bigger car from Diggs. The man, Jeremy, finds Diggs and makes him give him his car back.

The Sliders drive out into the desert and are chased by 'desert rats.' The Sliders are shot at, but Devin knows the shooters and when they find out Devin is with them, they stop. Cutter, the leader, takes them to water. Devin has a gift which enables her to find water in the desert. Jeremy watches her find the water. Afterwards, she collapses and they all pitch tents by the water Devin found.

The Sliders talk to one of the desert rats and discover that Cutter found Devin when she was a little girl and has looked after her since and also that she locates water for their group. Jeremy begins to creep up on the camp. Wade goes to bed in her tent. Jeremy kidnaps her thinking she'd Devin.

When Wade and Jeremy wake in the morning, he realises he got the wrong girl. He takes her back towards the camp he took her from. Jeremy tells Wade that Devin is of his tribe, but she doesn't remember because Cutter stole her when she was small.

The guys discover Wade has gone and decide to find Wade before Cutter does because he is violent and unpredictable.

Jeremy runs out of gas before they reach the camp so he and Wade are forced to get out and walk. He tells her he is a water bearer from the lost city of Aquarius and the women of his tribe has special powers such as telepathy.

The Sliders see Wade and Jeremy making their way towards them. Wade explains to Remmy about Devin. She then talks to Devin and shows her where Jeremy is.

Cutter drives up a sand dune (?) into a trap set by the sliders. Quinn keeps Cutter busy while Rembrandt picks up Devin. The Sliders drive off, leaving Cutter behind. Arturo doesn't feel well. Cutter returns to Sand Pit and makes Diggs give him the amulet he took from Devin. He discovers it is a kind of homing device to take her home.

At the saem time, Jeremy teaches this to Quinn. Devin reaches telepathically to her mother. They get to the city of Aquarius. Devin has a flashback; Cutter killed her father and took her away. They use Jeremy's amulet to open the door. Cutter also finds the city.

Inside, the sliders see the city and are given water of which there seems to be plenty here. Devin meets her mother for the first time in ages. Quinn makes Arturo go to see the MasterHealer. The Healer speaks the words, "Go the ceremony is over," in a strange language without realising. Arturo translates. Devin and Jeremy were matched as children.

There isn't long until the slide and the sliders go outside to do so and run into Cutter. They try to go back in, but find the door shut behind them. They throw stones at Cutter's gang to keep them back. Wade speaks telepathically to Devin to open the door. Devin gets the door open and the sliders go back inside. Cutter then uses Devin's amulet to go inside. A rockfall blocks most of the gang, but Cutter gets through and takes Rembrandt hostage so he can get Devin back. Devin goes towards him, but does something wierd to his mind and gets the amulet back. Quinn opens the vortex and the sliders jump in.

Back at Diggs' place, a now mad Cutter attempts to pinpoint the location of the lost city of Aquarius, without much luck.

Did you notice?
*The Last Chance Catina at the Sand Pit has these names on the map:
Outer Limits
Lost City
Dry Queen
The Sand Pit
Cool Quotes:

"If he's beat then how come you're complaining?" - Quinn to Rembrandt when Remrandt decides the professor needs a rest
"I'd like some water. Tall glass." - Rembrandt
"Brown or clear?" - Diggs
"It figures; We rescued a biker babe who rides with Mad Max." - Wade
"Welcome to the freak show." - Devin
"With no oceans on no lakes I can't make head nor tail of this thing." - Rembrandt about the map
"I was expecting more. A door or something." - Rembrandt about the Lost City of Aquarius
"No gift comes without a string or two attatched." - Arturo
"Just as I expected; Hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo." - Arturo

* The child in the flashback who Cutter stole looks older than 5 to me. More like 8 or 9.
* How did an arrow pierce a piece of rock?
My Opinion:
This was an okay episode, but it was leaning towards fantasy instead of "what-if" science-fiction and no episode, however good, is worth the death of any person. The story brought the mythical into it well, but I prefer stories like the ones in the first couple of seasons where how events shaped what humanity is today and what would have happened if they had turned out differently. This is probably because I am a "what-if" person and I think about "what if this had happened" quite a lot. One of my english essays for my GCSEs has an entire conclusion on it.

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