This Episode premiered on UK terrestrial TV on 26th August 1998.

Writer: Tony Blake and Paul Jackson
Director:David Livingston
Guests: Michelle Rene Thomas (Melinda), Gregory Martin (Gareth), Francoise Robertson (Alesha), Max Grodenchik (Skuldar), Francis Guinan (Sean Nuinn), Lester Barrie (Diggs), Charlie O'Connell (O'Hara), Saxon Trainor (Kelley), Mansell Rivers-Bland (Cheif Druid), Sean Moynihan (Philip Mallory).
Background: none necessary
Additional Notes
* Max Grodenchik is well-known for the Ferengi character, Rom, he played on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
* Charlie O'Connell is brother to star Jerry. He also apears in As Time Goes By (Season 2) and in most of Season 4.
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My Opinion:
Although this was well scripted and fairly well acted, the bad in this episode outweighs the good.
THE GOOD: The way Wade botched the love spell was the sort of thing that would happen to someone not understanding it, and I thought that was good. I also like some of the tensions between the sliders themselves and there were a couple of other good scenes that mainly focused on the Sliders' connection to each other and their interaction. I liked the way Remmy felt he had a special connection to Wade because neither of them were scientists and his frustration at knowing people and not knowing them. Most of the good in this episode was betwenn Wade and Remmy. The only other good thing was that Jerry O'Connell got to show off his skills, even if it wasn't for very long and I didn't like what he was fighting. Apparently he has perfect positioning of his feet as he faces the dragon. (I don't know; I don't fence or swordfight.)
THE BAD: Basically, the world they slid into. People who believed in druids (or not) and in spells and stuff was okayish, but having people who could change shape was ridiculous. The stuff Arturo and Quinn discussed about the laws of physics not being the same in this world was only remotely possible and even then not likely, so generally a load of crap. And then at the end with Quinn's body being inhabited by Gareth and then being stabbed by Arturo and brought back to life was even more ridiculous. The writer may have attempted to bring some scientific credibility to the episode and a historical reference, but due to the nature of the episode, they didn't succeed. All the magic stuff to me was completely rubbish and pulled us away from the good stuff mentioned above. The dragon just capped it all off.
So basically, the main plot was not good, but the sub-plot was. I think that this season, the writers are moving further away from science-fiction and closer towards fantasy, and in my mind, the two aren't usually compatible, and in this context, they are definately not. This was not the kind of Sliders I had come to like and enjoy. This was some parrallel version of it.

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