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These articles are reproduced without permission, copyright belongs to the magazines they are taken from. I'll go back and do old ones at some point. Xpose', Cult Times and Starburst are available from

Brian Blessed Vs JRD - Hotdog #38, 2003
Jerry O'Connell the 'Himbo' - Hotdog #40, 2003

Channel 4 teletext article - not from a magazine, and many details are wrong, but interesting 4th July 1999
Two Of A Kind - Robert Floyd talked to Xpose #36 July 1999
Applied Physics - Xpose #36 reviews 'Applied Physics.' July 1999
Wierd Science - Tembi Locke talks to Xpose' #38 September 1999
Strangers and Comrades - Xpose #38 reviews 'Strangers and Comrades September 1999
The Great Work - Xpose #38 reviews 'The Great Work' September 1999
Easy Slider - Starburst #254 reviews 'Easy Slider' October 1999
A Current Affair - Cult Times #49's highlight of the week 23rd - 29th October 1999
Becoming Unstuck - Bill Dial and Robert Floyd talk to Cult Times #49 October 1999
Julie Caitlin Brown - A.K.A Colonel Kesh talk to 'The Guest List' in Cult Times #50.
November 1999
Requiem - Cult Times #50's pick of the week 20th - 26th November 1999
Sliders Star People - What the actors of Sliders are up to November 1999
Sliders Season 1 Episode Guide - Xpose' #45's famed episode guide June 1999

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