Slip Sliders Away

By Adam Keeble

*Sliders* has begun its fifth series in the USA minus some of the stars which helped keep it among the favourite sci-fi shows of BBC2.

- Just one original cast member remains after the *latest stellar exodus*. Many fans called TV networks to demand Jerry and Charlie O'Connell return to the show.

- Will this be the series that finally *sees the end* of the dimensional travelling gang?

Over the last 4 series of *Sliders* fans have seen most of the original cast members slip away.

- First to go was *Professor Maximillian Arturo* (John Rhys-Davies) followed by Wade Wells (Sabrina Lloyd).

- Coming into the show as replacements were *Kari Wuher* as Maggie Beckett and *Charlie O'Connell* as Colin. Fans accept that some characters will come and go, but they complain the original feel is gone.

Fans on internet sites fear the axe could be sharpened for *dimension travelling* show Sliders

- Just five shows are titled and in US TV schedules, though *13 more* are promised. The old show has been a BBC2 hit in the old Star Trek slot.

- Fans fear a ratings drop when popular characters Colin and Quinn Mallory leave. If that happens, the networks might *axe it from their schedules*."

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