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Adam's S6Status: Retired
Former URL: Here

So what can you expect from Adam Hoerner's take on the series? Resolutions to dangling plotlines and along the way, we'll also meet back up with Logan St. Clair and Smarter Quinn. We'll visit a world where abortion is required by law, one where cancer has been cured, and one where aliens live among us. Welcome to Season Six.

The Dark S6Status: Incomplete

Uh... well, Sliderman321's S6 does feature the most question marks in a single sentence of any site reviewed herein...

Dorky's S6Status: Complete

With such incomprehensible titles as "Selfish Term," "A Love Slide," and "Adding On New Obstacles to Death With," Dorky's sixth season is a recipe for sore eyes!

Earth 214Status: Complete

Slider_Quinn21 seeks to turn traditional Sliders concepts on their collective ear, and have a great time while he's at it. Watch Quinn and the gang finally solve that pesky time limit problem... and who said PTSS Arturo was the only one to return for?

Earth 226Status: Incomplete

The V6 project builds on the conspiracy theories of Sliders: What if "Genesis" wasn't the real Earth Prime? What if the real Arturo was left behind in Season Two? And what if, piece by piece, everything could be set right again?

Earth 776Status: Currently Airing

It's the new Season Six on the block! This fic has already set itself apart by following the characters trapped on the Seer's world as opposed to Rembrandt.

Earth 1203Status: Unavailable
Former URL: Here

Quinn_and_Darien reunites much of the original group early on in his version of S6, but throws in a whopping surprise or two for good measure.

Earth 2013Status: Currently Airing

ThomasMalthus' sixth season is a unique take on the "back to basics" angle. I can't give anything away -- you'll just have to read the stories.

Earth 5501Status: Complete

Crambam's story "Renewals" is a definitive, one-shot resolution to the Sliders epic.

Earth 30858Status: Currently Airing

Join Rembrandt, Maggie, Mallory, Diana, Malcolm, and a new companion, Janine, as the sliders embark upon a journey to liberate Earth Prime and infinite other worlds from the Kromaggs. Along the way, they run into some of the strangest parallel universes they've seen yet. All the while, the sliders are being chased by the vengeful Logan St. Clair and the psychotic Colonel Angus Rickman as they slide through the vortex (now pink!) to experience all-new adventures.

Earth 71999Status: On Hiatus

The Otherworlds' "official" version of S6, E71999 is a collaborative effort that will shortly premiere its Season Seven.

Finale!Status: Unavailable
Former URL: Here

Not exactly a Season 6, but BBoard poster Hakavonn has taken it upon himself to wrap up all of the dangling plotlines and bring some closure for the fans in what he likes to call Sliders: Finale! Unfortunately, the site was swallowed into the ether when SciFi decided to stop hosting user websites.

The Lost S6Status: Complete

On Earth 4481, Sliders was granted a sixth season and three TV movies to wrap up its journey. IamBoris2001 offers summaries of each, which range from concise to extensive.

The Multi-UniverseStatus: Retired
Former URL: Here

Spinning out of his Wade's Journey spin-off, slider75 offers another unique look at what might have been. The saga as a whole rivals Dorky for sheer... um, creativity.

Phoenix TV's S6Status: On Hiatus

The Kromaggs aren't dispensed with, Geiger isn't dead, and Claire LeBeau is still determined to wreak havoc on our Sliders. All this and more, on PVTonline.com's new attempt to extend the Sliders mythos -- this time largely written by the site's founder himself. Season Six is complete, and a seventh season is now in the planning stages.

Prime2099's S6Status: Unavailable
Former URL: Here

Starring Russell Lawrence from "Power Rangers" as Col. Rickman's long-lost brother, this series brought the multiverse such classic tales as "Slide to Hell" and "The Cave of Thor."

The S WayStatus: Complete

The most offbeat S6 ever devised, Brand_S' spin-off slowly assembles its own gargantuan cast while exploring some genuinely demented parallel Earths.

Slide OverrideStatus: Complete

Knuckles LM's spinoff takes the fight against the Kromaggs back to Earth Prime.

Slider8_'s S6Status: Unavailable
Former URL: Here

Slider8_'s fan fiction incorporated the return of many characters and worlds from past seasons. Unfortunately, the site was wiped out by Homestead policy changes.

SliderchicksStatus: Yet to Air

"Full Circle" seeks to take Sliders back to its roots. The series' twist on the Sliders mythos? Well, that's a toughy, but how about this, all nine staff members are female!

sliderseth's S6Status: Incomplete

Sliderseth brings his own brand of plot resolutions, continuing adventures and parallel universes to this perpetuation of the Sliders legacy.

STASStatus: Unavailable
Former URL: Here

Chris Cameron's "The Alternate Seasons" project picks up from "The Seer," and sports a unique cast -- complete with a surprising new character.

The Unofficial S6Status: Complete

Last but definitely not least: FogBoy's mission statement is to tie up the series' many loose ends in a fairly realistic way (i.e. the way Sci-Fi could have), plus offer interesting and exciting new adventures. Every episode attempts to be somehow unique in the annals of Sliders. Unlike all the other sixth seasons, it features stories written in a script format.

Alternate Seasons

Below are sites that follow a very similar theme to The Otherworlds. These stories have taken divergences from the show and taken the series in a completely different direction. Pay a visit to these sites, they're worth the trip.

Hope for S3Status: Incomplete

This site is dedicated to fixing Sliders' third season. How? Simply by adding a twist. I won't give it away here, but take a gander for yourself. This site is definitely worth a look.

Infinite SlidesStatus: Currently Airing

Infinite Slides is virtual seasons of the cult hit Sliders which originally aired on the Fox Network picking up from the S3 cliffhanger. In other words, a television show that isn't filmed and instead written as stories. We, the fans of Sliders, wanted to see our favorite show continue, and with the whole original cast. Well, since we don't live in a perfect world, that isn't possible. But anything is possible when you're a writer. So Infinite Slides was born. A whole new universe of endless adventures. We don't need actors or a huge budget, just our imaginations and a keyboard. So now that I've simply defined what IS actually is, I'll spare you the traditional lengthy speech about it, and simply say, "Welcome to our unique dimension. Sit back, get comfy, and enjoy the ride. This is Infinite Slides...

The S4 ProjectStatus: Incomplete

The Fourth Season Project is a "Virtual Fourth Season", our own fourth season composed entirely of fan fiction and happening separate from the televised fourth season's continuity. Here, Wade is staying, Maggie's keeping her red hair, and Logan St. Clair is back (she will make several appearances this season). Our stories begin immediately after "This Slide of Paradise", with one small change -- here, Quinn tossed the timer in after Wade and Rembrandt. Regardless of whether it happened that way on the show, that's how it happened here. May they all get home one day.