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The Season Six Theme Song
by ThomasMalthus

[sung, à la TWIW, to the tune of the MST3K theme]

In the not too distant future
Where there's hope for the human race
David Peckinpah wrote a season six
But it blew up in his face

Universal Studios were very mad
So they sent Dave to Islamabad
They looked for new writers both high and low
But then they found the Sliders BBoard
and they knew just where to go

They picked some fanfic writers
The best they could find
Then they drew from a hat to decide which one
Would accept the head writer grind

They selected TM and he agreed
But only on one condish...
That he'd have his choice of sliding team,
And here is his granted wish:

Sliders, Roll Call!

Quinn! "I'm dead."
Wade! "Are you insane?!"
Rembrandt! "Hell if I know."
And Maaaaaax ("Blistering Idiot!")

If you're wondering why I picked those four
or how Maggie could be left out
Then just say to yourself "I'll show that bloke"
and tell him my ideas about:

Sliders: Earth 2013's Season Siiiix!

Okay, so you found this easter egg...
but can you find the other one?

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