The Way It Wuz

TWIW is a semi-regular feature on the Sliders Bulletin Board where various writers "riff" on recent posts and generally have a grand old time butchering the art of poetry. Together, they form a sort of oral history of the BBoard, albeit one with more holes than the plot of "Crisis."

Go. Create. Be one with the TWIWs.


Mar26/99 -
"Data World" airs; JessieMallory arrives; first BBoard census

Apr2/99 -
"Way Out West" airs; Season One returns on SFC; SG-11 begins

Apr9/99 -
"My Brother's Keeper" airs; "Cruise of Destiny" begins; Naughty Edition

Aug24/99 -
"Easy Slider" airs; Executive drinks his own pee; a plea for unity

Aug27/99 -
Sarah reviews TROMB; 'Where's Willow????'

Sep3/99 -
Slidersfreak impersonated?; "Slide Killer"; JOC on Later; Exec's "Sequal"

Dec9/99 -
TWIW Christmas Special; "A Visit From St. Clare Entertainment"


Nov4/99 -
Act I: The Way It Wuz [Division of the Boards]

Nov12/99 -
Act II: The Way It Haz Been [Cancellation]

Apr15/00 -
Act III: The Way It Iz [The Final Stand]


Feb3/00 -
Tf's birthday; Mindprobe II; Charmed calls Wade a bitch

Feb4/00 -
"The Seer" airs; Fish_Bone plans his game; "For the Benefit of Mr. K"

Feb9/00 -
Info reviews Seer; Dust kicks ratings ass; sliderfanone; The Lunchboy Files

Mar7/00 -
Sci-Fi Wire movie poll; Dominion War is announced; 'who's Ed_the_Sock?'

Mar8/00 -
A Silverguy MSTing; Mardi Gras; "Young Girls are Coming to the Chasm"

Mar9/00 -
JOC's movie ultimatum; Top Ten Seer Resolutions

Mar10/00 -
The Mr. T Saga concludes; M2M sucks; Chandler needs a job

Mar11/00 -
"Death By Magic" airs; S becomes I_AM_SCIFI; JOC vs. the Byrds

Mar22/00 -
TWIW Caffeinated Edition; SpaceTime spams the board

Mar26/00 -
Depressing Stats; the Silverguy Song


Apr5/00 [QB1, Blinker] -
The Dominion War wraps up; premieres

Apr6/00 [QB2, BlinkerD_Raven] -
"Dead with Spike and Blinker"

Apr7/00 [QB3, Blinker120] -
Rant sparks debate; 'First Post' competition; Synthia II's first appearance

Apr11/00 [QB4, ThomasBlinkthus] -
TWIW Haiku Edition; Dorky's S6 on the way; Peck on Cleavant's laugh; LoB strikes

Apr24/00 [QB5, reIreIreIaboo] -
Synth vs. Rel

May16/00 [QB6, FogBlink] -
Favourite mode of death; Rel vs. Vance; Virus101 arrives

May17/00 [QB7, DianaDavis] -
TWIW Supremes Edition; new SN5 videos; Sliders on VCD; Addy Frisbee

May18/00 [QB8, Charmed007] -
Eleanor Rigby Edition; "The CharmedClass Lie... Exposed"

Jun20/00 [QB9, DavidPeckinblink] -
D_RAVEN: An Edgar Allan Poem


Jun19/00 -
BBoard Survivor proposed; Cryin on Executive; Sarah talks football

Jun21/00 -
"Stupoids;" guest star Robert Palmer; the Exec War débuts

Jun24/00 -
War vs. Peace; guests include Tracy Tormé and Jeff_2

Jun27/00 -
Guest Doug Molitor; TOP Announced; On Length of Exposure

Jul10/00 -
TOP begins; SS on grits; guests JOC & Reiner Schone; "Board Secretary"

Jul12/00 -
Anti-Leaving Post; CoolSlider's Trivia; guest Patrice Wright; "Pistol Prod"

Jul17/00 -
All-Cretin-Producer Night; TOPO; Executive's Nightschool; Blinker unmasked?

Apr1/01 -
Season 2 Premiere; Net Alert™; Slideageddon; guest Nicholas Lea

Apr18/01 -
Repetitive Season Sixes; JOC on "Tomcats;" self-flagellation

Apr20/01 -
Handle Census; Big Ole Butts; Mr. Filthy McNasty Goes to the Bathroom

Apr25/01 -
Donner on Tom Green; Farscape, Duplex do Sliders; Too Hot for the MSTing Cave

Apr28/01 -
Kari as co-host; HK as guest; TIP as suppository

May5/01 -
Used underwear; the horrors of CRACK; Who said that?

May14/01 -
Requiem MSTing concludes; seth is hated; Fun Peck Facts

Jun4/01 -
CRACKwatch; Ragnarok proposed; sliderseth whinges; kEwLsLiDeR

Jun5/01 -
InstaCDS; FOX SUX; Howie Long; Nubile Nympho Bicycle Tour

Jun24/01 -
Tormé chats with fans; Internet Translation System; the nature of replies

Oct18/01 -
S3 premiere; SG Board purged; hideous pop-ups; guests TM and Mychand

Oct25/01 -
Mind Enemas; eber3 arrives; annoying ads; guest Sid Meier

Dec20/01 -
Desert Sands; HillSlide; CRAZEE Elves; Sex Eyes

Jan11/02 -
Guest host Recall317; Sliders Awards; SpaceTime Dies; The Legend of Wing

Apr26/02 -
Special guest vortex62; fanfic overview; Your Cheating ASS; on inspiration

Jun6/02 -
Guest host Brand_S; guests Tembi, Zoe, Id, and the Green Ranger

Jun9/02 -
Countries that RULE; rest stop bathrooms; Brand_S = SL4ever


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