PROPHETS AND LOSS (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

This was a different episode, and while it wasn't spectacular I really enjoyed it. It was very reminiscent of season one and two, though I'm sure many will disagree with me on how good it was. It was interesting to see how much the religion on this Earth was able to influence the population.

There were some problems, though. Throughout the episode the wormhole was erratic, changing size and force, and on one occasion it sucked the team in, which it hasn't done since "As Time Goes By" (when time was in reverse) or "Double Cross" (with Logan's wormhole). Also, losing the timer again (though thankfully in a different way) has been done to death, but that's hardly a problem.

Now the good stuff. Cadmus was great as a villain/good guy. It was obvious he would turn in some way to help the rebels, but it was good how he did it, and admitted his terrible acts of killing the people. Samson was pretty cool, and Jane was the ultimate in religious fanaticism. It looked like they used the military base set from "The Exodus," which was a good thing, since it was a cool set in my opinion. The reason for Quinn not going directly to Colin is revealed, as Quinn cannot program the timer with the co-ordinates without some equipment and a library of information at his hands (which I imagine he gets in "World Killer"). I thought Steven Jensen put this modification in the timer for Quinn (or didn't he have time to complete it before he was murdered by Rickman) and there are numbered buttons on the timer for some reason.

The highlight of this week though, was Maggie, who continues to become a new woman and character. Her line about John Tesh was great ("Oh I love him!"), and she showed real disappointment that Jane had been killed in the incinerator by Cadmus and the Oracle. Overall, an episode well worth viewing just for the reasons I've given.

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