COMMON GROUND (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

Hot on the heels of the great "Prophets and Loss" comes another great episode, showing not only a new side to the Kromaggs, but also a new dimension to Maggie and some further revelations.

First, the implant placed in one of the Sliders during "Invasion" is finally revealed to have been placed in Quinn. The Kromaggs want to reclaim Quinn's homeworld and seek revenge on their human aggressors. The main Kromagg in this episode, Kromanus, is an excellent character who Maggie takes some interest in, and reveals much of her past to him. Maggie's earth, which was destroyed in "The Exodus," is given some more dimension to it when Maggie describes some of its history. Also mentioned is her husband, which proves to be a touchy subject for her, proving she sorely misses him.

This episode continues Remmy's plot of having lost everything he has ever believed in, and he is adamant to destroy the Kromaggs at any cost. This is shown in the episode when he desperately wants to destroy a new Kromagg weapon that eradicates any human DNA, which also proves how far the Kromaggs are willing to go to destroy every human world they come across.

This episode has its problems, however, one being that Maggie loses another 'friend'. In "Genesis" she loses Marta, then she loses Jane in "Prophets and Loss," and finally Kromanus in this episode, though he died for a greater cause. The timer is confiscated again, but it's unavoidable. Also this is not really a parallel universe story, but it's okay since it's an arc story, and more important in other respects. Those were the only problems.

There are some other great facts. The Kromaggs call sliding "quantum probability translocation" and think sliding is a silly, innocuous term. The mentions of Wade are prominent enough to show that she still exists in Sliders lore, and that the team do want to find her as part of their plan.

Altogether a great episode, and a triumph again for Maggie, a new woman with a new agenda and a new personality, that remains in key with what she really is.

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