GENESIS (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

This was the best season premiere yet (but not hard competiton from "Into the Mystic" and "Rules of the Game"). This episode is easily on par with episodes like "Double Cross" and "The Guardian" but not quite "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome" yet. The new look is great and Maggie has become a likeable character and the new look makes her seem less 'sexy' and more like a real person.

The new effects are good, considering the budget, though I greatly prefer the old wormhole. The Kromaggs are different, but recognisable. Remmy has also changed a great deal, but is still our favourite ex-singer.

The only problem I have with the end of the episode is that Quinn makes no attempt to find Colin at the end of the episode, and instead decides to slide randomly. Wouldn't he want to find Colin ASAP? Hopefully Trevor, the hacker, will return again in the series, he had great chemistry with Maggie, when they have some excellent one liners together as he hits on her and offers her some disgusting hacker snacks. Also the new theme tune is groovy (though essentially the season three one with a new bridge to it).

What's clear is that the team have several missions this season; to find Wade, to find Quinn's parents and home Earth, to find Colin, to save Quinn's 'foster' mother and to eventually save Earth Prime. A minor problem: another actor has been brought into play Quinn's father, that's the third so far.

  Prophets and Loss