This episode first aired in the UK on 22nd June 1998 on Sky 1.

Writer:Marc Scott Zicree
Director:Jerry O'Connell
Guests:Chad Todhunter (Kaldeen/Jules Connig), John Walcutt (Michael Mallory), Leah Ayres (Darla), Renda Rae Norman (Janie), Reiner Schone (Kolitar), Kelly Connell (Thomas), Anthony David (Luther)
* The Kromaggs originated on Quinn and Colin's homeworld. During the civil war, Quinn and Colin were left on other worlds. The Kromaggs eventually lost the war and were thrown out of their dimension. The humans of that world then cloaked their world so they could not return, so the Kromaggs invade other worlds.
Additional Notes:
*The last scene in this episode, the one of the Sliders proposing a toast to absent friends, was cut out of the US showing of this episode for some currently unknown reason. It was left in for all other countries. Click here for a transcript.
* Kromagg episode #4 (not using Sky's order, but the more official order).
* This is not Reiner Schone's first time in alien make-up. He also played the Minbari leader, Dukhat, is several Babylon 5 episodes, including the fourth season's "Atonement" and also in the TV movie "In the Beginning".
* Kelly Connell has also guest starred in a Star Trek:Voyager episode. He appeared in the third season episode "Rise" as the Nezu traitor Sklar.
* The British magazine, Cult Times, terms this, "The best ever episode".
* Cult Times also says, "Directed with a flair by Jerry O'Connell, and shot on the sets of ABC's Timecop, this is a visual feast supported by a fine script from Marc Scott Zicree.
* Cleavant Derricks said in the June issue of Sci-Fi Universe, "'re gonna find out that we're going back to two seasons ago when we first ran into the Kromaggs, and when we finally escape, one of us has been implanted with information....The everyone was left thinking it may have been the professor and it may have been Quinn, but we're going to find out it was Rembrandt."
Our sliders begin on a world where good tans and massages are compulsory. Maggie and Rembrandt are relaxing and Quinn and Colin are working out their home co-ordinates. They find them and input them when they open the vortex. They slide and take the lap-top with them. They see no-one when they exit. They appear to be in an enclosed futuristic place and the air is processed. They look outside and see a desolate landscape with two moons. Still no people. The timer seems to be broken and doesn't seem to be counting down. They find a hologram of Quinn and Colin's father (as seen in the microdots). The hologram says that they are trapped in the "Slidecage" a system devised so the Kromaggs could not return to the homeworld and so all attempts to reach the homeworld would be shunted to the "Slidecage" ans no-one can slide out of there. There is also a toxic atmosephere outside.

The sliders find some 'Maggs and Humans fighting and Rembrandt joins in. He is taken by the 'Maggs, but the others think they have a better chance with the humans, so they leave him for the moment and follow the humans. When they are captured by the humans, Maggie makes some comments about bad tactics and the human leader throws her in an airlock to die in the toxic atmosephere. Quinn is knocked out when he protests Maggie's fate. Colin and the unconscious Quinn are taken to be locked up. Maggie is rescued from the atmosephere by a human in a suit.

Rembrandt is taken to the 'Magg base and is probed by the 'Magg commander. The son of the commander, who has his face covered, watches.

Colin and Quinn have been locked in a smashed computer room. Quinn is feeling Maggie's apparent death a little harder than Colin, who has lived with death more than Quinn. They try to get some of the smashed equipment to work.

Maggie wakes up. She is still alive, but is sufferring from the after-effects of the toxic atmosephere and needs rest.

Rembrandt is chained up by the 'Maggs. The commander's son, Kaldeen, comes to talk to him, still wearing the mask over his face.
The man who rescued Maggie, Thomas, that he has been alone in the walls for 10 years since he doesn't care to join the others. He aslo has access to all the video cameras around the "Slidecage" which Maggie uses to find the others.

Quinn and Colin think they may have the key out of their prison. The Slidecage uses the same encryption as the microdots. They locate a way out, a tunnel which unfortunately doesn't contain breathable air, so they hold their breath and eventually they get out. They head off to find Rembrandt, since they believe that Maggie is dead.

Maggie sees them on one of the cameras and persuades Thomas to take her to them, even though he doesn't want to. Maggie finds them, but they are all captured again by the humans. Quinn bargins with them to get them all out of the slidecage, although it means getting to 'Magg territory.

Meanwhile, Kaldeen releases Rembrandt and Rembrandt pulls the mask off his face revealing that Kaldeen is really a Human. However, they are both soon captured again. Rembrandt aske the commander about Kaldeen and it turns out he was taken in a raid just after the commander's real son was killed. The 'Maggs cannot reproduce. The Commander looks inside Rembrandt's mind and finds a secret; The 'Maggs they met in season 2's Invasion implanted a device in him that can be used to track the Sliders and to control Rembrandt. The Commander plans for Rembrandt to kill Quinn before he can close the Slidecage mechanism. Quinn is brought in just after this and he tells the 'Maggs that he can get them off this world, in return for safe passage to the mechanism for all the humans, includung Remmy and Kaldeen.

Quinn and Remmy return to the humans, followed by the Kromaggs. The boy is recognised and told his real name, Jules Connig. The 'Maggs and the Humans must work together, but the human leader doesn't want the Kromaggs to leave, especially not to go to the homeworld. The 'Maggs give Remmy a knife. Quinn lets down the forcefield around the mechanism using a code. He finds that the mechanism is damaged. If he opens the way to the homeworld, it will stay open and the 'Maggs will be able to take it over again, so he sets it up to send everyone back to where they came from. Rembrandt tries to stab Quinn, but the boy uses telekinetic powers to stop him. Fighting starts between the 'Maggs and the Humans, but Quinn stops it and the boy releases Rembrandt from the 'Magg's influence. Quinn sets up the machine, but the boy has never slid so he can't go, and Thomas also wants to stay so they sit on the ramp while the others slide. The mechanism is rigged so that anyone trying to slide there is sent straight back to where they came from. They all slide. Quinn, Maggie, Rembrandt and Colin end up back on massage world.

Did You Notice?
* They must have had enough money at the beginning to buy a laptop computer.
* The co-ordinates for Quinn and Colin's homeworld are:
405 134 101 118
* Thomas' book doesn't seem to have a front cover.
* The numbers on the slidecage forcefield are: 001
* The code to bring down the force-field is a four digit number, followed by enter (or another number).
* Rembrandt has to kill Quinn after he opens the slidecage mechanism, but before he closes it.
Cool Quotes:

"Looks like something out of 'Star Trek'!" - Rembrandt about the slidecage
"We'll do what we always do; Beat the odds!" - Quinn
"Welcome to the Slidecage!" - Quinn in games master voice
* How did the Human leader recognise Jules/Kaldeen if he'd been taken by the Kromaggs when he was a baby? He would have changed an awful lot by then. I suppose that he could have been the only child taken, but considering there were no other children, I find this very unlikely as the humans would probably not have known who was killed and who lived.
* Why didn't anyone bat an eyelid when Jules/Kaldeen used his mind powers. If none of the people who had been there a long time did, the sliders at least should have been surprised, and if Remmy, Maggie and Quinn have already found a world with powers like that, Colin shouldn't have since he's not been sliding that long, so he should have been surprised even if he was the only one.
My Opinion:
An interesting way of them nearly getting to Quinn and Colin's home world, but failing. The interaction between the humans and the Kromaggs was to be expected, yet suitable. The man who wouldn't live with the other humans but instead lived on his own in the walls was less expected to me. I thought that because Maggie's lungs were different, it might possibly enable her to survive a little longer outside, but being rescued and feeling ill effect afterwards is a much more realistic way. The one thing I really didn't like was Jules/Kaldeen's telekinetic mind powers. Where the Hell did they come from? He's not a Kromagg, even if he was brought up to be one and anyway, I don't think that the 'Maggs have telekintic powers anyway. And as far as we know, his parents world didn't have these powers, although if they were in competition with the Krommags powers, they may have adapted to have them. Yet no-one bats an eyelid, not even the sliders when he uses them.

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