This episode first aired in the UK on 15th June 1998 on Sky 1 and in the US on 17th August 1998 on Sci-Fi Channel.

Writer:Bill Dial
Director:Michael Miller
Guests:Valarie Pettiford (Grace Venable), Thornston Kaye (Ralph Hackett), Larry McCormick (TV anchor), Roger Hewlett (driver), Marilyn Randall (nurse).
* The Kromaggs are sliding maurauders who usually take over every world they find.
* The Kromaggs use mind-control healing in many cases to cure serious injuries.
Additional Notes:
* This is Kromagg episode #5 (using the more official order).
* Xpose issue 26 says, "All told, this is a compulsive, well-crafted drama."
* The song Rembrandt sings in this episode is written by Cleavant Derricks.
The episode begins in an aeroplane, just before they slide to another world. Quinn goes to do something, but an explosion catched his and Rembrandt. Maggie opens the vortex under the plane and they all jump in (well, Quinn and Remmy are more pushed). They slide into an area where there is few people. Colin goes to find some help, and Maggie stays with Quinn and Rembrandt. Colin hitches a ride to town in a horse drawn carriage. When he gets to the town he sees horse-drawn cars. The town looks both modern and old-fashioned. Colin finds a hospital and goes inside. It's a very busy place, but he eventually gets a doctor to talk to him. She sends out a horse-drawn ambulance for them. When the ambulance arrives, a man is sitting outside the hospital taking photos of them around the ambulance. Colin and Maggie hear on the TV that USA citizens are supposed to carry arms, but California President Charlton Heston says that in his state they don't have to if they don't want to.

They find the Rembrandt only has a mild concussion, but Quinn has haemorraging in the skull and the doctors will have to relieve the pressure or he will die. Quinn is placed in the ICU. Rembrandt wakes up and Colin and Maggie go to see him. He doesn't quite remember what happened. They tell him that they slide in three days using the metaphor of going to New York. Briefly, they go to see Quinn.

Later, in the Chandler Hotel bar, Colin and Maggie discuss the history off this world. It appears that the Kromaggs only came here for a supply run and they plundered the natural resources before being driven out. All citizens here are members of the militia. The man from the car comes and talks to them.His name is Ralph Hackett and he offers medical referals for Quinn.

The doctor, Grace Venable, goes to see Rembrandt and discharges him because he is well enough. Remmy invites Grace for a meal. She suggests at her house because restaurants are a bad risk these days. Maggie is also invited to dinner by Ralph, and Colin goes to the library to find out some more information about this world.

Before his dinner with Maggie, Ralph is in his office talking to some other men about a secret government investigation.

Remmy and Grace eat at her beachside house, but they also talk. Maggie and Ralph go to "Miguel San", a Japanese-Mexican restaurant. They talk about the war and Maggie only semi-makes up her story; A lot was based on her war experience on her own world. Colin is still in the library. Rembrandt sings to Grace. He tells her about his music, and as with Maggie, only semi makes it up.

At the library, Colin finds some articles on the Kromaggs. He finds out that some people willingly collaberated with the Kromaggs when they came. On this world, collaborators are known as "Thatchers" after the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, who was one of the major collaborators.

Rembrandt tells Grace that they are sliders.

Maggie looks through Ralph's office drawers and finds several passports for him, including ones from Danemark (Denmark) and the Bundesrepublik (W. Germany). She them finds the photos with them in.

Rembrandt tells Grace that if Quinn isn't well enoough to travel, he will stay with Quinn and Grace.

Still at the library, Colin finds some photos of a "Thatcher" who looks like Dr. Grace Venable. (It turns out to be her before she changed her name).

Maggie confronts Ralph. He tells her the truth; He is a member of the British Special Services and that he is here to capture a 'Magg collaborator who now goes by the name of Grace Venable.

Grace asks Rembrandt if she can go with him and the other Sliders when they slide. She also tells him of a technique she learnt in the war that could save Quinn in time for the slide.

Meanwhile, Ralph finally persuades Maggie to tell him where Grace is, under the promise that Rembrandt will not be hurt. His men go to Grace's house and take her, but leave Rembrandt.

Rembrandt goes back to the hotel and Maggie admits her part in Grace getting captured. Remmy tells Colin and Maggie about the technique that could save Quinn's life. They know where they would take Grace, so they follow, to see if they can delay the arrest. They manage it, and Grace is taken to the hospital by Ralph's men to save Quinn's life. She explains about the technique. It's a mind-control healing technique she learnt from the Kromaggs. She uses it on Quinn and all his burns disappear and he wakes up. Grace still wants to slide with the Sliders, but when she admits she helped the Kromaggs willingly, Rembrandt says no.
Cool Quotes:

"What if this is one of those strange worlds?" - Colin
"Every world is a strange world." - Maggie
"Death to the `Maggs!" - Ralph
"We knew right from wrong!" - Colin
"I guess I overslept!" - Quinn after being in a coma
* When Maggie opens the vortex, it forms in the air beneath the plane. By the time they all jump, they should have moved away from the vortex by that time and judging by what is dragged into the vortex at other times (ie. very little) the sliders could not have been sucked into it from that distance.
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