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This is what it says, A short guide, so I will try to keep it short. As the long guide is, this is also in UK airing order (however erratic) so it is easier for me to update.

For complete episode synopsises (????) see individual episodes under Long Guide at season 4 overview .

Quinn and Maggie return to Earth Prime to find that it has been taken over by the sliding Kromaggs and that Rembrandt and Wade have both been captured. Quinn and Maggie feel they have to join the resistance so they can be rescued.

Prophets and Losses
The sliders land on a world with strict rules and where followers of "the Oracle" are sent to the "other side" through what at first appears to be a vortex.

Common Ground
The Sliders slide into a world which has been taken over by Kromaggs, although the Resistance is still fighting, who have a mission to create a deadly weapon which targets only humans. The Sliders cannot let this weapon to be used on anyone, so they have to find a way to destroy it.

Virtual Slide
The Sliders seem to have missed the window and must start to build another one, but Quinn cannot remember a thing and he has to rely on Maggie for the knowledge. However, all is not as it seems.

World Killer
The Sliders slide into a world where no-one can be seems to be about, until they find the only survivor, an alternate Quinn Mallory who sent the entire population of the planet to another world by a slidewave. The Sliders and the alternate Quinn begin a quest to return the people to their own planet.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Quinn finally finds brother on an Amish world and persuades him to slide with them, only on the next world, Colin goes missing and is wanted by the police for body-snatching!

Just Say Yes
The Sliders land on a world where drugs are embraced and encouraged. Maggie and Colin become addicted.

The Alternateville Horror
The Sliders land in a world with lethal acid rain. They go to the Chandler Hotel, but find it empty because apparently it is haunted. They stay there anyway, but Colin, Rembrandt and Maggie see unusual things and begin to beleive the tales. Then, Colin disappears (again!) into an unstable vortex.

The Sliders think they have found Quinn and Colin's home co-ordinates, but when inputted, send them to the "Slidecage", a mechanism designed to stop anyone reaching their world and where any who try to slide there are trapped. Quinn and Colin set about finding a way to free everyone, humam or Kromagg, from their prison.

Quinn is seriously injured and lies in a coma. Rembrandt begins seeing a doctor who Maggie finds out was assisting the Kromaggs when they raided this Earth for a supply run. She is hunted, but she is also the only one who can save Quinn before the slide in three days time.

California Reich
The Sliders arrive on a world where Nazism seems to be in control. Black people are interned, and this affects the Sliders when Rembrandt is taken away to a concentration-like camp in a bliack van. Quinn, Colin and Maggie must rescue Rembrandt before the slide window, and at the same time expose the horrors the government is performing on the non-pure white people.

The Dying Fields
The Sliders enter a world used as a training camp for Hu-Maggs (Human-Kromagg hybrids) who are taught to repress their human side by the Dynasty. As ordinary humans are hunted as part of the training, the Sliders must avoid being killed before the slide.

Lipschitz Live!
The Sliders are seperated again as emmissions affect the vortex. In order to find the others before the slide, Quinn goes on the only TV show, "Lipschitze Live." Maggie and Rembrandt think they are with Colin, but it turns out to be his duplicate!

Mother and Child
The Sliders help a woman and her child escape the Kromaggs by returning her to her home world which freed itself from Kromagg rule. It even turns out that she was even in the same breeding camp as Wade!

Net Worth
As the Sliders slide into their next world, they are separated by a door in between them. Quinn and Rembrandt are stuck inside with the "On-liners" and Colin and Maggie are stuck outside with the "Off-liners".

Slide By Wire
Quinn, Colin and Rembrandt accidently take Maggie's military double with them when they slide, leaving Maggie back at the base where she meets the double of her dead husband and where she is about to be part of an enhanced pilot program.

Data World
The Sliders are trapped as digitized versions of themselves in a digitized Chandler Hotel run by a man obsesses with creating and almost perfect environment.

Way Out West
The Sliders lose Colin in a wild west world and they then discover that Kolitar, the Kromagg from Slidecage is there and thinks they are there to foil his domination plans. To stop them doing this, he sets Quinn up for murder!

My Brother's Keeper
Quinn is mistaken for his double's clone after his double has an accident on a world where clones are bred for donor organs.

The Chasm
Very odd episode about the transfer of negative emotions into one person, the chosen one, thus removing them from every one else. When Remmy befriends a chosen one, when she leaps into the "chasm" he becomes the next chosen one and is destined to follow her into the deep pit that is the "chasm".

Roads Taken
After they slide into a war ravaged world, Maggie and Quinn appear to be dying of old age. Is this the result of some biological weapon, or does it have somrthing to do with the ghostly stranger seen by Colin and Rembrandt.

In a barren world, Rembrandt reads a science-fiction novel with a startling amount of similarity to the war with the Kromaggs on Quinn and Colin's homeworld. The Sliders search for the author of this book and when they find him, it appears he based the novel on science-fact and he knew Quinn and Colin's parents

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