sliders: earth 374

                 Episode-4: "Patterns"

                 -Quinn, Wade, Remmy and Bennish exit the wormhole, just in time to
                 see another group of sliders (their doubles) sliding out. They take a
                 look around and notice that the world they have landed on is exactly
                 five years behind their own. Quinn realizes, that if this is true, then
                 those must have been sliders from another dimension who left this
                 world and not their actual doubles from this world. Quinn decides to
                 try to stop his double from sliding, but the problem is the other double
                 already finished the equation for him. Quinn's double thinks that our
                 Quinn is that same Quinn, and can't understand why he wouldn't want
                 him to slide after he helped him finish the equation. Our Quinn tries to
                 convince him that there are too many things out there he doesn't need
                 to see and that in the long run too many people he cares about will
                 end up hurt. His double doesn't want to hear this. He only sees this as
                 an opportunity to explore the great unknown. He tells our quinn that
                 regardless of what he thinks, that he has already invited Wade and
                 Professor Arturo over to slide with him and he's not backing out of it
                 now. He leaves and our Quinn does the unthinkable, he steals his
                 double's timer and sabotages his sliding equipment. He then erases the
                 equation off the blackboard. He writes something on the board and
                 leaves. Quinn's double comes back and discovers what Quinn has
                 done. The note on the blackboard reads, "TRUST ME, IT'S FOR
                 THE BEST." An angry, upset Quinn (the double) puts his head on his
                 desk and cries because he has lost his opportunity to slide. It is then
                 Wade's double comes down to the basement and begins to comfort
                 her upset friend. And for the first time in his life, that Quinn sees Wade
                 in a whole different light and their lives will never be the same. Right
                 before our sliders slide, Wade asks Quinn why he did it? Why did he
                 have to stop his double from sliding? Quinn replies, "I lost you once,
                 and it nearly killed me. I can't stand the thought of what the Maggs
                 put you through. She doesn't deserve that. I couldn't stop what
                 happened to you, but I can stop it from happening here." Wade smiles
                 at him and then he speaks, "And maybe he'll notice her a lot sooner
                 then I noticed you." Wade looks at Quinn strangely and he just nods
                 and smiles. He grabs her hand and they jump into the wormhole.

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