March 12, 2000

To All Things An Ending pt.2 is up. Earth 374 is over for the forseable future, but keep a lookout, you never know when it will be back! 

And be sure to checkout  the archives page  to get caught up on any 5th season episodes you may have missed!  Then slide back here to check out the X-pert's final update to his site!

In the fifth season of Sliders, Quinn and the others slide back to the REAL Earth Prime, but that's only the beginning.  Check out all the episodes brought to you by your friends here at SFC Central.

You Can Go Home Again
 Turn Left At the Fork In the Road
 The Burden of Truth
 Well, That Explains It
 If It Was All Just A Dream
 Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
 Bennish, Lord Of The Jungle
 Wade's Story
 The Kromagg Agenda pt.1
 The Kromagg Agenda pt.2
 The Kromagg Agenda pt.3
 The Kromagg Agenda pt.4
Playing Cupid pt.1
Playing Cupid pt.2
Playing Cupid pt.3
Mistaken Heroes
Things Unresolved
Things Unresolved pt.2
The Calm Before The Storm pt.1
The Calm Before The Storm pt.2
The Day Before
Weddings And Wormholes


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