sliders: earth 374

Episode-25: "Weddings and Wormholes"

-Quinn's eyes slowly began to focus.  He had this horrible ache in his head.  He knew  he had let Remmy talk him  into drinking way too many beers the night before.  And crap, the stripper!  The stripper was Maggie!    Wade would kill him if she ever found that out.    he found it funny though.  They always wondered if Maggie had a double on Earth Prime.  Quinn found out the answer last night.  A stripper of all things.   Quinn slowly pulled himself out of bed and went into the bathroom.  He splashed some water on his face and looked in the mirror.  Today was the day.  He could no longer deny it.  Today Wade Welles would become his wife.  And at the thought of it Quinn could only smile.  Nothing else mattered.  Not Logan or any other multiverse shattering problem.  Today he would marry Wade and his life would never be the same.

-Rembrandt Brown , Max Arturo and Conrad Bennish Jr. stood outside of the Mallory home all were dressed in tuxedos..  The three were waiting for Quinn  so they could leave for the church.    "Today is the day, "Rembrandt said.  "I swear, Rembrandt, there were times when I never thought this day would come," Arturo replied.  "Yeah, except you were lucky, you weren't around for the Maggie years.  For a while there I wasn't sure."   The door opened behind them and Quinn's voice was heard.  "You worry too much Remmy."  "Q-Ball, you ready?"  " Never been more ready for anything in my life.  Do you have the ring?"  Rembrandt replied, "Right here in my pocket.  Don't worry.  You picked the right man for "best man".  The Cryin Man won't let you down."  'Wait a second-"  "What is it, Quinn, "Bennish asked.  "The timer.  What did I do with it?"  "Right here," Bennish pointed to his inner pocket.  "did you make those modifications we talked about?"  "Sure did.  Mary said that the landings should be pretty smooth on this  baby now."   "Good.  Honeymoon on Beach World.  What was Wade thinking?" Bennish handed the timer to Quinn and he placed it in the inside pocket of his tux.  "Let's go get you hitched, Q-Ball."

-Wade, her sister Kelly, her cousin Tracy and Mary were in a back room in the church.  The other three women were trying desperately to calm Wade's nerves.  "I can't believe it.  I'm marrying Quinn.  It's actually going to happen.   "Calm down Wade, or I'll never be able to get this dress on," Kelly said.  "Wade, I haven't had a chance to thank you," Mary said.  "For what Mary?" "For letting me be a part of  a special part of your life."  'Mary, you're family now.  You, me, Quinn, Remmy, The Professor and Bennish  we're all one big family.  Bound together by sliding, but a family nonetheless."  Mary began to cry and so did Wade.  "Quit it you two.  Or I'll be here all day fixing people's make-up!" Tracy screamed.

-The church was filled with people.    Friends and relatives of Quinn and Wade.  Music began to play and Quinn, Remmy, Arturo and Bennish stepped out from a room to the front of the church.  The grandparents and parents were seated and then a little girl who was Quinn's aunt's daughter began walking up the aisle dropping flowers.  To her side was Wade's youngest cousin,  he made a cute escort.    Slowly Mary walked down the aisle.  She was followed by Tracy and then ever so slowly Kelly began her walk down the aisle.  They reached the front of the church and the music stopped.  Rembrandt picked up a mic and music began to play.  Rembrandt began to sing a song he had written  for the wedding, it was entitled, "Your Love Is My Life".  Slowly Wade and her father appeared.  They began to walk down the aisle.  Quinn saw Wade and her beauty was almost incomprehensible.  As Wade's father hugged her neck and then took his place with her mother he began to cry.

-The minister began  to speak, "We have gathered here today to join these two people together in the bonds of matrimony."  As the minister speaks, Quinn looks at Wade.  His mind begins to race back (we see scenes from  seasons one through five.)    "Do you Quinn Mallory take Wade Welles to be your lawfully wedded wife?  Do you promise to love her in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer as long as you both shall live?"  Quinn looked into Wade's eyes and spoke, "I do."  Wade smiles at Quinn and suddenly her mind drifts back (we see more scenes from  seasons one through five).   "And do you Wade Welles take Quinn Mallory as lawful wedded husband? Do you promise to love him in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer as long as you both shall live?"  Wade looked directly into Quinn's eyes and spoke, "I do."  The rings were exchanged and the minister spoke, "Then by the power granted me by God and the state of California I now pronounce you man and wife.  You may kiss the bride."  Quinn and Wade kiss for long moments.    "May I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Quinn Mallory."

-The two turn and begin to walk towards the exit of the church.  Wade could only smile.  She was Quinn's wife.    Quinn turned to her and spoke, "I  love you Wade."  Wade was about to reply when she noticed something strange in front of them.  "Quinn look."  Quinn looked ahead of them to se the very fabric of reality distort.  He knew what it meant.  "Get behind me Wade."  Quinn pulled the timer from his pocket, if he had to, he'd open a gateway and get Wade out of here.  Three figures stepped from the distortion.  Quinn immediately recognized them.  Dragonius, Talese and Cyrus.  Members of the Draconian Empire.  "I see we've come at a bad time, "Dragonius said.   "Get out of here, everyone!" Arturo screamed.  Quinn was about to open the gateway, he would get the others out of here, he'd get Wade to safety.  "I don't think so Mallory," Dragonius said.  He raised a strange pentagon shaped object and fired.  Blue lightning surround Quinn and electricity filled his body.  He screamed in agony.  The timer began to sputter and spark and exploded in Quinn's hand burning it.  He fell to the ground in pain.  "Quinn!" Wade screamed.  Wade suddenly felt something wrapping around her.  It was Talese's tail.  She was being pulled towards them.  "Quinn!" she screamed again.  Quinn groggily spoke, "Remmy help her please."  Rembrandt tried to jump Talese but was nailed in the back of the head by Cyrus, who then threw Rembrandt over his shoulder.   Dragonius  stunned a screaming Wade with some weapon .  Bennish rushed towards Dragonius but was swatted back like a fly.  Mary ran to his side.  Arturo crept  up behind Cyrus.  He hit him with a chair.  Cyrus grabbed Arturo by the neck and began to apply pressure.  Arturo could feel himself blacking out.  "NO, Cyrus.  We need him alive.  We have the three we came for.  Open the field."  The distortion opened and Cyrus, carrying Arturo and Remmy, Talese, with Wade still wrapped in her tail, and Dragonius entered it.  Quinn slowly pulled himself of of the ground, he tried desperately to reach the distortion, but he was too late, "Noooooooooooo!  Mary! Bennish!" Quinn screamed.  He was still clasping his hand.  'Were over here Quinn," mary said.  'Mary get the car. we have to get to my house.  I think I can track their field, but I need to get to the equipment, because without the timer it's all I have."

-Quinn limped into the house .  mary and bennish  were right behind them.  he opened the door to the basement and his face turned white.    The basement was ransacked.  Lying on the floor were broken video tapes, presumably Quinn's video log.  The blackboard had been smashed and the equation wasn't even readable.  And the equipment  . . . their wasn't enough left to  fill a sandwich bag.   "Quinn what do we do now?"  Mary asked, but Quinn didn't answer.  "Quinn?"  Quinn sank down in the corner.  His face was buried in his hands and he began to cry.

THE END (of Season Five)

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