Episode-10: "Bennish, Lord Of The Jungle"

                 -The four sliders ran through a jungle. Remmy spoke,"It figures, no
                 sooner do we leave Beach world then we have to land on a world
                 where California is a jungle inhabited by weird tribesmen." "Just
                 keep running, Remmy," Wade replied. "we've got to find some
                 place to hide guys. We don't slide out for a few days." As Bennish is
                 about to speak, he is grabbed by a tribesman and hauled away. The
                 others continue running until they reach a cave where they can hide.
                 "does this cave remind anyone else of the one from Dino-World?"
                 Remmy asked. "Not like Bennish would remember that, eh Conrad?"
                 Quinn looks around and notices Bennish is no where to be found.
                 "Guys, where's Bennish?" Wade replies,"I thought he was behind
                 Rembrandt." "He was." "Wonderful, look, we have to find him
                 before we slide. I won't leave him trapped here. It's times like this I
                 wish I could store more than just Earth Prime's coordinates in his

                 -Meanwhile, in the village. Conrad Bennish Jr. awakens in a hut.
                 "Okay, like this is not cool. Guys, where are you?" The man who is
                 apparently the chief to the tribe enters and bows. "You have finally
                 arrived. You will free us from the grip of tyranny Kongo has placed
                 upon us." "Man, you have the wrong guy." "But you fell from the sky.
                 The prophecy said that a man would fall from the heavens and free
                 our people from that which tormented us." "I don't know." "Great
                 one, you will be rewarded with jewels and our best women."
                 "Women. Point me in the direction of this Kongo guy."

                 -The others begin searching for Bennish. They have no luck and are
                 captured by the tribesmen. They are taken back to the village and are
                 meet with a curious site. Conrad Bennish Jr. is sitting on a throne in
                 the village square, wearing an leopard skin loincloth. Wade
                 speaks,"Look, Bennish thinks he's Tarzan." Bennish stands up and
                 tells the other tribesmen to let them go. He explains they are here to
                 help him vanquish Kongo. He pulls the others aside and tells them that
                 if he can just keep this up until the slide they should all be okay.
                 About that time, the ground begins to shake and the villagers begin to
                 panic. "Great one, Kongo is here! Kongo is here!" The four sliders
                 walk outside of the hut and see a five story high gorilla standing in
                 front of them. "Guys, I think we have a problem."

                 -The sliders and the villagers run to safety and Kongo begins to
                 ransack the village. "Great one you must do something!" "Okay, guys
                 I need a diversion." "Are you crazy, man? I'm not going out there with
                 that thing out there." "Remmy, here are your options. Sit here and die,
                 or go out there and distract that big monkey so me and Quinn can rig
                 up a little surprise for him." "Fine."

                 -Rembrandt grabs some bananas and begins running around Kongo.
                 Bennish starts grabbing some fruits and vegetables lying around the hut.
                 Quinn asks,"What are you doing?" "I'm making a bomb."
                 "With that stuff?" "Yeah man, The Anarchist Cookbook. Taught me
                 how to make a bomb from an orange, some berries and a stick of
                 wood." Quinn can say but one thing, "Cool."

                 -Bennish completes his device and tells Remmy to get Kongo into the
                 cave not to far from the village. Remmy does. He doubles back and
                 before Kongo can escape the cave, Bennish blows the opening shut.
                 He convinces the tribesmen to move as far away from the cave as
                 possible and he and the others slide out the next morning while poor
                 Kongo slowly begins to claw his way out of the cave.

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