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4.1 ::: Are We There Yet?

Maggie and Quinn land on a world, where they are forced to stay for a week...

So, what do they do? MAKE OUT, of course (yes... for the whole week, or half of the show). After coming up for air, Quinn looks at the timer and announces, "Hey! If I press this button here (shot of a button marked Home), we can go home!!!!" Quinn presses the button and he and Maggie land on "Earth Prime."

Then, the episode gets strange (even for this one). It is revealed that Quinn is actually a Kromagg spy sent to assassinate Maggie (I know...). She kills him easily and begins looking for Remmy and Wade. She accidentally meets a "computer guy," who just happens to know a way into the Kromagg prison. They make out (only for about 10 minutes) and then head off to the "high security prison" (even though we don't even see a Kromagg in the entire building).

Maggie reaches Rembrandt's cell (Remmy now being played by Braga). She somehow recognizes him, even though he's inexplicably fat and white. Right as Remmy walks out of the prison, he is shot by Wade (played by the tall African-American woman from that Bond movie with Christopher Walken). It is revealed that she is, in fact, the leader of the Kromaggs (in essence, their queen).

Then, the episode cuts to the credits (with no "to be continued" or any sort of resolution).


While the season was supposed to have two sliders, Jerry O'Connell was killed by a maddeningly jealous David Peckinpah during the makeout scene. Of course, Peck wasn't arrested, since if there were any justice on this world, this episode wouldn't have been made.

So, they tried to hire Charlie O'Connell, but he, too, was killed by Peckinpah after he was seen trying to run. So, the Quinn-turned-into-a-Kromagg scene was done as a Maggie reaction shot only (I know...)

Then, Rembrandt and Wade. Peckinpah had never actually watched an episode before and Braga wondered when the characters were going to the playground to slide, so all they knew was that there was a black co-star and a white co-star. They obviously got them backwards. Peckinpah was very relieved to get the woman from that Bond movie with Christopher Walken (this is actually how she is credited in the opening and closing credits).

They couldn't find any actors (in fact, the Screen Actors Guild went on strike to avoid taking part in this episode), so they had to make do with Braga (he was a VERY convincing tree in his third grade play!!!)

That's it (and Fox is allowing this show to continue)...

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