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4.0 ::: Pre-Production Timeline

February 28, 1997 - Exodus Part II airs, and Kari Wuhrer (Maggie) officially joins the cast of Sliders.

May 16, 1997 - This Slide of Paradise airs, with Rembrandt and Wade sliding to "Earth Prime" and Maggie and Quinn setting off to follow them.

May 30, 1997 - A meeting is called to determine whether Sliders will continue.

June 2, 1997 - David Peckinpah convinces Fox executives to keep Sliders for a 4th season, but on Fox's terms (even more so than in Season 3). They announce that they will give Peckinpah a list of things to be done by June 7.

June 7, 1997 - Fox executives are found passed out in a bar in Louisiana. David Peckinpah is given full creative control of Sliders.

June 18, 1997 - Peckinpah hires recently fired Voyager producer Brannon Braga to assist with "his" show.

June 20, 1997 - Peckinpah and Braga decide to go for sex appeal in the new season, limiting the show to two characters (Kari as the sex appeal for men, Jerry for women).

June 29, 1997 - The Season 4 premiere is written.

July 4, 1997 - Peckinpah and Braga have one HELL of a barbeque!!!!

July 23, 1997 - After the spell-check is finished, the season 4 premiere is printed off of Peckinpah's mother's computer.

August 2, 1997 - Both Jerry and Kari are signed for another season of Sliders.

August 21, 1997 - Filming begins on the season 4 premiere.

September 3, 1997 - It is realized that the lens cap was left on when filming was done.

September 13, 1997 - Filming begins on the season 4 premiere again.

September 23, 1997 - Peckinpah fires the lead cameraman for taping the premiere over his wife-less bachelor party.

October 7, 1997 - Season 4 premiere is shown.

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