LIPSCHITZ LIVE! (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

This was a funny and entertaining episode from the minute the team slid in. It was great to see Remmy and Maggie slide just off the top of the building and the effects for it, supposing it wasn't real, were seamless. As with many episodes Maggie got some of the best lines, especially with Colin's double who shows that doubles in recent times have taken the characters to the extreme.

Charlie O'Connell proves for the first time this season after his debut, that he's actually still around and not a prop for the rest of the cast to play off. His portrayal of Colin's double was great, especially when he comes on to Maggie (however it seemed odd to see Colin smoking, it just wasn't fitting to him), while at the same time he does a great job of doing the innocent and naive Colin we know.

Jerry O'Connell's interplay with both Lipschitz, the bartender and the fake Slider were great and it was nice to see the surprise of the masses when the team slide, something which was good in the first two seasons.

This episode had a great guest cast, led by Charlie Brill. Tim Thomerson was frankly not really needed and his role of MacArthur was not crucial enough to warrant an appearance. However he was there and there's nothing we can do about it.

If I had to say there was a problem with the episode it was the ringing at the beginning of the episode in the wormhole, I thought my TV had gone on the fritz again!

Overall it's sort of silly, but a highly funny and entertaining episode and one of this season's best. It is easily Sliders' funniest episode yet, beating even "The Alternateville Horror". The move to occasional comedy episodes has proved more than successful in my book and I hope for more in season five, though not too many as they can be overdone.

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