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MOTHER AND CHILD (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

This was a great episode. We learn more things about the Kromaggs as well as Wade. Wade is supposedly fine, though being transported from world to world. Colin shows little interest in Wade's location (why should he, he never knew her), but surprisingly Maggie seems just as interested as Quinn and Remmy in finding her. Perhaps their friendship grew more than we thought?!

However the Kromaggs have new orders concerning the team. They are no longer to allow them to freely slide from world to world, but to kill them on sight. Obviously something has changed and the Kromaggs have new priorities in finding their home Earth. We also see Kromagg wormholes are still red and that they can slide at any give time, not having to wait until their timers count down (they consider the idea of a timer crude and primitive). We also learn that the virus created by Christina's father was deadly to them and travel to their world is forbidden at the cost of death.

This episode had a great supporting guest cast and some great location shoots, especially those on the Kromagg world before the team slide to Christina's world. Christina was a great character and Maggie really worked well with her. Quinn was the same as usual, good but nothing new, and Remmy and Colin barely appear which is something that has become far too frequent in some episodes. Hopefully Remmy and Colin will get more of their own episodes sometime soon.

As with all Kromagg episodes, this world was hardly alternate except for the fact that it had been invaded by the Kromaggs, but that was okay because as with the arc episodes it relied heavily on good drama.

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