Last Days

    Arturo and Bennish are this world's unlikely last hope for deliverance from an onrushing asteroid.

    I loved this episode! I think it was a terrific story concept. The acting was excellent, and the direction as well.

    Within a few minutes of landing, the Sliders discover to their horror that an asteroid is slated to annihilate all life on this Earth in two days. They slide in three. Rembrandt is stunned and storms off to find something to do. Quinn and Wade go to find their families and Arturo attends a press conference.

    While at the conference, Bennish storms in shouting about using nuclear weapons to destroy the menace. On this world, Einstein deliberately miscalculated the atom bomb to prevent it from being used. Bennish now possesses the bomb and the plans to it, but the scientific community considers him a laughingstock. Arturo and Conrad set out on a last-ditch effort to complete the weapon and save the world. Meanwhile, Rembrandt is picked up on the streets and heads for an all-night party.

    Quinn and Wade go to Quinn's house and look for sliding equipment to accelerate them out. Instead they find a house abandoned by a Quinn double who was trying to achieve time travel. After hours of work, the circuits go crazy and the machines are destroyed. Quinn is crushed, but Wade insists they explore their feelings for one another before the end arrives.

    Back at the party, Rembrandt meets a woman named Caroline (Jennifer Hetrick, later of The Seer.) They dance for a little bit and flirt. Later, Remmy sings a couple songs for the crowd and goes looking for Caroline. He eventually saves her from killing herself, and they spend the morning volunteering at a soup kitchen.

    When the quartet meets up at a store to share their final minutes, Arturo and Bennish have finished the bomb and are waiting for the launch. Rembrandt is amazed to learn of what the others have been up to, having already resigned himself to death. As the missile is fired, the group heads outside for the final countdown. Just as it seems the projectile has missed, the rock explodes and this world is saved. Unfortunately, in the commotion Bennish quietly pockets the A-Bomb plans Arturo had intended to keep with him. The rogue scientist now has the power to blow away anything on Earth!

    Once again, I thought that this was a great episode. John Rhys-Davies and Sabrina Lloyd turned in fantastic acting jobs. This was the first episode where they begin to develop a little bit of a relationship between Quinn and Wade. These two spend a very passionate few minutes in Quinn's basement, until Arturo barges in and interrupts.

    This is probably the best episode for the character of Bennish, as well as Jason Gaffney's strongest performance in the role. He was not just a pothead used for comic relief anymore, but a certified genius!

Slider8's Final Thought:
    A great episode, and one of the three best of the entire first season. This one gets the full 4 out of 4 star treatment.

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