"World Killer" first aired in the UK on 18th May on Sky 1 and on the 29th June (?) in the US on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Writer:Marc Scott Zicree
Director:Reza Badiyi
Guests:Rose Portillo (Sister Celine), Walter Olkerwicz (The Boss), Pepe Serna (Roberto), Ivory Ocean (Eldon), Marshall Hodges (Policeman), Kevin Cornelius (Manager), Oren Williams (Perkins).
*On Earth Prime, Quinn's Father died when he was 11 or 12 (I have a feling this depends on the episode used as a reference) and he was brought up by his mother after that.
The Sliders start off in a normal San Fransisco streed. They enter the vortex behind a building and exit in almost exactly the same place. they look around, but it is all abandoned.It wasn't the Kromaggs that did this - not showy enough. The Sliders are stuck there for a week. Quinn gets attacked by some dogs, but Maggie scares them away using a gun she found in a police car.

They go to Quinn's home. They see all the trophies Quinn wanted to win, but didn't. they also find photographs. They discover that on this world it was Mrs. Mallory who died when Quinn was little and this world's Quinn was brought up by his father. They go to the basement in the hope of finding something useful, but it is all smashed up. They go outside and another Quinn creeps up behind Maggie. It turns out he slid everyone off this world when an anti-gravity device he was testing went wrong 3 years ago. He created a "Slidewave" and was in the eye of the storm, which was why he wasn't also sent. Quinn wants to get the people back. Quinn2 looks for schematics with Maggie and she finds his father's Nobel Prize. They all go to an electronics store to find the necessary pieces for the slide machine. Quinn2 doesn't believe our Quinn's plan will work. Quinn picks up a biomed scanner which he can adapt so that the right people are slid of the world.

They build the machine which turns out smaller than our Quinn's original, but larger than Quinn2's original. They open the vortex using the new machine and they take it with them. Maggie takes a gun. They exit in a basement room (poss. Quinn's eqiv.) Quinn discovers that the slidewave must have damaged the pathway between the worlds as a burn mark is left on the wall from their vortex. A boy comes down and sees them and then runs back up the stairs again. They follow him up to a VERY crowded house. 2 nuns who are duplicates are in charge. They are taken to a room and interrogated. As usual, their story is not believed. They find out that 3 years ago all the people on Quinn2's world were slid there and 5 billion people became 10 billion and now all those mouths cannot be fed properly. Quinn2 admits that he sent them all there. He turns on the machine as a kind of proof and someone throws water on it. Instead, they produce money to prove that they are telling the truth and that they are not raiders looking for food.

The two Quinns argue over the machine and what Quinn2 did, but together they start to rebuild it. They find that there is a strict curfew on this world and that this world is ruled by powerful warlords. They go to an electronics store to get more parts. Maggie's gun is taken from her. They get what they need and start back. Quinn2 wants to work with Quinn on another sliding machine (or something else) when they get back to Quinn2's world. Quinn doesn't want to and they end up arguing about morals. Police start shooting at them, so they run and Quinn2 is left behind. Quinn goes back for him and they escape. Outside, that night, Quinn2 and Maggie talk.

Inside, Quinn gives a speech about how another slidewave will permernantly collapse the pathway between the two worlds. Sister Celine says that they must send everyone back, even though she enjoys having her double around and the world has moved on, so that there will be enough resources to survive.

Sister Celine introduces Roberto to the Sliders who will show them where to get enough power to create a Slidewave. The only place where there is enough power to to this is at the generators in the local warlord's fortress. Roberto lost a job there because he wouldn't kill a friend.

They go there and are captured by the Boss'(Name given to local warlord) men. They are taken to the Boss and questioned. All except Roberto are put into a room. Quinn2 still wants to work on a better machine with Quinn, but Quinn says there are more important things than science. They are taken back to the Boss who is planning to shoot the machine to pieces because before he came to this world he was a noting and he doesn't want his power to end. Quinn intervenes, so the Boss decides to shoot him first instead. Quinn2 jumps in front and takes the bullet in the right arm. They escape and get to the generators. They connect up the slidewave device. The Boss' men catch them up and they are shot at. Roberto is hit so Rembrandt hits the power and the Slidewave goes out. They end up back on the previous world. The Sliders invite Quinn2 to come along, but he declines. He then asks Maggie to stay, but she won't because of Quinn. They Slide.

Cool Quotes:

"Looks like they had one Hell of a party." - Rembrandt
"More like one Hell of a tantrum." - Quinn
"The device you built must have been a lot more powerful than mine." - Quinn to Quinn2
"What's the matter, Quinn? Got device envy?" - Maggie
"Are you on crack, Sister?" - Quinn2
"We needed a visual aid. I turned it on. I had to show them something!" - Quinn2 arguing with Quinn
"Yes, but not that." - Quinn arguing with Quinn2
"Do you have to stand so close, Sister Rambo?" - Quinn2
"You hate me too?" - Quinn2 to a small child
"Give them the gun, Maggie." - Quinn in patronising voice
"No way!" - Maggie
"We need those parts, Maggie." Quinn in patronising voice again
"In some ways you're so different; In others you're exactly the same." - Maggie about the two Quinns
"I have a dream; A bathtub full of soap bubbles!" - Sister Celine
"I would definately call that a fortress!" - Maggie
"If you say a word, I'll still break your neck!" - Quinn
"Woooo!" - Quinn2
"I'm not used to getting shot!" - Quinn2
"(whack) 'Cause I care to send the very best!" - Rembrandt to 'The Boss'

* Why did Quinn2 have redder hair than Quinn? I guess there could have been a slight genetic difference, but I would have thought that the whole idea was that they were usually genetically the same.
* Wouldn’t Quinn have been in the eye of the storm when he slid the people back to their own world like Quinn2 was when he slid everybody there in the first place. I suppose he could have moved quickly, which is possible.
* The first time they slide, when the pathway is destablising, they have a rocky ride, yet the second time, when the pathway collapses, they all end up standing!
* How would Remmy know about a Slidewave? Quinn's the scientist, not the other two.

My Opinion:
What I liked about this episode was the interaction with the two Quinns, especially the way in which they both seemed to be jealous of each other, but yet they couldn't seem to agree on much or work together that well. It made intersting viewing and it showed how people probably wouldn't get on with themselves, as well as how people change if the situation changes. What I didn't like was how Quinn2 had a change of heart at the end and saved Quinn's life - it was too predictable and it's been done before.

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