Western World Mystery

By Mychand

Mychand's third to feature bboard members as well as the chacarcters. Some sections were interactive.

Character List:

Cafe Owners (family): SlidingThrough, TheBean

Their daughter: Slider_Sarah

Sheriff: Blinker

Deputy: SL4ever

Bounty Hunters: BritSlider, JohnMU1

Undertaker: Grim_Reaper

Preacher: QBall79

"Saloon" Waitress: StarSekr1, Kelz51, spaz119, Colins_Girl

Bartendar: Jaguar71

The "Outlaws": Slider120, Baby Face HurriKain

Colin's "love" interest: Ann Fredericks

Chandler "Boarding House" workers: mouthy, Supreme Trekker, loveskitz

Doctor: Superslider

Nurse: lastslider

Ranch Owners: Hawk50 and Ozslider

Their daughter: Robin14334

Ranch Hand: Dimension

Since the poll was a tie: Mystery Women: 1013shan, SouthernSlider

Part One [posted at bboard: 5/2/99]

Quinn felt himself falling violently out of the vortex. Another body had cushioned his landing. He assumed it was Colin who had gone into the vortex just before him. He was bit shaken by the fall and it took a moment for him to get his bearings.

"Uh, Quinn," said Remmy with a sense of urgency. "I think you need to get up."

Quinn looked down at the person he had fallen on top of and screamed as he jumped up quickly. "Oh my God," said Quinn as he looked around and saw that three people who were staring at him with cold blank faces surrounded him.

Quinn jumped up and ran over to where his friends were standing. The three people seemed to ignore the fact that the Sliders where even there. Two of the men were bounty hunters. They had just killed a known bank robber and were ready to turn the body in for their reward.

"You canít take him right now," said BritSlider. "We want our reward. We have been following this guy for weeks and we are not going away empty handed."

"Thatís right," said JohnMU1. "We need the money and we are not letting him out of our site until we turn him over to sheriff Blinker."

"Heís mine," said Grim Reaper. "Youíll get your money. Go and see the Sheriff but you arenít taking him anywhere."

"Fine, but I know where to find you if we donít get our reward," said BritSlider.

Grim Reaper smiled at them and then signalled for her men to come over and pick up the body. The Sliderís watched as Grim Reaper and the bounty hunters walked away.

"That was weird," said Maggie. "Didnít they see us?"

"Yes, I think they saw us," said Colin. "They just werenít interested in us."

"Come on," said Quinn. "Letís get into town."

* * *

The Sliders found their way to town. The city didnít look anything like the San Francisco they knew. It was modern with all of the modern conveniences except for there were no cars and the entire town had a western look and feel to it.

"Kind of looks like the Wild West of the nineties, "said Remmy with a grin. "I wonder if they have a Chandler hotel or maybe itís the Chandler boarding house here."

"Cute Remmy," Maggie said with a sarcastic tone. "This place seems a little too modern to be that different."

Just as Maggie finished her comment the Sliders all looked up at the sign on the front of the Chandler. "See, what did I tell you," said Remmy. "The Chandler Boarding House."

"Oh great," said Maggie. "I wonder what kind of world we have stumbled into now?"

As they were getting ready to enter the Chandler Boarding House, Colin heard a scream coming from across the street.

"Help me!" screamed the young lady. "Help me! Iíve been robbed."

Colin took off running across the street to assist the young lady. "Are you alright?" Colin asked. "Are you hurt?"

"No, heís gone now," she said. "He stole my purse but Iím fine."

"Let me help you up," said Colin as he extended his hand to assist her. "My name is Colin, whatís your name?"

"Iím Ann Fredericks,í said the girl. "Thank you for trying to help. Most people around here will turn their backs and not get involved. Are you new around here?"

"Yes," said Colin with a smile. "My friends and I are just visiting."

"Well then," said Ann Fredericks. "May I treat you to dinner tonight as a way of saying thank you? You may bring your friends too."

"Ok," said Colin. "I would love to. I will come with or without my friends."

Ann Fredericks gave Colin the directions to her house and he advised her that he needed to get back to the Chandler before his friends wondered where he had gone. He didnít want them to worry.

"Are you going to go and report this to the police?" asked Colin before he left her.

"The police?" Ann Fredericks asked.

"I mean the Sheriff," said Colin.

"Oh, I donít think so," said Ann Fredericks. "There is nothing he can do. Besides, I think Iíll let my brothers take care of this one. They do this kind of thing for a living."

Part Two [posted: 5/5/99]

Colin rejoined his friends at the Chandler and told them all about the young girl he had met and her dinner invitation.

"Ah, sounds like Farm Boy has a little crush," said Remmy. "Sounds great but I think I would rather go check out the saloon. Maybe Iíll get to do a little singing this time. Why should I let Maggie have all the glory?"

"Can I help it if I can sing," said Maggie. "You canít deny they all loved me."

"Yeah, Iím sure it was your singing they liked, " said Quinn with a grin.

"What are you saying Quinn?" Maggie yelled while smacking Quinn on the shoulder.

Quinn just grinned at Maggie and advised his friends that he needed some time alone to think. He decided he would rent a horse and do some riding and declined the dinner invitation as well.

"Well, I think Iíll go with Remmy," said Maggie. "Colin, I think youíll enjoy your dinner date without us."

"Itís not exactly a date," replied Colin. "She is just being nice."

"Sure it isnít," said Remmy. "You have a lot to learn about women Farm Boy."

* * *

Maggie and Remmy were surprised at what they found in the "saloon". It was very modern. Tables and booths lined one wall while the other had a dance floor and a bar. The waitressí were all dressed in western gear with white cowboy hats except for one who wore black.

"I wonder why she is the only one wearing a black hat?" Remmy said while sitting down in one of the booths.

"I donít know," said Maggie. "Why donít you ask her?"

"Nah, I donít think Iíll go there," replied Remmy. "There may be a story to it that I donít want to hear."

Maggie laughed at Remmy as the waitress approached their table.

"Hi, my name is Spaz," said the waitress with the black hat. "What can I get for you?"

Remmy and Maggie placed their order and began discussing how they wanted to spend their evening.

Suddenly there was a commotion behind the bar. Sheriff Blinker was having an argument with the bartender, Jaguar71. Remmy and Maggie could barely make out what they were discussing at first but the conversation grew louder.

"Look Sheriff, itís not my fault she broke up with you," said Jaguar71

"She said you two were finished or I would have never asked her out."

"Well, still, you could have backed off and given me some more time to get her back before you jumped in there," said Sheriff Blinker.

Two other waitresses, StarSekr1 and ColinísGirl jumped in to stop the argument.

"Not again," said StarSekr1. "Wonít you two ever quit?"

"Yeah," said ColinísGirl. "Enough is enough. Spaz has made her choice so let it go."

Sheriff Blinker began to sulk and headed out of the saloon. "Weíll discuss this another day," he said.

Spaz was nowhere to be found. Instead Kelz51 brought Remmy and Maggie their drinks.

"What was that all about?" Maggie asked.

"Oh, just ignore them," said Kelz51. "Theyíre harmless. They fight over Spaz ever week and itís always the same outcome. Sheriff Blinker just canít get over her. She has the quality that really attracts men."

"Hey Maggie," said Remmy. "Maybe you can pick up some pointers."

Remmy began laughing loudly as Maggie tried hard to ignore his comment.

"OW!" Kelz51 yelled. "Ok, who let Susie out of her cage?"

Remmy and Maggie looked down at Kelz51ís fee to see a small Basset Hound pup biting her ankle. Remmy began to laugh again as the puppy turned her attention to Maggie.

"I see you made a new friend," he said. "I take it back Maggie. You really know how to attract them.í

"Very funny Remmy," Maggie replied.

* * *

Meanwhile Colin found his way to Ann Frederickís home. She lived in small house on the edge of town with two other roommates.

"Come in Colin," said Ann Fredericks. "Iím glad you could make it. What happened to your friends?"

"Oh, sorry, they had other plans," replied Colin.

"Thatís alright," said Ann Fredericks. "Itíll be just the two of us then. My roommates have to work."

Just then Ann Frederickís roommates came from out of the back room.

"Colin," said Ann Fredericks. "These are my roommates 1013shan and SouthernSlider."

"Nice to meet you," replied Colin with a shy grin.

Colin stared at 1013shan. She looked very familiar but the name didnít match the face that he had once seen. He thought to ask her about it but then decided he would mention it to Quinn first.

"Well, sorry we canít stay and join you two," said 1013shan. "We need to get to work. Ann, if you need us we will be out at Hawk50 and Ozsliderís ranch."

During dinner Ann Fredericks gave Colin a little bit of background information on her roommates. The more she told him the more interested he became in their story. Both were new to the town and both had been through some terrible ordeal that even Ann Fredericks herself could not explain to Colin.

"They are very lucky that they met someone like you," said Colin.

Ann Fredericks blushed. "Thanks," she replied. "I try to help them as much as I can but I think it is my brother BritSlider who has helped 1013shan the most. She would be lost without him. Oh, and by the way, youíll get to meet him and my brother JohnMU1. They said they would be stopping by tonight."

"Sure," said Colin. "Iíd love to meet your brothers. I have a brother too. His name is Quinn."

"Quinn?" Ann Fredericks asked. "Quinn Mallory?"

"Why yes," replied Colin. "How did you know?"

"I didnít," she said. "Well, not really. Itís just that 1013shan mentions a Quinn Mallory quite often."

Part Three [posted: 5/9/99]

Quinn headed out to the Hawk/OzSlider ranch. Two of the workers at the Chandler boarding house, mouthy and loveskitz suggested the ranch as a good place for Quinn to rent a horse and ride. As he reached the ranch he saw a young girl sitting on the fence of the corral.

"Hello," she said. "Can I help you?"

"Yes," said Quinn. "My name is Quinn Mallory. Iím staying at the Chandler boarding house and I was told that I could rent a horse here."

"Nice to meet you," she said. "My name is Robin14334. We do rent horses. Come with me."

Quinn followed Robin14334 to the front of the main house.

Robin14334ís father, OzSlider came out to greet them.

"Can I help you son?" Ozslider asked.

"Yes sir," said Quinn. "I would like to rent a horse and do some riding on your ranch."

"Sure," said OzSlider. "Go over to the barn and see one of my ranch hands, Slider142 or Dimension. Theyíll help you pick out a horse."

"Thank you", said Quinn. "I heard you have some beautiful land here. Iím looking forward to seeing it."

Quinn walked around to the barn and found Slider142. Within thirty minutes Quinn had been given a horse and a map and was on his way. He needed time to think. For some reason he couldnít get Wade off of his mind. It had been so long since he had seen her. He thought about all of the times they shared together. He hoped that spending some time alone would help him think things through and cope with the sense of loss he was finally beginning to feel.

* * *

Meanwhile, Maggie stormed out of the Saloon with Remmy running behind her.

"Maggie, wait," said Remmy. "Iím sorry. I didnít mean for it to happen."

"Remmy, I canít believe you did that," Maggie said while trying hard not to yell. "That was all the money we had. When are you going to learn that you canít always depend on there being money in that ATM."

"Youíre right," said Remmy. "I should have been more careful. How was I supposed to know that Kelz51 and spaz119 were card sharks? I really thought I had them in that last hand."

"Never mind that," said Maggie. "ColinsGirl said they needed help over at the café. Letís go see if we can make a little money so we can eat tomorrow."

Maggie and Remmy headed over to the café. It was quaint little restaurant with several little bistro tables out front. There was a help wanted sign in the front window.

"Well, looks like weíre in luck," said Remmy.

A young girl named Slider Sarah greeted them.

"May I take your order?" Slider Sarah said.

"Uh, no," replied Maggie. "We would like to apply for a job."

"What kind of work can you," said an older man as he walked out of

the kitchen to greet them. "My name is TheBean. There is a convention in town tonight and I will need all of the help I can get. Maíam, can you cook?"

Remmy busted out laughing as Maggie gave him a stern glare. "No," said Remmy remembering Maggieís attempt at cookies. "I can cook though."

"I could cook with a little more practice," said Maggie. "Do you need a waitress?"

"Yes," said TheBean. "I could use both. I will give you a chance to prove how good you are tonight during this convention. If I am impressed with your work Iíll keep you both on. Go down the hall and to the right. My wife, SlidingThrough will give you your uniforms."

Maggie and Remmy agreed knowing this would really be the only night they would need to work.

* * *

Before Colin could ask Ann Fredericks anymore about 1013shanís connection with Quinn, her brotherís BritSlider and JohnMU1 came in the door.

"Hi ya sis," said BritSlider. "Who is this?"

"Oh this is my friend Colin," she said. "He tried to help me today when that scoundrel snatched my purse."

"Well, thank you," said JohnMU1. "We appreciate anyone who is willing to help out our sister. Ann, was it one of the guys we are chasing?"

"No, said Ann Fredericks. "Iíve never seen this guy before."

While Ann Fredericks gave the description of the man to her brothers there was a loud crash at the door. The door flung open before anyone could make a move.

"Hold it right there," said Baby Face HurriKain. "Drop your guns or Iíll shoot."

BritSlider and JohnMU1 did as he asked. Their sister was there and they were not going to risk her getting hurt.

"Good," said HurriKain. "My friend Slider120 is watching the front so I wouldnít try anything."

"What do you want?" Colin asked.

"I am here to talk to these two bounty hunters," said HurriKain. "I want to have my say before I end up dead like my partner."

"Make it quick," said BritSlider. "I donít like the idea of you scaring my sister."

Part Four [posted: 5/10/99] 

The information Quinn had gotten about the ranch was correct. It was beautiful. He made his way down to the edge of a small stream and got down off the horse to rest for awhile. He sat down on the ground beside the stream and allowed the horse to get some water. His thoughts once again drifted to Wade. He remembered the time he and Wade had gone horseback riding. "I wish I could see you again, Wade," he said. "You donít know how much I miss you. Iím so sorry that you had to go through all of this. Itís all my fault." After resting awhile Quinn got back up on the horse and continued his tour of the ranch.

1013shan and SouthernSlider were doing some odd jobs for Hawk50. She wanted them to take pictures of the ranch for a new tourist brochure she was developing. They decided it would be easier to cover the ranch via horseback so they headed down the trail that Quinn had taken.

Quinn hadnít gotten very far from the stream when his horse began to buck. "Whatís the matter girl," he said. "You see something?" Before Quinn could catch hold of the saddle the horse bucked again throwing him violently to the ground. Quinn looked up at the sky. He couldnít focus. He couldnít move.

"Are you alright?" 1013shan asked as she jumped off her horse and ran over to Quinnís side. Quinn looked up at her, trying to focus.

"WadeÖ." Quinn said. "Wade, is that you?" Quinn passed out.

"Help me," said 1013shan. "We need to get him back to the ranch."

SouthernSlider ran over to 1013shanís side. "Itís alright," said SouthernSlider. "Donít worry. Heíll be fine. Weíll call Dr. Superslider when we get to the ranch."

* * *

 Back at the Café Maggie and Remmy were preparing to help TheBean with all of the customers he would be getting due to the convention.

"Can you believe this getup SlidingThrough put me in?" Maggie said. "I look like an old lady. She said I shouldnít show so much cleavage."

Remmy laughed. "You look fine darlin'," he said. "This is only for one night."

"Come on Maggie," said Slider Sarah. "Iíll show you the menu and give you some pointers on how to get good tips."

"Donít worry about Maggie," said Remmy. "She KNOWS how to get good tips."

"Still," said Slider Sarah. "If you donít want my mother to throw you out of here you really should listen."

Maggie frowned but followed Slider Sarah. "I canít wait until we slide out of here," she said.

* * *

"Youíre going to hear me out," said Baby Face HurriKain. "Iím no thief."

Before he could explain himself further, Slider120 ran to the door. "Someoneís coming," he said. "I think it is deputy SL4ever."

"Ok, do as I say," said HurriKain. "Ann Fredericks, come with me in the back room. You let him in but if you say anything about me you are risking your sisterís life."

BritSlider and JohnMU1 did as requested. SL4ever came to the door looking for BritSlider.

"I was just looking for you," said SL4ever. "Grim Reaper gave us the information for your bounty. I just wanted you to know that you could come and pick up your money whenever youíd like."

As he spoke HurriKain came out of the room with Ann Fredericks. "Drop your gun deputy," he said. "Youíre just in time. I think you need to hear what I have to say too."

SL4ever did as he asked and HurriKain instructed the group to sit down at the table. Colin wanted to make a move towards HurriKain but decided he should wait and hear what HurriKain had to say.

"First of all," said HurriKain. "I am innocent. I was set up by your beloved Sheriff Blinker."

"Youíre crazy," replied BritSlider. "You just want to save your butt. Why should we believe anything you have to say."

"Oh, youíll see," said HurriKain. "Itís a long story and we have all night as far as Iím concerned."

Part Five [posted: 5/10/99]

1013shan had been quiet on the way back to the ranch. She had so much on her mind. So many questions she needed to ask this young man they had just found. Dr. SuperSlider was delayed so he sent his nurse, lastslider to the ranch to help Quinn.

Hawk50 advised the ranch hands who had assisted in bringing Quinn to the ranch to put him in the spare bedroom. Nurse lastslider asked the others to give her a moment with Quinn in order to assess his injuries. 1013shan and the others waited for what seemed like hours before Nurse lastslider came out of the room.

"The head injury is pretty severe," said Nurse lastslider. "Does he have any family here?"

"Well, he said he was staying at the Chandler boarding house," said Robin14334. "Would you like me to ride into town and see what I can find out?"

"Yes," said Hawk50. "Take Slider142 with you. I donít like you going into town alone."

The two quickly headed towards town.

"May I see him?" 1013shan asked Nurse lastslider.

"Sure," said Nurse lastslider. "Iím going to try to locate Dr. Superslider. I may need his assistance here."

SouthernSlider followed 1013shan into the spare bedroom. "What are you going to do?" SouthernSlider asked. "It may not be him."

"I know," said 1013shan. "I have to find out. Still, something tells me it is my Quinn. Do you know where Nurse lastslider put his wallet?"

* * *


"OH MY GOD!" TheBean yelled. "Girl, donít you know how to do anything right?"

Maggie had dropped a huge stack of dishes all over the floor. "Iím sorry," said Maggie. "They slipped."

"Itís alright," said SlidingThrough. "Accidents will happen. Letís just hurry and get the tables set up."

TheBean walked off in a huff. He never argued with his wife. He knew she that she had a knack for getting people to do what she wanted them to do.

Maggie was not happy with her current job. She was tired of having to be a waitress. She wasnít getting any better at it no matter how many worlds she had tried it.

Remmy was having better luck in the kitchen.

"Wow," said TheBean. "That smells great. What is it?"

"Oh, itís chilli," said Remmy.

"Chilli?" TheBean asked. "What is chilli?"

"Youíve never had chilli? Man, you have really missed out," replied Remmy.

TheBean was really impressed with Remmyís cooking and went out to tell his wife about the new item on the menu while Maggie went back to the kitchen to find Remmy.

"I see youíre scoring points there Remmy," she said. "Well, at least one of us might get paid for tonight."

"Come on Maggie," replied Remmy. "Itís only for one night. Iím sorry I lost our money but I think this is kinda fun."

"FUN," yelled Maggie. "Look at me. I look like my grandmother and I canít seem to do anything to please these people."

Remmy laughed. "I tell you what," he said. "All of the money you make tonight you can spend on yourself. Iíll put all of my money in to cover what I lost plus whatever funds weíll need while we are here."

Maggie was happier with that solution. "Ok," she said. "I could use some new clothes. Still, I canít wait until this night is over."

* * *

Baby Face HurriKain sat down at the table with the rest of the group but held onto his gun. He didnít trust the bounty hunters.

"Look," said Ann Fredericks. "My brothers are not bad men. They would never harm an innocent man."

"I am innocent," said HurriKain.

"Then speak your mind and let us go," said Colin.

"Alright," said JohnMU1. "What is this about you being set up the by Sheriff Blinker?"

"Itís true," said HurriKain. "It all started when I asked Spaz119 out on a date. How was I supposed to know she was dating the sheriff at the time? He was furious."

"So you think he set you up because you asked out his girlfriend?"

BritSlider asked. "Come on man, he is the Sheriff for Godís sake. I could see him running you out of town but I canít see any reason why he would set you up."

"Give me chance here," said HurriKain. "I told you itís a long story."

SL4ever sat quietly and listened to what HurriKain had to say. BritSlider took notice of how quiet the deputy had become.

"So, deputy," BritSlider said. "What is you take on all of this?"

Part Six [posted: 5/10/99]

1013shan slowly opened Quinnís wallet. Suddenly she burst into tears and ran out of the room. SouthernSlider wanted to follow but suddenly Quinn began to stir.

"WadeÖWade", said Quinn. "Wade, where are you?"

"Shhh," said SouthernSlider putting one hand on Quinnís shoulder. "Itís alright. Get some sleep."

Quinnís eyes flew open. He looked at SouthernSlider and tried to sit up. "What happened?" Quinn asked. "YouíreÖ.."

Quinnís words were stopped short as Hawk50 entered the room with Dr. Superslider.

SouthernSlider squeezed his arm. "Shhh," she said in a low whisper. "I will explain later."

Quinn was confused but kept quiet as the doctor examined him. "Heíll be fine," said Dr. Superslider. "I suggest a few days of bed rest."

"Do you have any family here son?" Hawk50 asked. "I sent my daughter and my ranch hand into town to look for them."

"Yes maíam," replied Quinn. "I am in town with my brother and a couple of friends. They might be worried. Thank you for getting them for me."

Everyone left the room except SouthernSlider. "So," she said with a smile. "I can finally touch you."

* * *

"Come on Maggie," said Slider Sarah. "You have two more tables that need drinks. You are getting way behind."

"Iím trying," replied Maggie. "These men are so demanding. I canít keep up."

Maggie walked over to a table filled with eight men. "What can I get for you?" Maggie asked.

Slider Sarah couldnít hear all of Maggieís conversation with the men but before she could come over to assist Maggie, one of the men jumped up and stomped out of the café.

"Whatís going on here," said SlidingThrough. "Are you running our customers out of here?"

"No maíam," replied Maggie. "He was being obnoxious and I just put him in his place. I mean it isnít like Iím trying to pick someone up wearing this getup."

SlidingThrough was furious. "One more problem young lady and you are out of here," she said.

Maggie refrained from commenting and ran back to the kitchen. "Remmy," she said. "I donít know how much more I can take of this. That lady hates me. I canít figure out why."

"Come on girl," said Remmy. "Iím having a great time and TheBean says the chilli is selling so well that Iíll get a bonus. Just hang on a little while longer."

"Fine," she replied. "Youíre right. I really want the money butÖ.."

Her words were cut short as Slider Sarah ran back into the kitchen. "Do you have a friend named Quinn?" Sarah Slider asked. "Robin14334 from the Hawk/OzSlider ranch is here looking for his friends."

Maggie and Remmy ran out of the kitchen. "Is Quinn alright?" Maggie asked.

"He was in an accident," said Robin14334. "When we left the ranch he was still unconscious."

Maggie told Remmy to stay at the café since they really needed the money and she decided to head out to the ranch to see Quinn.

As Maggie ran out of the café SlidingThrough yelled out to her. "I expect you to bring back my uniform young lady," she said.

"Yeah, like I really want to keep this," thought Maggie. "I notice what she wears is much more flattering. Why do I have to wear the grandma clothes? I donít think my clothes were too revealing."

* * *

SL4ever looked shocked. He didnít know how to respond to BritSliderís question.

Baby Face HurriKain looked over at SL4ever. "Yeah old buddy," he said. "What exactly IS your take on all of this?"

"You know Iím innocent donít you?" HurriKain asked. "Why donít you help me out here?

Colin was getting restless as the men went round and round about HurriKainís claims of innocence.

"Look," said Colin. "We have been here for hours. If you have some sort of proof or story of why you are innocent you need to share it with us. Iím tired and my friends will wonder what happened to me."

Ann Fredericks smiled at Colin. She liked how he took charge of the situation.

BritSlider went along with Colin. "Yes," he said. "Please, if you have proof I want to hear it. If not, then I suggest you leave."

SL4ever was relieved at the short reprieve Colin seemed to give him. He knew it would only be a matter of time that he would have to tell all.

Part Seven [posted: 5/11/99]

"Gillian," said Quinn. "It is you." Quinn reached up and put his hand on one side of her face. "I can finally feel you," he said.

"Shh..,í said SouthernSlider. "You must not call me that. Itís a long story and I will explain later but for my safety, you must call me SouthernSlider."

"Ok," said Quinn. "I owe you that much."

"You really are the Quinn I know," said SouthernSlider. "I wonder why Wade ran out of here so quickly?"

"Wade, Wade is here?" Quinn asked while nearly jumping out of the bed.

"Calm down Quinn," said SouthernSlider. "She uses the name 1013shan here. Like me, itís for her own safety. She was looking in your wallet to see if you might be her Quinn but I thought she found something to prove differently."

"Colin," said Quinn. "She must have seen the picture of Colin and me. Colin is my brother. Wade knows nothing about him. Where did she go? How did you two get to this world? I have to find her."

Quinn jumped up off of the bed but quickly sat back down. He was still feeling dizzy from the head injury.

"Look," said SouthernSlider. "If you promise to take it easy I will drive you out there in the wagon. I am sure she went back down to the stream. That is her favourite part of the ranch."

Quinn promised and despite the protests of Dr. Superslider and Nurse lastslider, he and SouthernSlider/Gillian along with Dimension headed out to find 1013shan/Wade.

* * *

Baby Face HurriKain was about to tell his story when Slider120 warned him that someone else was coming up to the house.

"Geez,í said HurriKain. "Are you having a party here or what? Ann Fredericks, I want you to answer the door."

Ann Fredericks went to the door. Slider142 had barely knocked on it before she opened it. "May I help you," she said.

"Yes," said Slider142. "I am looking for someone named Colin Mallory. I was told by his friends that he would be here."

Colin jumped up and ran to the door. "Iím Colin Mallory," he said. "Why did my friends send you here?"

"Your brother has been injured at the Hawk/Ozslider Ranch. I was told to come here and bring you to him."

Before Colin could answer HurriKain was at the door. Pointing his gun at Slider142, he advised him to come inside. "No one is going anywhere until we all get some things settled," said HurriKain.

"Ok, SL4ever," said HurriKain. "No more stalling. You know I was set up and now I want you to tell these bounty hunters the entire story."

Colin sat quietly as SL4ever tried to get out of telling everyone what

HurriKain wanted him to explain. Colin began to worry about Quinn but first he had to figure out a way to make sure this situation ended peacefully.

"Come on SL4ever, " said HurriKain. "Tell everyone your take in this. Tell them how you get a cut of the money from Grim Reaper. The more souls, er bodies she gets, the more money you get."

* * *

Meanwhile, Spaz119 and Jaguar71 decided to take their break at the café.

"Hey there, Slider Sarah," said Spaz119. "I heard that you had some kind of new meal here. Everyone is coming over to the saloon and recommending it."

"We do," said Slider Sarah. "Would you like to try it?"

"Sure we would," said Spaz119. "Oh, and how is that new story you are writing for me coming along?"

"Itís coming along great," replied Sarah. "I should have it finished in a few days. I really appreciate the money you are paying me for it. I really need it."

"You deserve it," said Spaz119. "Even if you missed the original deadline."

Spaz119 snuggled up with Jaguar71 at one of the small tables. "I hope we donít have anymore trouble from Sheriff Blinker tonight," she said.

"Donít worry about it," said Jaguar71. "I have a feeling he will be too busy tonight to get in our way."

"Oh yeah," replied Spaz119. "How do you know?"

"Well," said Jaguar71. "Letís just say I finally told Baby Face HurriKain the true story of how he was framed."

Part Eight [posted: 5/13/99]

"Heís right," said SL4ever. "Heís innocent. He didnít rob the bank. The only thing he is guilty of is being in love with the wrong woman and crossing the wrong person."

"You meant to tell me you had us going after a innocent man?" JohnMU1 asked. "How could you do that and live with it?"

"I needed the money," replied SL4ever. "You would get the bounty money and I would get the commission from Grim Reaper."

"Donít you think there are other ways you can make money?" Ann Fredericks asked. "This is a manís life here."

"He didnít have a choice," replied HurriKain. "See, our deputy was having a little affair with Spaz119 himself before she dumped him for Jaguar71. Grim Reaper knew it so she was blackmailing him.

Besides, no one dares to go up against Grim Reaper. They know they wonít survive."

"Itís all true," replied SL4ever. "If Sheriff Blinker ever found out about Spaz119 and me he would fire me but that wouldnít be as bad as defying Grim Reaper."

"So why did Grim Reaper pick HurriKain?" Colin asked. "Wouldnít anyone fit her needs?"

"Letís just say that I defied her," said HurriKain. "This was her revenge and the only reason I can understand why SL4ever had to do this.

HurriKain walked over to Deputy SL4ever and put his hand on his shoulder. "Now, even though I understand WHY you did it," said HurriKain. "I expect you to get me out of this mess."

* * *


Remmyís shift at the café ended and he headed back to the Chandler boarding house to change before going to see Quinn. As soon as he entered their room he heard Maggie yell for him from behind.

"Maggie," said Remmy. "I thought you went to see Quinn?"

"I did, " replied Maggie. "When I got there they told me he was fine and had gone back out on the ranch. I decided to come back here to shower, change and catch up with him later. He did give me a scare though."

"Tell me about it," said Remmy. "I forgot to put spices and beans in my last batch of chilli. TheBean nearly had a fit. He went on about how he didnít like chilli after all."

"Did he pay you?" Maggie asked while shuffling through the closet for towels.

"Oh yeah," replied Remmy. "Check this out." Remmy pulled out a wad of money and handed it to Maggie.

"SlidingThrough said she would still pay you out of the kindness of her heart," Remmy said while laughing. "Your shareís in there too."

"Remind me to bring back her uniform," said Maggie. "That is one lady I donít want coming after me."

"Oh and she will too," Remmy said while once again laughing at Maggie.

* * *

Quinn, SouthernSlider and Dimension reached the stream. Quinn jumped out of the wagon while the others stayed.

"Weíll wait for you here," said SouthernSlider. "Quinn, remember, sheís been through a lot."

"I will," said Quinn. "Thank you for filling me in. Also, make sure I get a chance to thank BritSlider for all of his help."

SouthernSlider/Gillian smiled. "I sure will," she said. "Did you know that he and I are engaged? We are getting married in the spring after he gets that Psychology degree."

"Congratulations," replied Quinn. "Wish me luck. I hope I can get through to her."

SouthernSlider/Gillian had told Quinn the story the Kromaggs invading her world and how she and Wade found each other in the breeding camp. They escaped the Kromaggs with help from other Sliders. They had decided they were tired of Sliding and needed some stability to overcome what had happened to them. She explained how they changed their names to protect themselves even though they knew invasion would mean the end for them.

Quinn walked down to the edge of the stream. 1013shan/Wade was sitting with her feet touching the water. Tears streamed down her face as her mind wandered to Quinn and all the times they had shared, good and bad.

"You know," Quinn said while placing his hand gently on her shoulder. "When I found out you were taken by the Maggs all I could think of was that dinner we shared when we thought the world was going to end. I never thought Iíd see you again."

"Quinn?" Wade/1013shan asked. "How can you be my Quinn? The picture in your walletÖ.."

Quinn interrupted her. He gently lifted her up by her shoulders and turned her around to face him. "Wade, thatís my brother," he said.

"My Quinn doesnít have a brother," replied Wade.

"Yes, I do," said Quinn. "I didnít know about him. Itís a long story but I will take all the time you want me to in order to explain it."

Wade looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I donít know whom I can trust anymore," she said. "The Kromaggs were so good at making me think I was seeing what I wanted to see."

"I know," said Quinn. "What do want me to do? How can I prove to you who I am?"

"I was always stubborn when it came to listening to you," she said.

"Yeah," he replied. "Especially when you decided to play the lottery."

Wade/1013shan began to cry as Quinn grabbed her and hugged her. "It really is you," she said.

Part Nine [posted: 5/16/99]

HurriKain sat quietly as SL4ever began to tell the rest of his story. "Like I said, HurriKain is innocent," said SL4ever. "He didnít rob the bank. The man you just killed for the bounty was the only one involved. I fabricated the rest. Grim Reaper gave me no choice."

"Well, looks like you have quite a few witnesses to this story," said BritSlider. "Come on deputy. I think itís time we all went to the Sheriff and told him the truth."

SL4ever agreed as long as BritSlider and HurriKain promised to help protect him from Grim Reaper. She had gotten her money so he hoped she would let him go.

"You can put down your gun now," said Colin. "No one is going to harm you."

HurriKain did as Colin asked. "Iím really sorry," he said. "I didnít mean to frighten anyone. I was just desperate. I knew you were after me and I didnít want to die for a crime I didnít commit."

"We understand," said Ann Fredericks. "I can see you had no choice. No one was harmed here."

"I really need to go and find my brother," said Colin. "Slider142, can you take me to him?"

"Of course," said Slider142. "Do you mind if we go now?"

"Go ahead," replied HurriKain. "I have enough witnesses here."

Colin kissed Ann Fredericks on the cheek and thanked her for dinner before he and Slider142 headed to the ranch. The others headed into town to see the Sheriff.

* * *

Relieved that Quinn was fine Remmy and Maggie decided to enjoy the rest of the night at the Saloon. Quinn had asked Dimension to get word to them that he wouldnít be back to town until the next day. He didnít want them to worry about him and he wasnít ready to tell them about Wade.

"Ok, Remmy," said Maggie. "No more gambling. You know these girls can beat you."

"I promise," said Remmy. "Letís have some drinks and relax."

When they entered the Saloon spaz119 was up at the bar kissing Jaguar71. Kelz51 and StarSekr1 were up on stage singing.

"Hey, they sound pretty good," said Remmy. "Iíll think Iíll ask if I can join them. What about you Maggie?"

"Oh, I think Iíll sit this one out," replied Maggie.

Remmy went up onstage and joined the ladies. The crowd at the Saloon loved him.

"You should stay on as a singer," replied Kelz51. "I canít believe we sent you over to the café to work."

"Hey thatís ok," said Remmy. "Iím a jack of all trades. You wouldnít believe some of the stuff Iíve done."

* * *

Quinn and Wade sat together on the fence of the corral. They had both been silent during their ride back to the ranch house. It was getting very late. The sky was beautiful and filled with stars. They both had so much to say to one another.

"What are thinking?" Quinn asked as he grabbed Wadeís hand and held it.

"That I canít believe we really found each other," she replied. "At first I wasnít sure if you were really my Quinn but the more we discussed our past the more sure I was that you had to be you."

"I know what you mean," said Quinn. "Having so many doubles does make things confusing."

"I hope no other Wade has to go through what Iíve been through," Wade said. "I wouldnít wish that on anyone."

"Iím so sorry Wade," replied Quinn. "If only I had waited to slide in the beginning. The Professor might still be alive and youÖÖyou wouldnít have had to go through all of that."

"But Quinn," she said, "I was home when they took me away. Sliding didnít do that."

"You donít know that for sure Wade," Quinn said. "Maybe they tracked us there."

"There is nothing you can do to change that now," said Wade. "I am just thankful we are together again."

"Me too," he replied squeezing her hand lightly. "I felt really lost without you. I donít want to let you out of my site again Wade."

As they were talking Colin and Slider142 rode up to the corral.

"Quinn," said Colin. "Are you alright?"

"Iím fine," said Quinn. "Where have you been? Hawk50 sent for you hours ago. I mean, I know you found a pretty new little lady, but I am your brother."

"Itís a long story," replied Colin. "Looks like you found a new friend too."

"No, an old friend," said Quinn. "Colin, this is Wade. Our Wade."

"I was hoping she was," said Colin. "I met her at Ann Frederickís house. I knew she looked familiar but I wasnít sure."

"Itís nice to meet you," said Wade. "Quinn has told me a lot about you."

Quinn asked Colin not to mention Wade to the others and told him that he wouldnít be back into town until morning. Colin agreed and headed back to town to find Maggie and Remmy.

"When do you slide?" Wade asked.

"You mean when do we slide," replied Quinn. "You are coming with us arenít you?"

"I donít know Quinn," replied Wade. "My family is gone now. What reason do I have to slide now? I love you guys but maybe you would be better off without me."

"Iíll give you one good reason," said Quinn. "If that one reason wonít get you to come then Iíll understand and respect your wishes."

Part Ten [posted: 5/16/99]

BritSlider and the rest of the group finally reached the sheriffís office. The place looked dark and deserted.

"Thatís odd," said SL4ever. "Sheriff Blinker never goes to sleep this early. I wonder where heís at?."

Deputy SL4ever unlocked the door and the group headed inside. SL4ever went upstairs to the Sheriffís room to see if he was there. As he knocked on the door he heard some rumbling inside.

"Blinker, are you there?" SL4ever asked. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes, Iíll be right there," said Blinker.

Sheriff Blinker opened the door. "Is something wrong?" Blinker asked. "Iím kind of busy right now."

Before SL4ever could apologise for interrupting ColinsGirl yelled out. "Is there a problem sweetie?" ColinsGirl asked.

"Itís alright," said Blinker. "It looks like I may have something to take care of right now. Iíll be back in a little while."

Sheriff Blinker followed SL4ever downstairs. SL4ever and the other men told Sheriff Blinker the story of Grim Reaper and what SL4ever had done. The Sheriff suspended SL4ever from his job for two weeks and told him he was not upset about what had happened with spaz119. Having found a new love he was now over her. He also advised SL4ever that he would have to pay HurriKain half of his salary for six months as compensation for what he had done to him.

"What are you going to do about Grim Reaper?" BritSlider asked.

"She is guilty of blackmail you know?"

"Iím not going to do anything," replied Blinker. "That is one lady I donít want to cross."

* * *

Colin found Remmy and Maggie and joined them at the Saloon. He told them all about his experience at Ann Fredericksí house and they shared their café story.

"I canít believe we still have three more days here," said Colin. "At least Iíll get to see Ann again before we leave."

"I see she got to ya Farmboy," said Remmy. "I knew she would."

Colin smiled at Remmy. :Well, there is just something really special about her," he said. "Too bad we have to leave."

* * *

Meanwhile back at the ranch Quinn had given Wade the one reason she couldnít say no to. She agreed to go with him.

"Come on Wade," said Quinn. "Letís go find the others. Remmy is going to kill me for keeping you a secret this long."

Wade smiled at him and reached up to kiss him. He held her tightly. "Iím never letting you go again Wade," he said.

"Me either," she said. "Come on, letís go."

Remmy couldnít believe his eyes when he saw Wade.

"Oh Wade," said Remmy. "I am so sorry. I tried to protect you butÖ."

Wade stopped Remmy. "It wasnít your fault," she replied. "You couldnít have saved me."

The group went back to the Chandler boarding house. SupremeTrekker set up a separate room for Wade so she wouldnít have to ride all the way back to her house. They all talked late into the night before Quinn made his big announcement.

"Wade is coming with us," said Quinn. "I talked her into sliding again."

"Iím glad," replied Remmy. "I sure missed you girl."

"There is one more thing," said Quinn. "She wasnít sure if she wanted to slide again. I gave her one reason that she couldnít say no to."

"Oh yeah?" Maggie asked. "What was that?"

"I asked her to marry me," said Quinn. "We are getting married before we slide."

Maggie looked shocked. Remmy and Colin hugged them both and congratulated them.

"I knew you would someday Q-ball," said Remmy. "For awhile there I wasnít sure but I know this is the right thing."

* * *

The sky was baby blue. The day was warm and sunny. (Ok, I'm not that good at descriptives) Preacher QBall79 helped SlidingThrough and TheBean set up the food for the reception before heading to the church.

Wade had chosen SouthernSlider/Gillian to be her maid of honour and Quinn asked Colin to be his best man. Remmy was asked to give the bride away.

As Preacher QBall79 began the ceremony Quinnís mind wondered back to the first time they slid. He then remembered all of the times he and Wade had shared. He never dreamed it would all lead up to this moment. She had never looked so beautiful to him. This was his second chance and he wasnít going to lose her this time. He loved her. He finally got the chance to show her just how much.

As they said their vows they both had tears in their eyes. Neither one of them had been this happy in a long time. Sliding had taken its toll on them but somehow this moment seemed to wash it all away.

"You may now kiss the bride," said QBall79.

Quinn raised Wadeís veil and kissed her gently. They smiled at each other and then turned to the wedding guests.

"I now give you Mr. and Mrs. Quinn Mallory," said QBall79.

The guests all clapped as Quinn and Wade ran down the isle. Maggie was trying hard to be happy for the couple.

Everyone in town was at the reception.

"Come on 1013shan/Wade," said SouthernSlider/Gillian. "Itís time for you to throw the bouquet."

All of the single ladies including spaz119, Kelz51, StarSekr1 and Ann Fredericks lined up to try to catch it.

As Wade threw the bouquet over her shoulder she heard a loud thud behind her and quickly turned around.

"OW!" Ann Fredericks yelled.

Spaz119 had literally knocked Ann Fredericks and Maggie down to the ground in her quest to catch the bouquet. She was successful!

The rest of the guests laughed.

Colin walked over and helped Ann Fredericks up. "I wish I didnít have to leave," he said.

"I will miss you but I do understand," she replied.

"Come on guys," said Remmy. "We only have one minute until we slide."

Colin kissed Ann Fredericks and Wade said goodbye to all of her friends.

"I want to thank all of you," said Wade. "Iíll never forget any of you."

Remmy opened the vortex. "Come on Wade, "said Quinn while grabbing her hand. "We have a whole new life to begin now."


Epilogue: [not posted at the bboard!]

Following the wedding, the Sliders found themselves in a world very close to their own home world. If not for a few subtle changes they would have thought they were home. They had five days on this world so Quinn and Wade decided to make the most of it and enjoy the opportunity to spend some time alone.

Wade was still wearing her wedding dress when they walked down to the beach. Wade hiked her dress up to her waist and handed Quinn her shoes to carry. Quinn smiled at her as she grabbed his other hand and held it tight.

"You could go and change if you like," said Quinn. "Iíll wait. Iím not going anywhere you know?"

"I know," said Wade. "Itís just that I canít exactly carry this dress with me so I want to wear it as long as I can. A girl only gets one wedding if she is lucky."

"Oh, youíre only going to get one wedding," replied Quinn. "Well, maybe we can renew our vows when we hit twenty-five years but I am the only man you will marry."

Wade smiled as she reached up and kissed him. "I love you Quinn," she said.

"I love you too," Quinn replied. "I am so thankful we found each other again."

Quinn and Wade continued to walk along the coastline. It was late. The moon was the only light they had to guide them as it shinned brightly on the water. When they reached a group of large rocks they sat down to rest awhile.

Quinn reached over and pulled Wade to him. As he held her in his arms she began to shiver. "Are you alright?" Quinn asked. "Are you cold?"

"No, not cold," said Wade. "Iíve just never felt so alive in my life. I canít believe we are here and we are really married. Itís like a dream."

"Quinn moved his hand along her arm and down to her fingers. He playfully twisted the wedding ring on her finger. "Well," he said. "I think this is proof that itís real. Do you want more proof?"

"What more proof do you have?" Wade asked.

Before she could say another word Quinn pulled her toward him and kissed her more passionately than she had ever been kissed before. She felt herself spinning. She grabbed him tightly and didnít want to let go.

Suddenly, she pulled back from him. Quinn looked confused and concerned. "Whatís wrong?" Quinn asked. "Are you sure youíre ok?"

"Iím fine but there is something I need to tell you," she said. "Something about the Kromagg breeding campÖ.."

"Shhhh," he said while placing his fingers on her lips. "You donít have to say anything."

"Quinn," she replied. "You donít understand. I need for you to know this."

Quinnís eyes began to water. "Wade please," he said. "Not now."

"Oh Quinn," she replied. "Itís alright. You see, finding Gillian at the camp was the best thing that could have happened to me. They were intrigued with her gift. She protected me. I just wanted you to know that they never touched me."

Quinnís face lit up. He felt like a huge burden had been lifted from his soul. The thought of what she had been through had been painful for him.

"Thank God," he replied. "I guess I owe Gillian for more than I thought."

Quinn pulled Wade back to him and held her tightly. "I love you Wade," he said. "This is going to be a night we will never forget."

"I know," she whispered.

Suddenly Wade began to laugh as she jumped up into Quinnís arms, pushing him to the ground.

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