Way Out West

This episode first aired in the UK on 31st August 1998 on Sky 1.

Writer: Story by Jerry O'Connell, teleplay by Chris Black
Director:David Peckinpah
Guests:Reiner Schone (Kolitar), Marshall Teague, Karen Austin (Ellie), Courtney Earlywine (Ellie's Mother), Burton Giliam, Jay Acovone (Ben Siegel)
* The Kromaggs are a race of sliding maurauders who conquer any human owned world they come across, or at least, strips it of its resources.
* In Slidecage, when the Sliders tried to reach Quinn and Colin's homeworld, they were shuntedinto the 'Slidecage.' In the Slidecage were groups of Humans and Kromaggs who were warring, not being able to get out of the Slidecage. The leader of the Kromaggs was a Commander named Kolitar. At The end of the episode, Quinn rigged the Slidecage mechanism to return all its inhabitants to their previous world.
Additional Notes:
* Kromagg episode #8
* The lettering showing the credits is in a western style font instead of the usual Sliders font.
* Marshall Teague also played General Kronus in The Dying Fields.
The Sliders exit the wormhole in a hot place. They came from a cold world. Colin lands in a tree. 5 days until the next slide. They are not near a town or settlement and they are all very thirsty. Colin sees a carriage coming and they hitch a ride bt making up a story about their horses running off. Remmy and Colin ride on top, while Quinna nd Maggie ride inside the carriage with the other passengers. One of the passengers is called Ben and he sems to like Maggie a lot. They are in "Mr. K"'s country. Mr. K is a gangster and he and his gang shoot at the carriage. colin is given a gun by the driver and is told to shoot back, but whilst doing so, he is hit and flies of the carriage. The driver won't stop to pick him up and he orders Rembrandt to throw off one of the boxes so they can go faster. Mr K leaves Colin (he probably thinks he's dead) and seems more interested in the box.

The other three Sliders get into town without any further incident. This world seems to have a slower technological development than Earth Prime and is in a "western" era. They go to the sheriffs office, but he isn't interested in helping because Mr K is involved.

Colin wakes up and is rescued by someone.

Quinn, Rembrandt and Maggie go to hire horses. The sheriff also owns the horses and a saloon-club thing. He won't accept their paper money (notes) because they're not used here, but he will lend them the horses if Maggie will sing in his saloon-bar-club thingy. Eventually she agrees, but she is not happy. She goes to change. At the bar, she sees Ben again and she has a drink before the Sheriff sees her and tells her to go and sing.

Quinn and Rembrandt go out to where Colin was lost, but all they find is his shirt.

Colin was rescued by a girl from a ranch named Ellie. Her father was killed by Mr. K. She took Colin to the ranch owned by her and her mother.

Mr. K arrives at the saloon and everything stops. He goes to the sheriff's office. Maggie takes a quick break and follows them. She listens at the door. Ben and the Sheriff are in league with Mr K, but Ben doesn't like being involved with gangsters. He just wants the land so he can build casinos and he'd rather gangsters weren't used to throw people off their land. Maggie is seen by Mr. K and he drags her inside. She recognises him as Kolitar from the Slidecage, but he doesn't quite recognise her. Maggie gets out of the mess by saying she was looking for her boss so she could freashen up.

At the ranch, Colin just about manages to get up, despite being told by Ellie's mother that he shouldn't just yet.

Quinn and Rembrandt return and meet Maggie. They tell her about Colin's shirt and she tells them about Kolitar.

At the ranch, Kolitar turns up to collect a debt left by Ellie's father. He takes Ellie hostage to get the land. Ellie's mother is about to give in, but Colin comes out with Ellie's father's gun and shoots one of Kolitars men and the gun out of the hand of another. Kolitar recognises Colin and then goes away. Colin collapses.

Kolitar remembers who Maggie is and tells the sheriff. He thinks they are after him.

At the saloon, Ben wants Maggie to have a drink with him. She agrees and they start talking. Quinn comes in, looking very strange. He talks to a local guy. Maggie finds out that they are in Las Vegas, Nevada and Ben is the grandson of Bugsy Siegel. Quinn shouts, claiming he's being cheated and then shoots a man in cold blood and walks out. Outside, Quinn morphs into Kolitar.

A little later, Maggie runs up to Quinn and Rembrandt and tells them what happened. They go into the barn and they are confronted by the Sheriff and his men. All are to be arrested (Maggie and Rembrandt for aiding and abetting), but Maggie knees the Sheriff in the balls and gets away. Quinn and Rembrandt are locked up.

At the ranch, Ellie takes her father's gun and sets off for the town.

Quinn and Rembrandt are sentanced to hang. When they try to plead their innocence, the Sheriff doesn't believe them.

Maggie goes to steal a horse to find Colin, but is caught by Ben, who holds a gun on her.

Quinn and Rembrandt plan to use stuff they've seen in western films to escape.

Bendoesn't intend to turn Maggie in; It's his horse she's stealing. He agrees to help her and gives her a gun. He has an idea where Colin is because he heard Kolitar talking about it. He takes her there on his horse.

Quinn and Rembrandt implement their plan, but Kolitar has seen the same movie and he foils them. They try to explain to Kolitar that they didn't follow him there, but he doesn't believe them. Quinn tries to do a deal with Kolitar, but Kolitar won't agree.

Colin is about to go to town when Maggie arrives. They both want to go back and help Quinn and Remmy, so Colin asks for Ellie's father's gun, but it's not there - Ellie has it!

Ellie tries to give the gun to Quinn through the cell window, but Kolitar catches her and takes the gun from her as well as taking her hostage.

Quinn and Rembrandt are taken out to hang. The cart underneath the goes and they're in mid-air as Colin arrives and shoots them down. A breif gunfight starts and finishes. The sheriff tries to arrest them again, but Maggie and Ben both pull their guns on him. Kolitar has Ellie hostage and wants to swap her for the Slider's timer. They agree for the moment. Kolitar challenges Colin to a shoot-out becasue no human gets away with holdng a gun on him an lives.

This is where my video ran out (I was on holiday) so I had to rely on other sources for the ending. Thanx go to "charlie4ever" at the bboard for the ending.

Both Colin and Kolitar shoot and Kolitar holds his shoulder as he falls. Colin is fine. Ben arrests the Sheriff and says he will still build a casino here. It turns out that the ranch owners would move off their land for a cut in the casino's takings. The Sliders slide out.

Did You Notice?
* On Colin's prom night, He got separated from the wagon train, one of the horses got snake-bitten and the others ran off because his friend (or himself) forgot to hobble them. At least, that's what he says, give or take a bit.
* References to the lingo: (it's not all accurate - I can't read my notes anymore!)
1) Quinn (I think) says "rustle" and a discussion ensues (I think)
2) Rembrandt says something about the language being catchy.
3) Quinn says the Sheriff's too "yella" and an arguement starts because when Maggie and Remmy pick up on it, he claims he didn't say it.
4) Remmy uses some of the lingo to describe the grits.
5) Kolitar uses that well-known phrase, "this town ain't big enough for the both of us!"
6) Kolitar uses the lingo to describe how angry he is with the Sliders and then apologises, it was just cos it was catchy. * The sheriff gives horses, tack, clothes, Maggie's room and board and Maggie's pay (and lets her keep tips etc.) all for Maggie singing in the saloon every evening and a couple of matinees.
* Maggie sings "Camptown Races (sp?)," "Tight Pants," and, "YMCA." * Maggie must already know "Camptown races" as she doesn't need the words for the entire song.
* Ben Siegel doesn't like his heritage.
*Quinn and Rembrandt got their plan from, "the man who shot....(?)"
* In Maggie's right stocking is the gun, in the left, the Timer.
Cool Quotes:

There were others in this episode, but quite often, I wasn't quite sure of what they were saying so I've left the funny accent ones out mostly.
"I hate the cold!" - Maggie after being on cold world
"Does anyone see a water fountain?" - Quinn
"Thank you. You've been a terrific help(!)" - Quinn (sarcastically) to the sheriff
"I don't suppose you know any Madonna?" - Maggie to her pianist
"Looks like the songbird got outta her cage." - Kolitar
"Ever see a real toothbrush before?" - Maggie to Kolitar
"No, Kolitar the Care Bear(!)" - Maggie to Quinn when he asks if she means Kolitar the Kromagg
"Talk about the good, the bad and the really ugly." - Rembrandt about Kolitar
"Killing is nothing to be proud of." - Colin
"Tweet, tweet." - Maggie the 'Songbird'
"Oh that hurts!" - The Sheriff after Maggie's kneed him in the balls
"Y'know, you're really getting on my nerves." - Rembrandt to the harmonica player outside the cell window
"We have the advantage here." - Quinn to Rembrnadt whilst in a cell in preperation for hanging
"Why do you Humans do anything?" - Kolitar (Why do we?)
"...but this town ain't big enough for the both of us. I love saying that!" - Kolitar to Quinn
"This sucks." - Quinn last words before the hanging
"Is everyone okay?" - Colin
"Whadda you think? We were just hung!" - Rembrandt

* Again, I don't know much about Amish culture, but would Colin have had a prom night there?.
* Why would Ellie leave Colin's shirt behind, especially if he was wearing it at the time.
* Colin didn't come off that near to the box, even though Quinn says he did. After Colin had fallen off, they travelled a little way before Remmy threw the box off the roof. This is similar to a mistake in Asylum.
* What was Kolitar doing on that world before he went to the Slidecage? There are no other 'Maggs and no sign of them ever being there, let alone occupying or raiding it which is what Kromaggs usually do to a world.
* How did the pianist know "YMCA" and "Tight Pants"?
* When Kolitar stops Ellie giving the gun to Quinn, as they move away, Quinn's face is still visible. When the camera is behind Ellie, Quinn's face is in the shadow, yet when they show a close-up of Quinn's face, it's in the light. I guess this was due to different filming times.

My Opinion:
All I can really say about this is: WOW. Okay, so it had a few pedictable moments and stuff, but I thought it was a brilliant, entertaining and interesting episode. I was a little suspicious of a story coming from Jerry O'Connell to begin with (though I'm not sure why since he went to NYU Film and studied hour-long format script writing or something as part of his course) but I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it was. I loved the way the non-native characters began to pick up the lingo after not very long; This is the sort of thing that happens to me when I go to visit my cousins in Northern Ireland, well I pick up the accent. I also liked the way they brought in stuff they'd seen in westerns, and then how Kolitar knew what they did because he'd seen the same film. This episode also allowed Colin to come to the fore a bit more. Out from Quinn's shadow, we get to see more of the character. To my English eyes, this world was more similar to his than any other they'd been to recently, which also gave him an edge. I especially liked the western font type at the beginning instead of the usual Sliders font, which I thought helped make the world more accesible from the beginning. As to Maggie's singing, Kari did a good job (though how the pianist knew the songs I don't know) and few of the songs are traditionally western (there's stuff like "YMCA" and "Tight Pants"). I did think it was odd though how she was getting really nervous before and then, instantly, she knows all the words and she's really confident. I know it could happen, but it didn't take very long at all. As for bringing back Kolitar, they were bound to run into him at some point, though I don't see why he was there before going to the Slidecage. Kolitar's paranoia was well written and completely plausible. Unfortunately, I ran out of tape after Kolitar challenged Colin to a gunfight so I can't say anything about the ending yet. Once again, it was a brilliant episode.

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