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Alternate Earth 117 is sponsored by . This is itself a gateway to several sites about Sliders, maintained by several people, each with it's own unique style. Check out the gateway page and view the others for yourself! There's official sites, Alternate Season Sixes and general fan sites!

Official Sites:

The Sci-Fi Channel's Sliders Site
The major official site from the station which airs Slider in the US with various forms of multimedia available for viewing.

Universal's Sliders Site
Universal produces the show and though there is not as much info and stuff as the SFC website, it's a must visit.

Cleavant Derricks' website

. Here you can interact, view and hear parts of his new CD available only on the internet and more. Every Sliders fan should stop by and pay a visit.

Alternate Season Sixes
With the cancellation of Sliders and the possible movie still up in the air, many have tried their hand at their own versions. Check a few of them out and see what you think.

Earth 71999
Also a member of the family, it is written primarily by Sliders community stallwart QBall79 with the assisstance of other well known members.

Sliderschicks Season 6: Full Circle

A group of gals plus a love of Sliders give such a project as this. The gender balance (all female) gives a unique perspective on a possible season without being mush full.

Slidemania's Season 6
An all new character with the season 5 cast makes an interesting balance in this entirely unique season.

Fogboy's Unofficial Season Six

This season is regularly updated, worth a look see!

Sliders: The New Series

Maybe this doesn't quite fit here, but it can go here anyway :-)

Fans' Sites:
They usually have more interesting stuff than the official ones!!!! :-)

The Dimension of Continuity

If you want to know everything about the show that is Sliders, this is definitely the place to go. At this site there are umpteen exclusive items, including close up pictures and descriptions of the original timer, outtakes from scripts, press packs and much more. If you haven't been here, then where HAVE you been? :-)

Probably one of the best designed Sliders websites around, this has comprehensive guides and all kinds of other things.

Earth 62

Steve's website with huge picture galleries so if it's that you're after, then this is the place! Much more as well.

Gate Haven

Definitely one of the funniest Sliders web pages around. Blinker maintains the "Caption this!" Archive Gallery, several stories, much humour and more!

Sliders: The Conspiracy Theories

Here's some things to get you brain thinking! Which Arturo really did Slide?

The Otherworlds
This is THE best source of alternate fanfiction on Sliders. There are many variations along many different lines, but the most prolific remains Chaser9's "Earth 374"

Mychand's Sliders Page

Mychand from the Dominion Sliders board and her webpage which is as much dedicated to friendship as it is to Sliders :-) Want to know what someone looks like? Go here!

Ruth's Sliders Page
This UK viewer generously allowed everyone else to view pictures from the 'Final Four' when it aired first in the UK. Such generosity should be rewarded with hits! :-)

Sliders: A World Beyond

How about a change, this is made by an Icelandic fan of Sliders. Don't worry though, it's all in English :-)

Mr. T Vs. The Sliders!
Donner's hilarious saga in which the fictional 'Mr. 'T'' takes on Each of the Sliders (plus Peckerhead) in turn. Oh, I couldn't stop laughing! :-)

Vigeant's Sliders Site
Want some insanity? Here ya go. More than just mildly insane, this is maintained by Vigeant of the USA board.

Sliders Central

Sliders Central and his webpage. A good archive here.

Unofficial Australian Website

Every country needs it's own unofficial Sliders website, this is Australia's!

Dimension Jump Slider Paul's website is well designed with a fair amount of infor and a LOT of research! :-)

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