Season 5 Short Guide

This is what it says, A short guide, so I will try to keep it short.

For complete episode synopsises (????) see individual episodes under Long Guide at season 5 overview .

The Unstuck Man
Rembrandt and Maggie discover an evil genius has conspired to save himself by involving the Sliders in his selfish, deadly scheme and Colin and Quinn bear the brunt of these effects.

Applied Physics
Diana encounters her double, who seems to have made all the wrong choices, while a painful struggle takes place within Mallory as violent flashbacks from Quinn's life begin to torture his body.

Strangers and Comrades
A hidden bounty in a bunker may hold the key to freedom in the war between the Kromaggs and Earth. But what is in the bunker? And can the 'Maggs and Humans trust each other enough to find out?

The Great Work
The Sliders help a monastery safeguard records which chronicle their civilization -- as well as the means to defeat a vicious race of warriors intent on destroying their way of life.

New Gods For Old
When Mallory is accidentally paralyzed, his only salvation is a communal group of spiritual healers with amazing results.

Please Press One
Maggie is kidnapped by a corporate conglomerate that controls all food, shelter and clothing through individual data codes.

A Current Affair
Maggie is accused of having a steamy affair with the President in order to distract the public from a war with Switzerland -- a storyline sure to remind you of recent events in the Oval Office.

Java Jive
It's the Roaring Twenties and the Sliders confront Rembrandt's evil double, who is dealing in bootleg coffee.

Return of Maggie Beckett
Maggie is mistaken for her hugely successful but MIA astronaut double and is hunted by those who want to keep her dead.

Easy Slider
The Sliders may lose Mallory to the sexy leader of an outlaw biker gang.

Rembrant finally locates their long lost Sliders, Wade Welles who was lost to the Kromaggs.

Map of the Mind
Diana literally loses her mind in an Earth dimension where all artists are imprisoned and their brains surgically altered.

A Thousand Deaths
The Sliders try to save Maggie from a sadistic virtual reality Civil War where she is repeatedly killed, experiencing a very real "death" each time.

Heavy Metal
The Sliders must join the crew of a pirate ship to return to California before the timer runs out.

To Catch A Slider
When the timer malfunctions, the Sliders are forced to become cat burglars to steal a gem to fix the timer.

The Sliders find Los Angeles under a desert and Rembrant is worshipped as an ancient diety.

Eye of the Storm
The Sliders confront their nemesis, Dr. Geiger, who has created his own universe, supplied with innocent victims.

The Seer
The Sliders land on a world which strangely knows about all their adventures... and they're determined to keep them there.

Alternate Earth 117
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