Season 3 - Short Guide

This will be updated evey time BBC shows a new episode of Sliders or when Sky 1 shows a repeat.

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Rule of the Game
The Sliders unwittingly become involved in a game where the only way to win is to stay alive, and the only way to lose is to die.

Double Cross
The Sliders encounter Quinn's evil, female, sliding double on a world with a lack of energy resources.

Electric Twister Acid Test
On a world plagued by electrical tornados, the Sliders find a safe, secluded village ruled by a man with a terribe secret.

The Guardian
On a world where events are 12 years behind those on Earth Prime, Quinn seeks out his younger self in order to teach him to stand up for himself and therefore change his future.

The Dream Masters
Wade is controlled by a "Dream Master" who must be stopped before he kills her.

Desert Storm
The Slider rescue a water-priestess from a man in a world with little water, but hey find out that he is of her tribe and was trying to take her home to the Lost City of Aquarius, so they help him get her back from the man who stole her as a child.

On a world of Druids and wizards, Quinn is mistaken for a wizard and finds himself the target of a dark druid obsessed with obtaining an immortality.

The Fire Within
The Sliders accidently take a living flame with them to their next world - a gas reliant world.

The Prince Of Slides
In an America ruled by a monarchy, Rembrandt is mistaken for the King's double and it gets worse when he discovers men share in the pregnancy and his double's wife needs to transfer the child to him.

Dead Man Sliding
In a world where trials are decided by game shows, Quinn is arrested for murder.

State of the A.R.T.
A cyberneticist is seeking human subjects for his experiments transferring human brains and he just happens to find the sliders.

Season's Greedings
The Sliders find themselves trapped in a huge shopping mall trying to pay off debts.

Murder Most Foul
Arturo is brainwashed into thinking's he's a great 19th century detective, only real murders begin to occur and they seem to be aimed at Wade!

Slide Like an Egyptian
In a dimension ruled by the rituals of ancient egypt, Quinn becomes the subject of an experiment to see if there is life after death.

Paradise Lost
The Sliders land in a town inappropriately called Paradise, where they come to the aid of a geologist.

The Exodus (part 1)
The Sliders land in a world due to be destroyed by pulsars before they leave and their only chance of survival is to help one of the natives develop sliding.

The Exodus (part 2)
Quinn and Maggie must find a suitable world for the survivors to live in and Wade must decide who lives and dies.

Sole Survivors
The team visits a nightmare world populated by zombies. Quinn gets bitten and starts to transform.

The Breeder
A creature stowed away in Maggie's body attempts to reproduce itself. Unfortunately, as it does so, it wreaks havoc on that world.

The Last of Eden
After falling into a hole in the ground which an earthquake oened, Wade discovers a hidden underground city populated by strange creatures. The locals above ground are forbidden to go there, but the others must work with a local to find Wade in time for the slide.

The Other Slide of Darkness
The Sliders track Rickman to a world with a deadly fog, however, Rickman isn't the only old friend they find there.

While on holiday, Quinn and Rembrant encounter a deadly breed of snake - ones who have intelligence! Meanwhile, Wade and Maggie have to try to get along when they try to find them.

The Sliders track Rickman back to "New Pulsar World" and find that the area is populated by dinosaurs.

The Sliders track Rickman to a world where vampires really exist, and a vampire rock band targets Wade.

This Slide of Paradise
On a world where LA is split into small islands, the Sliders encounter a scientist creating human-animal crossbreeds and at the same time must get to Rickman before he slides.

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