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Into The Mystic
After Quinn is shot (see season1's Luck of the Draw) hte rest of the Sliders must find a way to help him on a world of mystics and witchdoctors. When a witchdoctor claims Quinn's brain as payment, the Sliders must find the only person who can help them; The Sorcerer.

Love Gods The Sliders land on a world where most men were wiped out by a plague which attacked the y chromosome and now the remaining men are held in prisons and used as breeders in order to re-populate the country. The main super-powers are now the USA and Australia and they are in competition Quinn, Rembrandt and Arturo are spotted and mistaken for breeders escaping from the Australian breeding camps. Wade must join with another woman to break them out.

Gillian of the Spirits
When the vortex is struck by lightning, Quinn is seperated from the others and trapped on the Astral Plane. His only hope to contact the others lies in a young girl with a unique ability.

The Good, The Bad and The Wealthy
The Sliders enter a world where lawyers are gunslingers and business deals are made over gunfights and poker games. Quinn interferes in a deal and shoots a man. Instead of being arrested, he is recruited by a rival company as a gunslinger.

El Sid
The Sliders land in a world where San Francisco is a big prison facility and with them are two people, a young girl and a menacing man who travelled with them from the previous world. The main problem is, a big earthquake will hit San Fransisco soon.

Time and Again World
Two worlds the Sliders land on in sucession seem to mirror events and on the second world, Wade uses this knowledge to stop a murder. However, they end up being drawn into a plot to keep the true America from Americans and to keep in place a restrictive state.

In Dino Veritas
The Sliders land in a San Fransisco which is used as a park for the endangered dinosaurs. The Sliders lose the timer in the park and must return to find it without being trampled.

Post-Tramatic Slide Syndrome
Rembrandt describes to a psychiatrist how the last world they landed on was almost identical to home and they all thought they were home except Quinn who spent his time trying to persuade them that they weren't.

In a world where psychics are revered, Wade is courted by one at the same time as suffering terrible dreams which seem to be revealing a past life with him.

The Sliders slide into the middle of a ganster-like wedding merger where gangsters rule the country and Rembrandt is recognised as the leader of the incorruptibles, the legendary crime fighters.

The Young and the Relentless
The Sliders land in an estate which belongs to an alternate Quinn and Wade, and find that the alternate Quinn has been murdered. On a world where people over 30 are treated as old, Arturo and Rembrandt have to cope with being treated as second class citizens and Quinn takes on his double's role and with Wade's help searches for his double's killer.

After accidently shooting down a warship with the timer, the Sliders encounter the Kromaggs, an alternate race from another world who seem intent on enslaving all humanity on all the alternate worlds.

As Time Goes By
Quinn meets up with an old-love on a world where the Spanish won the Spanish-American war. He looks her up on the next world and helps her out of an abusive relationship. On the next slide, time seems to be going backwards and he finds himself on trial for Daelin's murder.

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