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The Premiere (Pilot)
Genius physics student Quinn Mallory discovers a way to travel through dimensions and he goes through with Professor Arturo, his friend Wade Welles and an innocent by-stander, Rembrandt Brown. Only, something goes wrong and they can't return home.

In a world with no penicillin, a disease runs rampant. The plague was apparently released to the general public by Quinn's double and Wade becomes ill.

Last Days
An asteroid is about to hit the world the sliders are on before the next slide. This world's only hope is for Arturo and a native, Bennish, to build an atom bomb to destoy it.

The Prince of Wails
The US is a monarchy on this world, a monarchy about to be overthrown.

The Summer of Love
When the Sliders are forced to open the vortex early, they are seperated on the next slide. Wade and Rembrandt end up in a hippie commune and Quinn and Arturo must fix the timer before the next slide and before anyone else finds out about it.

On this world, intellects are revered like athletes on Earth Prime. Quinn's double is a college "mindgame" player who's been throwing games, evading taxes and creating depths. Arturo's double was married, but is now divorced due to his wandering eye.

The Weaker Sex
On a world where women took over the world when they got sick of men fighting and men are considered the weaker sex, Arturo attempts to change things by him, a man, running for mayor.

The King is Back
Rembrandt's dreams come true on a world where his double is as popular Elvis on Earth Prime. However, it seems Rembrandt's double faked his death when the pressure got too much.

The Luck of the Draw
Wade wins the lottery, only on this world, the lottery is a pleasurable death used to control the population.

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