The Seer

This episode first aired in the UK on Sky 1, 29th December 1999 and in the US on 4th February 2000.

The 88th and final episode of the TV show Sliders, ending it's fifth season, the show screwed around most by networks and those in control of it :-(

[The Seer] Writer: Keith Damron
Director: Paul Cajero
Guests: Roy Dotrice (The Seer), Jennifer Hetrick (Claire), Linda Henning (Mrs. Mallory), Josh Adell (Vernon), Sarah Chapman (Lisa)
* the Sliders are trying to reach Remmy's world to get rid of the 'Maggs.
* Dr. Geiger gave them the co-ordinates for Diana and Mallory's homeworld in Eye of the Storm.
* Quinn's mother was held in a Kromagg prison in Season 4's opener Genesis.
* The jewel that does something in the timer, was replaced in To Catch A Slider.
Additional Notes
* Originally a spectacular finish for the show was planned, but in the end they went with this. Ick.
* Roy Dotrice has had quite a distinguished acting career, and appeared in the Sliders season 4 episode Data World as Archibal Chandler.
* Jennifer Hetrick has also had a fairly distinguished career, perhaps most noted amoung genre fans for Vash in Star Trek: TNG and DS9.She also appeared in the Season 1 episod, 'The Weaker Sex.
* Linda Henning has played this part in several other Sliders including 'The Pilot' and Genesis.

The Sliders are sitting in a cafe. They talk about going home, which they are about to do. There is 'awful' food on this world, which Maggie eats and the others (well Diana and Mallory) appear to avoid. Remmy laments not finding anything to take back to help stop the 'Maggs. They Slide

Arrive inside a building, and when they exit, they are greeting to a sea of welcome signs at the bottom of the steps. This world knew they were coming, thanks to a man introduced the them as Marc Le Beau, The Seer. It turns out he can see them through some psychic connection. They are taken to a room, one of The Seer's, and they see the paintings he has done of them, which look to be pretty accurate. There appear to be other types of merchandising, such as action figures as well. He didn't bring them here, but he did know they would be coming. A few years back, Marc had a massive heart attack and he wasn't expected to survive. But he started to see visions of the Sliders and after a while realised they were not hallucinations, but real events. It was that that gave this world the courage to fight the Kromagg's with a synthesized virus when they came. However, he also tells them they the minute they emerge from their next slide since he can also sometimes see slightly into the future. He forsaw the deaths of Arturo and Wade and believes he is never wrong and he encourages them to stay here where they are welcome.

A TV show of Sliders: Diana is played (badly) by her double. The others are played by other actors. It's of Diana, Remmy, Maggie and Mallory, with Arturo also joining them at the end. The theme and intro play, and the real Sliders discuss it. This episode was "Arturo's Return - Tonight the beloved character is back by popular demand." The sliders then slag off the fans of the shows.

The Sliders enter a nice hotel suite which is obviously their's. Flowers and other gifts for them. They talk; Remmy wants to go back on his own, so as to save the rest of them, who he sees as family. They, on the otherhand, disagree.

They then arrive at a posh reception thingy at the center... with Diana wearing a dress which was a gift from a fan. Maggie and Rembrandt meet their doubles, but Maggie is mean to hers and stalks of, leaving her double crying. There was never a Quinn Mallory on this world. They also meet the head of the '4S Club', Vernon Peckinpah. They asl Claire about the virus, but before she can answer, they are interrupted by Mrs. Mallory - not just any Mrs. Mallory, but the one from Earth Prime. She gets upset when talking to Mallory and is taken away. The Sliders still want to find out about the virus, so they ask again. Unfortunately, the virus is kept in components because of it's short shelf life, even though airborn, and it would take 2 days to incubate, much more time than they have here.

Later on at the same function, the Seer addresses people and tells them of the founding of 'Slidology' (something to do with ideaology) and that the Sldiers will stay here and be part of that. However, the Sliders have not been consulted about this. When asked to say a few words, Remmy says, "Thank you... good night" and the four disappear off to their suite. Mr's Mallory follows them up, and Maggie asks to speak with ehr alone, having become close friends in the 'bubble' world in Roads Taken. She let' her know that in a way, Quinn is still living on, even if Mallory denies it.

Remmy, Diana and Mallory watch some people outside holding banners asking to stay, and also some 'hired goons' in a black car who look suspicious. Maggie returns to them, having left Mrs. Mallory sleeping. 30 minutes until the slide. The goons have disappeared and they begin to worry about being followed, so they find a way out back to Slide from there.

When the time actually comes to Slide, there is a problem. Soemthing has 'capped' the vortex, a kind of forcefield which make it impossible for them to get through. And now the timer says 3 days instead of the 29.7 years it should be. They decide MArc may be responsible, so they go talk to him.

They ask him to turn off the forcefield, but he doesn't know anything about it. He admits it would be beneficial, but he is dying so there would be little point in him doing it. The movement though, is in debt. Clair may know something.

Diana and Mallory go to find Claire, which Remmy and Maggie head to the 4S Club to talk to Vernon. The 4S Club play a Sliders trivia game.

The Seer sees a vision of Remmy and Maggie at the 4S Club, talking. They reveal that they are still leaving and that they need to get the virus before they go. The only way Vernon and the crew can come up with is to use Nubsy's diabetic needles to extract one of their's blood to use since they all carry it in their blood streams. He hands the thing of blood to Remmy... now it can be synthesised.

Diana and Mallory return to the suite, not having found Claire. Mallory goes to check on Mrs. Mallory while Diana takes a look at the timer, only when Mallory opens the door he discovered two guys attacking Mrs. Mallory. A fight ensues. Diana is downed and Mallory puts up a good fight, but before he can get this guy, thenonly one left, the man smashes the timer with a lamp. It's very dead... sparks and everything. They help Mrs. Mallory up. She thinks it's her fault. It was Claire's people, not fans who attacked them. Claire and Mrs. Mallory were together in a work camp during the Kromagg occupation. When the 'Maggs left, Claire hoarded the leftover equipment and technology that she could get her hands on before the government returned to power. Mallory then talks to Mrs. Mallory alone and apologises and tells her that he does still feel connected to her in some way and also that Quinn does love her very much.

The timer is completely kaputt. No fixing it. But Claire might have something useful. Mrs. Mallory takes them to Claire's storage facility. Mallory (as usual) picks the lock to get in.

The Seer has another real-time vision of the Sliders entering the facility and talking. They go inside and the vision ends.

The Sliders find an old Kromagg Sliding device, and also the barrier over the vortex, which they shut down immediately. And then Claire arrives with her henchmen. She threatens that if they do not do what she wants, she's replace them with doubles (and concoct a cover story for Mallory) and have them tortured in an old Kromagg prison. (And we get the impression she's not joking) Marc then staggers in and shouts at Claire. When she orders one of her henchemen to take him away, the Sliders take the oppertunity to act and a fight ensues. Claire and the henchmen lose (of course). Diana tries to fix the Kromagg Sliding device while Maggie and Remmy take Claire and her buddies to be locked up. When they return, Marc has a heart, but all they have to gice him is asprin. More security are apparently on the way. AS he moves the medi-kit, Rembrandt sneaks a syringe away.

Diana gets the device working, but not properly. It's too badly damaged. However, they can put in co-ordinates and although it is a weak vortex, one person can go through. Remmy, Maggie and Mallory all think it should be them, but Rembrandt had already injected himself with the blood from Vernon. They say their tearful and emotional goodbyes and then Remmy jumps into the weak red vortex. As it closes, Maggie screams. None of them can accept the fact that Remmy may have died, and the hope is there that not all going may have saved his life by changing the possible future. They rush to Marc, hoping he can still see Remmy, but Marc has himself expired so they can't know.

"Now whadda we do?"

Did You Notice?
* Diana was eating some kind of seeded roll and Mallory what looked like cake.
* Diana would have previously liked a Nobel prize, now it just seems wrong.
* Mallory would rather have a hamock, blender and endless supply of mergherita's :-)
* Maggie eats a giraffe burger and drinks a pork soda.
* Signs saying 'Bring Wade Back,' 'Sliders Please Stay,' 'Rembrandt Rocks,' 'Maggie Marry Me,' and 'Mallory rules' are in evidence.
* Diana, at least, and probably the others too, has an action figure doll (that looks exactly like a Barbie)
* Wade Wells would appear to be dead.
* In the TV show, Arturo has the timer, and the others guns.
* The title of the show is 'The Sliders' and the title is on a while background and the font is the Sliders font.
* This episode was "Arturo's Return - Tonight the beloved character is back by popular demand." * The writers of Sliders appear to hate the fans. They diss us enough :-( * When they enter thier suite later, there are fruit baskets, roses, a marriage proposal for Maggie and a dress for Diana.
* Quinn Mallory does not exist on this world.
* Maggie's double, and I think Remmy's too, use their status as doubles for personal appearances.
* Maggie makes her double cry.
* The 4S club is 'The Seer's Students for Sliders Society.'
* There is a guy named Dial somewhere, but I'm not sure what he does.
* The head of this branch of the 4S club is one Vernon Peckinpah (spit)
* Maggie had an uncle who dies in a car accident and his organs were donated.
* The meal cost $1000 (each?)
* In the first UK showing, as Remmy reaches into his pocket for something, the lottery numbers come up at the bottom of the screen. Maybe he was checking his numbers :-)
* Vernon's card reads:
Vernon Peckinpah Tel: 555 3517
(swirly vortex type pic) El Segundo University
4S Club
47 Elm Street, El Segundo 90062.
* The 4S club in El Segundo we see are Vernon, Lisa, Nubsy and Schno (sp?)
* Nubsy is a diabetic.
* Claire and Mrs. Mallory were held in a Kromagg detention centre together.
* Pics the Seer has of the Sliders include scenes from: Easy Slider, The Unstuck Man, A Thousand Deaths, Return Of Maggie Beckett, and possibly Heavy Metal, and New Gods For Old plus others I couldn't identify.

Cool Quotes:

"From now on the expected is what you get, and the unexpected is just a memory" - Maggie, trying to get Mallory to eat weird food :-)
"Recommended by more moms and arms dealers than all other brands combined!" - Mallory about Maggie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"How's it going?" - Mallory's total address to the crowds
"Is this supposed to be ME??" - Diana about her 'action figure'
"I think it's a general pan-dimensional rule that all Diana Davis' should stick to science and stay out of showbiz." - Mallory after seeing the TV show
<Diana whacks Mallory with a cushion>
"They could have at least tried to be accurate; there were never five of us together at one time!" - Maggie on the TV show
"Some people have too much time on their hands." - The writer's talking out of their asses again. WE kept them in that job.
"Thank you, good night." - Rembrandt's entire speech when asked to speak at the reception
"Gotta be the saddest thing since they cancelled Star Trek." - Think the writer's are trying to imply again?
"You're right... you should have told us." - Remmy... trying to make Mrs. Mallory feel better.
"This is way too easy for you." - ? about Mallory picking locks.
"Looks like the Kromagg department at best by." - Remmy about the storage facility
"We'll concoct some cover story. I'll talk to the TV writers. They're hacks and will do anything for a buck." - Claire on her threat. She sure got THAT right.
"Now whadda we do?" - Mallory, the last line ever of the show

* Since when did Remmy give up on church?
* How did what appeared to be Mallory's PHOTO appear on posters? He didn't even have a double on this world.
* Didn't they lose Remmy's home co-ordinates when they had to change the crystal in To Catch A Slider? It said all co-ordinates were erased, and that was why Geiger gave then the co-ordinates of Diana and Mallory's home world in Eye of the Storm.
* If the Seer himself has plenty of money, why is the movement in debt? Wouldn't he give some money to it?
* So what happened to the extra timer from Dust? It appears to have disappeared since them and as far as we can tell, they took it with them when they left.

My Opinion:
Well, it finally came... and went. Er... what more to say? It sucked pretty much. The stupid, nasty, cruel ending to leave us on. This suck badly. And they were actually offessive to fans who tried to save the show. Bastards. And they KNEW this would be the last eppy. Hmph. Me no happy.

Well, here's the biggie. Was it any good? Ho hum. Weeeeeell, it started out okay, and quite fun, there were some cool bits, some really nasty lines, and the plot itself degenerated into a big mess in the middle. The beginning even. Of course, the lack of finish put me off a lot. The actors were fine, even very good in parts, it was just the plot and lack of end really. Oh and the nasty lines. Dp the writers hate us? They knew this would be the last, yet they ended like that as revenge. And they made jibes about us. Hmph.

What should I write about this? Well, I thought it started out okay, the common fanfic of fans Sliders slide into a world where there is a show of their exploits. I'm not dissing them, I've written one (though that was a bday pressie for spaz119). It makes you wonder if they nicked that idea. It wouldn't be hard. The banners were funny and cool 'Bring Back Wade' comes to mind 'Rembrandt Rocks'. Icky one - 'Marry Me Maggie'

There was a flashing light warning before this show. From the vortex? There's never been one before. I didn't notice any others. did I miss them? Did I blink?

I liked to see the posters and stuff, but why don't they actually merchandise some things? Grrr. What merchandise have I gotten hold of? Free posters from magazines (probably unlicensed or summat), the books... and er that's it. Oh and a signed JOC pic, but that's not really Sliders. They don't appear to sell the cards here.

And they actually diss us in the episode? What bastards!!!! They do THAT to the fans of the show? Some people may find it funny, but I just find it offensive. Yeah, some peopel are obsessive, but not all. They really need to start thinking about the fans! And they left us on that f-ing cliffhanger on purpose. Plech.

Some bits were okay. There was emotion in places, but the episode as a whole sucked badly. the plot was such a soggy mess that it held together about as well as... as... very soggy muesli. And I can't even think up a good analogy!!! Gaaaa!!!! Tehre wasn't much of a plot really. Weel, there was and there wasn't. It had no depth. It sucked basically. What were they thinking?

I don't see Claire being able to hoard all that unnnoticed though. And there were plot holes in this, dotted here and there.

People around the show lead us on, lied to us, tried to hide this, but this is what we ended up with for our finale of the show. A big pile of nothing that's not even the slightest part of an ending. Sucky last line. REALLY bad. The acting was good in places, but others so damned pathetic I laughed! It was a big pile of shit and even we deserved better. Not content with screwing us over completely, they take a rip at us to cap it off.

I'm annoyed.

I've seen one worse ending, but that could be excused because it it was pulled in the middle of a series leaving viewers with even less than this.

This was nothing. The crap should never have made it through.

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