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This episode first aired in the UK on 14th September 1998 on Sky 1.

Writer:oops! I'll try to find out
Director:Robert M. Williams
Guests: Jerry Hardin (Isaac Clark), Kristanna Cohin (Catherine Clark), John Walcutt (Michael Mallory), Marnie McPhail (Elizabeth Mallory), Ken Jerkins (Robert Clark), J. Anthony MacCarthy (man), Joey Stafura (clerk).
* Quinn and Colin are from a world with Kromaggs on. There was a war between the humans and the Kromaggs and the humans won and banished the Kromaggs from their world. During this war, Quinn and Colin were left with foster parents on other worlds for safety. When their parents returned for them, they could not find Colin and Quinn was purposely hidden. Ever since they found out about their true heritage, they've been searching for their homeworld.
* When trying to slide into their homeworld previously (they had the co-ordinates), they were shunted in to a slidecage mechanism (Slidecage). A slidecage traps everyone in that world, not allowing them to slide out. Quinn managed to rig the slidecage so it would send them all back to their previous worlds.
Additional Notes:
* Kromagg episode #9.
* Jerry Hardin is well known for his role on The X-Files as Mulder's informant who was killed at the end of the first season, although he returned for a brief appearence in the cliff-hanger conclusion in the third season in a dream.
The Sliders fly up out of the wormhole and are almost followed by the arm of a giant human who is after Maggie. They are there for 624 hours (26 days, 3 1/2 weeks) so they get jobs. Quinn and Colin get jobs at a local gas station. It's a slightly old-fasioned world. A man comes in a posh car and gets petrol at the station. He's very worried and he leaves quickly. Another car comes up and Maggie gets out. She has quit her job as a waitress and damaged her bosses right hand. . Maggie is very bored.


Rembrandt has been reading a lot. They are all bored. Remmy has been reading a sci-fi novel which seems to be based around sliding and the war on Quinn and Colin's homeworld. No-one knows where the writer lives, but they do have some leads, although they need a modem to find him. The guys make Maggie give over her last pay check so they can buy one. Quinn and Colin hack into the phone records (they know his agent's phone number). Rembrandt carries on reading to find out more. They track the location of the phone the agent and lawyer? phone. It's a pay-phone up a mountain-hilly thing. They go to watch it a the time it is always phoned. A woman comes in a flash car, answers the phone and then drives off. The sliders follow her to a place where they find a posh house. She goes inside. The Sliders go to the door and ask for Isaac Clark (the writer). She won't let them see him, so they explain about being Sliders and Isaac overhears and allows them inside. The girl, his daughter Catherine, doesn't believe them and that it's just a story, but Isaac tells her it's all true.Isaac knew Quinn and Colin's parents, it turns out. They talk to Isaac and he explains what happened. He fled his world because he couldn't face the guilt of his part in creating the weapon which won the war for the humans. Catherine didn't know his writing was based on experiences and she's not happy that she didn't know. Catherine goes outside and Colin follows her. He tells her she knows how she feels etc.

The next day, Catherine wants to know about her father's homeworld. Isaac and Catherine plan to slide to the homeworld with the sliders when they go. Maggie and Catherine talk about how they may have reached the end of their journey.

Quinn and Colin have found a way to bypass the slidecage. They program the co-ordinates, but Isaac changes them slightly. They all slide together. They land in an industrial city of skyscrapers. Isaac gives them the address of Quinn and Colin's parents and he and Catherine go to the Chandler. Colin seems to have a bit of a thing for Catherine. They go to the address Isaac gave them and they meet their parents who are overjoyed to see them. They all talk about a lot of things. Maggie decides to stay with Quinn and Colin and start a new life here, but Rembrandt feels he should return to Earth Prime and help to free it. Remmy is given the timer and after the goodbyes, he goes to see Isaac and Catherine via a taxi.

Isaac and Catherine do not go to the Chandler Hotel. They plan not to let Remmy get hold of the plans of the weapon because of what it did here. Instead, they go to Isaac's brother's house.

Rembrandt goes to the Chandler Hotel and finds they're not there. Apparently, the police want Isaac. Rembrandt goes before he is arrested.

Michael Mallory shows Quinn and Colin his workshop. When describing how they uncovered the truth, Quinn mentions the microchip and their father instantly becomes suspicious.

Remmy finds out where Robert Clark (Isaac's brother) lives and goes there. The Mallorys (Michael and Elizabeth) are after Isaac and he and his brother say they will have to move the clinic. They explain to Rembrandt. The Kromaggs of this world were fairly primitive and the humans attackedthem first. Robert has two deformed Kromaggs in his house, a result of the weapon. They act to stop the spread of disease and death at the clinics. Rembrandt realises that this cannot possibly be Quinn and Colin's homeworld.

Michael and Elizabeth Mallory know that Quinn and Colin are not of this world.

Issac knew that Quinn and Colin weren't from this world and that they were from a similar, but significantly different world from the beginning. They get Robert's van to work and they go to get the others. 22 minutes to slide.

Michael Mallory pulls a gun of the Sliders because they are not his sons and he doesn't know who they are. Also because they came with Isaac and he was considered a traitor and was exiled. The Sliders manage to escape. The police are after them as well now.

Rembrandt spots the others and picks them up. 5 minutes to go. They are still being chased by the police. The van is forced to stop, so they have to run on foot. Isaac can't manage it, so he tells the Sliders to go on. Catherine will go to her uncle's house, but is with the Sliders for a little while. The Sliders get on a train to escape, but Catherine does not. She hugs Colin and goes into the crowd. Police follow the Sliders onto the train. The sliders run out of carriages to run through and the police are still coming, so they climb on the roof. They open the vortex on top of the train and slide.

Did You Notice?
* the pump the man uses near the beginning is unleaded.
* Catherine is very tall.
* Quinn and Maggie both like excitement. After a week of sun and sand Quinn just wants to get back to the grind and Maggie prefers running from Kromaggs to a dull moment.
* The villians in the book are called, "Gromaks."
* Isaac Clark changes 37X to 39X in the co-ordinates.
* Colin carries the computer through the vortex.
* I'm sure Colin has worn that shirt before.
* Maggie would stay with Quinn and Colin, but Rembrandt feels he has to find a way to free his world.
* This world's Quinn was captured during an uprising and when they got him back, his parents sent him to another world.
* This world's Quinn died in a flu epidemic on another world.
* There is a gas shortage on "Good 'Magg" world.
* There was no war here, but there were 'Magg purges.
* ident number one of the 'Maggs at Robert Clark's home: 97685901C4
Cool Quotes:

"Are you the boss or the helper today?" - Quinn
"The boss, and I say don't jam it!" - Colin
"I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the Kromaggs. Yes, they're scary, yes, they're dangerous, but there's never a dull moment!" - Maggie
"I'm going to take a shower." - Maggie
"Be careful. Showers in places like this tend to attract guys with really big knives and really bad wigs." - Quinn
"So what if it's not Clark?" - Rembrandt
"Then we apologise and go away." - Quinn
"(angrily)Yes, what is it?" - Catherine Clark's opening greeting
"He was the local genius!" - Quinn about Colin
"More like the local witchdoctor!" - Colin in response
"We haven't had much chance to do anything except stay alive and one step ahead of whatever was chasing us." - Maggie
"We're out of train!" - Rembrandt
"Q-Ball, this isn't the best idea you've ever had." - Rembrandt
"Well, it's the only one I've got right now!" - Quinn
* Choppers? In this world?
* Quinn should already know the co-ordinates for his homeworld since he used them in Slidecage.
* There is no 37X in the co-ordinates that were shown in Slidecage and they were definately shown. The ones that were shown were all numbers.
* Quinn says Rembrandt also works at the gas station, but he spent all his time reading books and watching re-runs.
* The book couldn't have been exactly the same if it was modelled on a different world's real events.
* Why was there no mention of Wade and the Professor when they were descibing how Maggie joined?
* They made it home (to Earth Prime) at least twice that they knew of, not once as they said.
* Why haven't they slid to the homeworld before if they had the co-ordinates and the formula to bypass the slidecage.
* There wasn't a disease weapon that left the Kromaggs infertile on this world, so why was it in the book?
* Colin says something before the train completely stops, but it's inaudible.
* Big mistake at the end. When they open the vortex, they open it behind the train while it's moving, yet somehow, it stays the same distance from the train long enough for them to jump into it, despite the speed at which the train is moving ant the fact that the vortexes are stationary. This is the same kind of mistake as in Asylum and Way Out West.
My Opinion:
This was the plot I'd been waiting for since the Kromaggs were first introduced in Invasion, so the twist wasn't entirely unexpected. I have a couple of nit-picks, but you can read about them in Season 4 mistakes or at the Long Guide. The parents costumes were a little tacky as was the sliding from the train. The beginning I actually thought was verging on the ridiculous with the giant after Maggie. We could definately have done without THAT. It was good to see that Maggie hadn't lost here aggressive tendancies completely, if only for the sake of continuity. When writing my notes, I jotted down, "didn't make enough of Colin's early experience." I think I was talking about when Colin was talking to Catherine. It's the only place it fits. Anyway, that could have been a far more poignant scene if they'd actually gone into more detail. It would have given us more insight into Colin if they had. That's been a major problem this season, they haven't given us enough about Colin. Still, mostly well written.

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