Season 2 - Cool Quotes

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Into The Mystic
Love Gods
Gillian of The Spirits
The Good, The Bad and the Wealthy
El Sid
Time and Again World
In Dino Veritas
Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome
The Young and the Relentless
As Time Goes By
"Why couldn't you have gone sliding in Miami or something? That way it'd be warmer and I wouldn't even be here!" - Rembrandt
"I can't believe they got us up at 5am to deport us!" - Rembrandt
"Cutting it a bit fine aren't we Mr. Mallory?" - Arturo
"Two more minutes. Piece of cake" - Quinn
"If she's our lawyer, we're in big trouble" - Arturo
"We've already got life imprisonment, what more do they want?" - Rembrandt
"Aw man, I'm so confused" - Rembrandt
"There's no need to invoke a destructive child; Mr. Mallory has done it all by himself" - Arturo

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