Season 5 - My opinions

These seem to be very long and detailed, but I'll update when I can. Season 5 has been truly excellent and truly crap. Very erratic. Some of it was so not worth it, other bits of it were. About half and half really. My opinions are posted at the Dominion Bboard before here. These are subject to change every so often.

The reviews of A Current Affair and Easy Slider are now available. I've lost my notes for the others (they were somewhere else) so until I find them, this is your lot.

1. The Unstuck Man
At first, I found it difficult to buy into Geiger, but not because of anything to do with the character. The first time I watched it, all I could really get was the sound, so it sounded quite odd because I automatically associate that voice with Londo Mollari. Once I got past that, he was mostly fairly believable. I had my sister going, "Who is that? I know I recognise him. I know I've seen him in something," through about half the episode until I finally gave in and told her. It can be quite distracting sometimes. Peter Jurasik IS a good actor, and the character does have potential as long as they don't repeat his storylines again and again.

Robert Floyd seems to sound just like a cross between Jerry and Charlie! That actually fits in quite well with continuity, but it's scary they found someone that similar! I don't like his hair; it's too...normal. You don't understand do you? It's too mainstream, too common. I much prefer JOC's hair in the first couple of seasons. It was much nicer IMHO. Robert Floyd doesn't seem to be a bad actor and the character also has potential, even if it's a little odd.

Tembi Locke's character seems interesting although we don't know a lot about her from this episode. She does seem a little too technical. I expect that as she becomes accustomed to sliding and it becomes more of a way of life than an experiment, it will only be technical when neccessary. Hopefully she'll be a nice intelligent, strong woman. These days there aren't many with that entire combination, or not that I've come across anyway. Again, there's the potential there for a good character. All of that is as long as they evolve as needed.

Maggie's hair looks better in this season. Last season it looked a more than a little fake. Rembrandt is as cool as ever and Maggie seems to be an amalgamation of the season 3 and season 4 ones. Perhaps. Maybe it had something to do with the worlds they were on.

Most people thought the "Go! Go!" was so OBVIOUSLY not Quinn, and I wholeheartedly agree. I think they would have been better off using Robert Floyd for that part! It would probably have sounded more real!

The credits. What can I say? They took out the running scene that's always been there! How could they do that? Actually, I see how they did it and almost why. The credits were entirely of Rembrandt and Maggie or nearly so anyway. I assumed they would change significantly for the next ep (and I was right).

The preacher was pretty cool. Okay so he didn't do a lot, but he was pretty funny, especially when the world didn't come to an end as he predicted. It was nice to see a character (Hal the bartender) from the previous season who will recur. It adds continuity and I like continuity. But what was with the bar customers that they had to be synchronised with each other all the time? I don't get it!

A few people picked up on the phrase 'alternates' either in this ep or the next one (you don't expect me to remember everything do you!!) and while it is jarring, in this episode I can see why it was used. If they had used the word 'double' to Diana, she may not have quite understood. In Applied Physics it is quite different, but more on that when I type that one up.

My sister found it quite confusing and annoying the switching between Quinn and Mallory, but then she is 12. I didn't mind. There was a difference between them and it did seem a little confusing in places as to which one was talking, but I just took it to be Mallory unless otherwise stated. If they were going with the melding thing, it HAD to swap around at least a bit.

I'm still not entirely happy with the idea of melding and unsticking, but I can accept it in the way presented. I prefer the society stuff to technical stuff and this seemed a lot darker. But considering they had to write out two characters, bring two new ones in in a believeable way, this was more interesting and less usual than most. It does leave the door open for them to return (although any past actor could return with the parallel universes format) but to be completely honest, I'm not really holding out much hope. I hope there aren't too many hi-tech episodes this season.

There was a point at one point with Mallory where it looked like a couple of seconds were repeated, a bit like a sticking record. Perhaps it was just that showing.

Yes! Oh yes! the counter stopped before 1 second!!!!!! Okay, so it was 3 seconds, but it's a start. It really irritates me when things stop at 1 second or less. It's such a cliche. 3 seconds it still fairly cliched, but it's so definitely a start!

I do have a few questions though. If they've already been asked, forgive me, but there were so many posts at that time I couldn't possible read them all. How did Geiger actually get there? If he was unstuck I suppose he could have built the stable place during one of his random leaps, but I'm not sure. Could anyone help me? It just seemed a little odd that an unstuck person was the head of a lab and he'd obviously been there long enough to help Diana through her course and see her to assistand director of the lab.

Then there is the Thomas Mallory reference from Roads Taken. Technically, if Remmy had shot Mallory, Thomas wouldn't have grown up without a father because he had already grown and gone. It just seemed a funny thing to come out with. I guess it convinced Maggie and Rembrandt, but it just seemed a little out of place to me. Then again, there was continuity there again!

Oh, and before I forget, Mallory's line before the slide was perfect. Now why didn't they get mentioned like that in season 4? Oh wait, Peckinpah. I don't remember the professor being mentioned in season 4 at ALL.

Anyway, I did enjoy the episode. They had a lot to tie up and it was basically a set up episode so there wasn't really any alternate history, but this episode did show that there could be a good season ahead. It has changed in style, but that's not neccessarily bad. It IS different without Jerry O'Connell and even Charlie O'Connell, but again, that's not neccessarily all bad. I will miss them, but that doesn't mean I can't still enjoy these episodes. It always chages when they lose a character. It changed when the professor went, it changed when Wade was lost. It happens. They seem to have thought things out quite well so that they could bring them back if they wanted and I've started rambling now. I liked this episode as a set up for the season coming. I hope they continue to build on that.

2. Applied Physics
I notice the credits were different. As I expected really. Did I imagin it or was there a set of scenes near the beginning with inside the wormhole and each of the characters heads superimposed on it one after another? If it was there, I quite liked it really, though it reeked of Babylon 5, and if it wasn't, how on this Earth did I imagine that?

In this one, I don't see why they kept using the word 'alternates.' It's irritating. What happened to 'doubles?' I can perhaps understand why Diana the scientist might perhaps use it, but if my memory serves me correctly (for once :-) it was Maggie that used it!

Maggie seems to have her attitude back. At least when she was dealing with Mallory at the beginning of the episode.

What I really liked about the episode: The conflict between the two Quinns. It was compelling and had to happen really. But the slide with the shooting in the casino must have happened not long before they ran into Geiger for it still to cause a mark on Mallory. The way I think anyway. I also loved the moral dilemma of which Quinn they should save. Another thing that was bound to come up, but it addresses a very important question. How do you choose? I'm not sure I would be able to. Did they ever really come out with an answer?

I notice that Maggie doesn't seem to like looking at Mallory. She tends to look in the opposite direction. I assume it's done on purpose. Personally, I think it's a nice little touch. If Maggie really does feel for Quinn in the way she says, then it's perfectly understandable that Mallory would remind her of her loss and looking at him would pain her.

More VR? Okay, I'm a little sick of this hi-tech stuff now. There was some alternate stuff in this with Diana (I'll get to that later), but there was technologically orientated stuff as well. I admit that I liked Diana's attempt to improve the life of her double with technology, but in general, I'm a little sick of technology. And the VR thing showing what you want to see, isn't that similar to one (or several) of our storygames? But we can't sue or anything since this was filmed before we even got started.

I also enjoyed the introduction to the reality of doubles. It's understandable Diana would be surprised. It's not exactly something you really imagine. And I liked how Diana was mistaken by her daughter for her double. Easily happens. But it was the surprise and the emotions she went through when she saw how her double which intrigued me the most. I found that all perfectly believable and completely plausible. This is something I try to add into my spin-off fanfic. But back to the point, I can even completely accept Diana introducing herself as Maggie. It figures. You have to think up a name real quick, and one just pops into your head, in this case probably because Maggie was the last female she had really spoken to, she was her companion or something like that. But the whole Diana and doubles thing I really liked and found it really compelling. Kudos for that! It was fabulous!

One thing I would like to know is why there was no mention of Wade. Colin came up several times I think. The professor came up which was great and with the comment with it it was just perfect! They are really doing something right continuity wise. But there was no mention of Wade. It just seemed odd to me. I expected there to be one around the same time as the professor. Even if Quinn didn't love Wade, she was still his friend and her loss should have upset him. But perhaps I'm just being too picky. I guess we can't have everything.

I see they've put in a little justification for Maggie's change between seasons 3 and 4 with her becoming friends with Quinn, Remmy and Colin (Wade was conspicuously absent from this list, but that's not surprising since they didn't get on) whereas before it was all professional. More continuity and explanations? Wow, these guys really are getting good at this.

A couple of little things. I see Maggie overdid the eye make-up a little in one scene. Or maybe she was going for that look. And Maggie the team-player? Oh she has changed.

Ooh yeah, the clips they showed. I quite liked that as well. I picked out these episodes (no order): Invasion, Seasons Greedings, Electric Twister Acid Test (though it looked more like twister), Slidecage, Desert Storm and Dinoslide, but I'm not sure I'm right on all. Also, I wasn't sure what the waterfall or cityscape ones were. Anyone help? My sister suggested the waterfall on might have been The Other Slide Of Darkness, but I'm not sure I agree.

Those clips were better than the ones from Quinn's memory in Data World. what I want to know is how Quinn could remember seeing himself (and not a double) in some of the scenes.

What can I say about the end? I LOVED IT!!! They couldn't fix it in moments! Perfect! These writers are doing perfect trying to stay away from cliche. That was what always irritated me about Star Trek; they always made it right (except for a DS9 episode) as far as I remember. But this? Brilliant. Provides oppertunity to give her a guilty conscience and also stay away from cliche. I suppose if this happens too often, it will become a cliche itself, but not yet. And Diana's character doesn't seem to be the stereotyped-unstereotyped female character just yet which happens when they're trying to create a non-strereotyped one and go completely the other way. Tembi seemed to manage fine with the doubles. The two were different, yet the same. As it should be.

Great episode, loved the conflict, ethics, doubles and non-cliches. Excellent. The only thing I wasn't too sure on was bringing back Geiger so soon and the technical side, but the end justified this. And nice little throw away world at the end there.

Let's hope this episode is a sign of how season 5 will be!

3. Strangers and Comrades
Well, here come my thoughts on this episode now I've seen it. In no real order.

That was kind of sneaky vortex they showed at the beginning! From such a distance! But it did look pretty cool. Though what would happen if there was something in the way of it's tail I don't know.

I did like the conversations at the beginning. Maggie seemed to be a little bitchy, but is showed more of a closeness with the casual comments and teasing. It more realistically humorous as well. I'm not explaining this well, so I hope you understand me!!!!

That dream of Maggie's was a little ominous!! Are they intending on making Maggie psychic (sp?) in some way or something? More on this in the next episode review.

I was a little skeptical about the whole hyperspace thing. It was nice to hear a hyperspace reference, but it seemed to push the limits of credibility. A world that can do all that with the white dwarf and all and yet they can't find a way to get rid of the Kromaggs without destroying the planet? And that asteroid didn't look very asteroidy! It almost looked blue, green and planetoidy! (who can pick up that quote then? I'm looking towards Blinker and Robin!) Except for the blue and green bit, thought there did seem to be some vegetation. If the asteroid was placed there, they must have also put the vegetation there for some reason. And I find it hard to buy into the white dwarf. And even harder to buy into the fact that they managed to simulate day and night so accurately!

I like the modern day references! Although what would be REALLY cool is if they had a distorted modern day reference from a world which was different to ours!

Okay, when Maggie hid the timer under the bit of Diana's blanket on the floor, did anyone else think that was a bit stupid?? IMHO, the best thing to do would have been to actually place them in Diana's hands! Wouldn't that have been safer than leaving them on the floor where they could be exposed?

Is it me, or did the 'Maggs change in look *again*? They just looked (and sounded) a little different. I could be me though. And I don't remember the Kromagg weapons doing that disintegration (sp?) thing last season! I thought they just had that energy weapon thing. The one that injured Remmy. The disintegrator thing seemed very like the weapon in Common Ground. I'd be very scared if they could do that!

I found the reactions of the newbie Sliders to be quite realisitic. Obviously, I've never been through it, but I can see how the reactions are justified. I liked all that reacting. I would be more like Diana I think. I don't think I'd particuarly like to be suddenly faced with a raging battle! Yep, I can buy into her reactions. Mallory's reactions weren't unrealistic, he just went in the opposite direction and I think his little talk with Remmy proved that he was feeling it as much as Diana. He went for the get-on-with-it-without-thinking-about-it aproach. Different from the other, but I can understand it just as well. And I think they both managed fine with their parts. At least they weren't ready to pick up a gun and go out blazing in seconds!

I think they're bringing back the teacher-student thing. At first it was Arturo-Quinn, then Arturo died and for the rest of the season there wasn't that. Then Colin joined and it was Quinn-Colin. Now they've both left, it's Diana-Maggie. Of the four left, I think that was the wisest choice. Remmy has been sliding for long enough that he knows enough and doesn't realy need to learn about all that physicy stuff. I don't my find really interested in a Diana-Mallory thing because they knew each other before; there's not a lot to explore really. That leaves Maggie. I can actually see her working with Diana and exchanging information. It figures. While I'm on this track, Maggie says it's good to have a woman to relate to. This I can see as well, but she didn't exactly relate to Wade!

It was kind of a dead way to kill the arc, but what else was there really? Short of actually defeating them. Hmmm. The weapon never seemed that much of a concern until now really, but what about the virus? There were problems with that, but I'm sure they could have worked through it! And there could still be ways out there! There has to be a weakness SOMEwhere! All hope is not lost entirely.

I didn't like all the action. I'm not a big fan of such war-orientated things. I think that might have come from being forced to study War Poetry at GCSE. I know it can show friendship and loyalty, but I'm still not a big fan. Anyway, the whole thing seemed a little empty, as did the notion of the bunker. It wsa okay, but not great.

Having said that, the music went well with it. That was quite good really!

I did not like the Kromagg leader. I suppose we're not meant to. Jerry Doyle is a great actor, and did bring something extra to the role, but the character seemed quite similar to his character on Babylon 5. They had similar senses of humour. Of perhaps it's just me. Anyway, he WAS good. And I can believe him as the leader of that little goup as well. While I'm on the subject of Larson, I'm not sure I see him letting the sliders go to the bunker on their own. I would expect him to send at least one of his men with them. Oh well.

I do like the little sliding rules!!! That's something I'm trying to touch on in my spin-off fanfic.

The Chandler seems to look a lot yellower this season! And different. I would say 'Is is me?' but I seem to have said that a lot today! LOL. It does look different. I'm sure of it.

Overall, this wasn't a bad episode, but it wasn't great either. It was just there. Some nice characterisation, but the plot seemed rather lackluster and other than Larson, we didn't get to know any of the guest characters. They were just there as well.

4. The Great Work
Well, what can I really say about this one? I'm not quite sure. It would have been so much better if this had been the Kromagg library thing one and the previous episode the Victorian world. I didn't think there was really a lot too this plot. Hmmm. More thoughts follow.

I suppose it was the first story this season that wasn't part of an arc of any kind, but that doesn't really excuse it. It needed something more. Something to make you think of at least find compelling.

Well, I suppose we did get some continuity! YAY!! Prophets and Loss may not have been the best of episodes, but references to past Slides are always welcome! By me at any rate! :-)

The characters of Seth and Sarah were rather cliched naive characters, but I suppose they might well be if they were brought up entirely on that island. But all the other characters seemd rather 2D and even more cliched. Keeper James was probably the most cliched character of them all with Keeper Abraham just behind. Oh wait, I forgot the Vosang leader-bloke. He was the most cliched character. It was obvious James was going to betray the order. Someone had to and other than the naive innocents who wouldn't know how to go about it anyway and Keeper Abraham, he was the character we knew the best. I guess we learnt about more characters than the previous episode, but they weren't exactly exciting. Were Seth and Sarah the only people their age on the island? Or did we just not see the others. Actually, thinking about it, Seth and Sarah weren't that bad. They both seemd dedicated, but too naive.

Okay, that secret passage was difinitely a cliche. But was there enough time for it to return before Diana entered after that woman went down? I doubt it, considering the length it took later. And what would happen if the door was opened before it returned??? And what about all safety stuff? And the noise? Perhaps I'm reading a little too much into it. I think just shutting thr door is a little awful way to start it up though. I can think of all kinds of problems.

And the romance between James and Maggie? Oh, come on! There was nothing there! It was so forced! Nope, didn't like that. It was rather pathetic. Rob youngblood couldn't even make it seem like there was! I didn't like his character portrayal in Paradie Lost either (okay, so I hated all that episode) though I don't remember him being that bad in Space Precinct (I admit, I watched that, but you have to remember, I was only about 12).

What about the four central characters? Well, let's see. Maggie did very little all episode and when she was up and about, it wasn't very interesting anyway. Rembrandt was concerned for Maggie, which was good, but he didn't seem to try very hard. But it wasn't too bad. Nice interactionw ith him and Mallory in the bedroom, but not a lot else to say. Mallory didn't much. His attempts at being funny were lovely, but other than that he didn't get a lot to do either. Diana was really the only one who got much interesting to do and that was because she was apart from the others! Well, until the end with the crystal stuff her part was good. They all seemed to manage okay with this ep, but I had a lot of problems with the script and their roles within it.

The fact that they weren't a contemplative order wasn't really much of a surprise. Again, it was cliched. While Abraham's cautiousness over the Volsangs was understandable, I could see the penalty comin a mile off!

The crystal stuff? I think it's mostly been said. It didn't take Diana very long to get that sorted out, did it? And why did they wait until dawn anyway? They could have got started at night before the Volsang's started landing! And the whole storing on there? Ick! How WOULD they retrieve it? Especially if no-one else other than Diana knew how to put it on there in the first place? And where were Seth and Sarah going to go? And do what with the crystal? If the raiders had come while it was still all on disk, what would be the point of the great work? they'd blow it all to pieces and then what would everyone do? couldn't help anyone in little pieces and there was too much of it to take anywhere. And they left the books anyway! The Volsangs could recreate at least bits of it from that anyway! Eugh.

Ooh, one quick thing. The death of Abraham with Seth by his side kinda reminded me of Return of the Jedi. Not completely, but a little.

Don't even get me started on the Volsangs! The leader was not exactly one I would peg for taking over the world. the ambition he had but that was about it. He was badly 2D and very dull and predictable. And his crew and their likes took over the world? I find that very hard to believe. They reminded me of that gang in Net Worth, only less interesting and more pathetic. They looked like they'd reused the costumes!

Hey! Maggie didn't know about the button thing!!!!! Only Diana and Sarah were there when Abraham told them that! Are we back to the Maggie being psychic thing I mentioned in the previous review? Because it certainly seems they're going that way!

And that wasn't 14 seconds at the end. It was 28. I counted. Ish. They NEVER get that stuff right. I would think that they would time it on a run through and then put an apropriate time in! Otherwise they have some badly warping time!

Another bloody giant world?????????? How many now? Three? This one was more interesting that either of the other two though. I always think Gulliver's Travels when I see them, though. when are we gonna get a world of little people then? THAT would be odd.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this episode. It was rather pathetic. And it was too close to the Kromaggs. as I said before, as described in the journal, the other versions of this and last episode would have been better. I wasn't fond of this episode. It wasn't quite Paradie Lost awful, but it was implausible if you start thinking about it and incredibly dull and lackluster. I hope next week's episode is better than this.

5. New Gods For Old
Well, it's been a long time since I actually saw the episode, so let's see if I can still understand my notes :-)

I did like this episode immensly! I've picked out a few things. Well, more than a few :-)

At the beginning, when they find out Mallory was injured, was it me or did Maggie not seem as concerned for him as Diana did?

In some ways, this was in the style of As Time Goes By. Several worlds, but they keep meeting the saem people. It was just a little parallel I drew. Diana's explanation is probably as good as any :-)

I found Mallory's behavious in the episode to be wonderfully realistic. I've never been in such a position, and I hope I never have to be, but I could understand his reactions and how he desperately wanted to walk again. Especially after his recovery from before.

Okay, I writen 'R's comment on staying there seemed painfully accurate,' but I don't remember what I was on about! This is a long shot, but does anyone else remember?

Krislov was pretty good! I do actually like going from world to world and seeing how people are differnet depending on the world, therefore I loved the recurrence of Krislov and his daughter. I wish we could have more recurrence of characters so we could see that. Like Bennish in season 1.

The Sliders really should get their little stories straight! If they persistently contradict each other, one day they're gonna drop themselves right in it! Or perhaps that's the idea... :-)

It was great to seem them draw parallels between Mallory when he was in a wheelchair and Maggie's husband. I though Jensen had gotten lost in their minds! Maggie even looked pained! It's great to see continuity, in whatever form.

There was one thing in the direction that irritates me and that's when they fade to a single colour, then fade back in with a different picture accompanied by a rushing noise. It's probably just me; it always makes me think of dreams and therefore it bugs me a little. But that's not really a criticism of the episode.

That talking for each other was wierd!!! Very creepy. That was the point, though, wasn't it. :-)

I found the acting of our main actors in the episode to be really good. It was very much a Mallory episode, but for the most part, the others also pulled in great performances, Cleavant especially. This is what I like to see!

'The conflict after betrayal was good' is another thing I can't quite remember what I meant. Oh well, if I wrote that, then I probably thought it!

Glitter in the glass!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, how tacky! This was my only problem with the episode. When we first see the liquid, it's clear and the nanites (I cn't remember what they called them and I'm a Dwarfer through and through so I'll use their term) aren't visible. Later, in fact every other time, there is glitter in the glass so they can see! That's my actualy complaint; the nanites would have been too small for them to see in the liquid as far as I could understand.

Was it me, or were there different pronuciations (sp? that doesn't look right!) on the different worlds of 'BIR' namely 'burr' and 'beer.' If there was, then this is a spectaular piece and very subtle! And if it wasn't, then it doesn't matter. Did anyone else think that?

I did feel Diana could have done more to stop Mallory giving Jill the nanites. I know the story wouldn't have gone anywhere is she had and Tembi did a great job conveying the expression of not being sure what to do.

There was a nice moving speech by Maggie and Mallory there at the end (I think, that's what I wrote and I do remember a good speech).

Some people claimed the nanites were rather close to the borg nanoprobes in ST: Voyager, but I don't think so. And there are several shows that have used similar things as well. Red Dwarf comes to mind as they used the nanites to rebuild Lister's arm and Red Dwarf (though when they do it it starts of big and then shrinks). The cult that these nanites in NGFO create gives a different take on what could hapen. And it was a touching story and flowed well (unlike this review which appears disjointed to me). Definitely a highlight of the season so far.

6. Please Press One
Again, it's been a while since I saw this one so I'm not sure how much I'll understand of my notes.

Beforehand, I was quite skeptical of this episode. First off, it was by William Bigelow. I hadn't liked either of his pervious ventures ('The Chasm' was generally a big mess IMHO and there was something about 'The Dying Fields' that I didn't like). However, although this wasn't one of the best episodes, it was easily the best of Bigelow's and certainly not the worst of this season so far (that honour has to go to 'The Great Work'). If fact, it was quite enjoyable, even if i didn't like some things about it.

Y'know, I've started noticing how Americans pronounce stuff diffrently from us Brits. It started with the 'paaaaaaaaaaaaasta' and then there was 'datta.' Hmm. Quite confusing and even funny sometimes. Not really relevant to the episode, but nevermind.

I didn't like the tractor beam at the beginning. It just seemed a little... fake. I guess it's quite difficult to manage something like that. The food conversation before it was relatively funny though.

I've written 'Guy discontinuity' but I din't know what on this Earth I was on about, so can anyone help? I did like Maggie's moeny speech; that was pretty cool.

There wasn't really any alternate history shown. well, I know that Data Universal controlled everything. I guess there was a sort of alternate history, but only kinda.

When Remmy mentioned feeling like a number, I was expecting one of them to say, 'I am not a number; I am a free man!' That would have been funny :-) I was surprised they didn't. I remember watching 'The Prisoner' reruns when I was younger.

Again, I didn't like the brain scan. I think it might have something to do with the technical stuff. I suppose I was more okay with that than the tractor beam. It wasn't too bad I guess. The quite safe and 87% survival rate made me laugh, but only because it seemed so contradictory!

Oh, I was ROTFLMOA when Maggie asked Guy about boxers or briefs!!!!!! Oh, that's a classic :-) And I loved her expression when she sadi it! That was the best (as in funniest) part of the episode IMHO :-)

Didn't Maggie do a lot of shopping in season 4? I know that doesn't mean her double here did, but I though our Maggie was a pretty good shopper. Good in the sense of buys lots. I love to shop.

'Duplicate' greets the ear much nicer than 'Alternate.' It's not quite 'double' but it's closer. Why did they change that anyway? Were they trying to politicaly correct it or something?

It was obvious to me that Guy would turn out to be a computer. and I also thought it was obvious that where he was would be Arlo's old office, from the first time we new Arlo had been replaced. Quite handy that.

That was a little evil darkening of the screen when he got mad!

I did love the Arlo and Diana stuff. Especially the looks on Diana's face! A little light comic relief there :-)

I didn't quite get the point of the first chase for the van. Or really the second either, although they did that to get it. Perhaps that was to get a little action in.

The scanner shouldn't have needed to scan the barcode on the van that many times, should it? Isn't once usually enough?

I see Maggie uses her military skilles for once. More continuity. She doesn't seem to use them as much as she could.

Guy shouldn't be able to see Maggie! Except perhaps in the interrogation place. Yet he can see her in corridors and other people in his office. And he doesn't even multitask because he stops talking to some unknown person when the others get into his office! Ooh, confusion. He also has a lot of rebellion and feelings for a computer. Not to be mean or anything.

I wanna go down the chute!!!

That overseer bot thing, was cute, but rather cheesy. Reminded me of a skutter actually (especially considering one of Craig Charles' stories about them!). Couldn't Maggie just kick the thing? And I knew there had to be a reason Maggie made two bombs! And a load of good it would do her to hold her upper leg when the thing zapped her lower leg! I do like Maggie's top in this episode, the darkish purple one. I want one.

At least they didn't change this world completely. This episode wasn't outstanding, but it wasn't awful either and I would place it slightly above average. It was quite fun in places, if cheesy in others.

7. A Current Affair
I actually saw this out of order. A friend of mine was sending them to me and this one was accidentaly missed and then taped later. But there was a panic then as well. I'd been watching videos all day and when I watched this tape, it got through the first episode fine, and then it started rolling and messing up!!!! I got quite scared that my machine had screwed, but I left it half an hour and it was fine :-)

Remmy seems obsessed with his singing doubles this season :-) Granted, he should be, they rock! :-) But they rarely make a reference to The King is Back that I can remember. Now THAT would be great :-)

Oh how fake did Maggie's fall look!!!!! It was so bad!!!! and there was awful low security and quite a lot of calm around! But it just looked so fake!!!!

That paper didn't look like a tabloid to me! The piccie was too small!!!! :-)

I don't like tabloid papers. At least not ours. Apparently, Holland doesn't have such a thing and so they don't get all this scandal. Our papers are full of crap. They really are. The tabloid ones anyway. I read the broadsheets. Tabloids are just one big incriminating picture! And it's usually something like 'are these two famous people snoggin' and 'this famous person is fat.' It's bad. Oh and there's the sex scandals.

Why have I written 'rag'?? It's been too long! Was I talking about the Maggie double?

It's an interesting wat of giving the backstory I guess. But... shades of First Wave it's this world's very own Crazy Eddie! Complete with paranoia!

Why would the guys knock? She didn't unlock it. And I'm sure tjose guys wouldn't leave the bloody door open!!! (I'm gonna have to rewatch the episode to find out what the Hell I'm talking about! :-)

Computer generated? Isn't it computer manipulated? Woooh, that's technical! (am I being sarcastic here> I honestly can't remember!!!! :-) At least the guards weren't stupid!

Oh how obvious was the President's wife. I could have told you from the start she was having an affair and probably wih that bloke! There was obviously going to be a devious plan she was cooking up. It's always like that.

Well, okay, the guards weren't stupid until the maid malarky. But Maggie's hair was different wasn't it? How could they not notice!!!

Er... was that a dummy and the hair? And nowI can't read what I've written. Oh I get it! Did they check she was dead? Was that it? Oh I don't know! And they manage to get her back!!!! such a change!!!!

tape ends in slo-mo? What AM I talking about.

Oh before I forget, I LOVED the Maggie double! I was ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!! I really was!!!!! :-)

That was a nice set of seats left at the front! LOL! :-) Isn't that a rather convienient end though? I liked the tabloid bit though, cheesy as it was :-)

No matter how much I complain it was cheesy. I did enjoy it. We all know it what it was a rip off (hahahahaha) but that didn't take the enjoyment away. In fact, I think it made it more enjoyable (maybe becasue I'm not American). It was fun. And we saw a double that made me laugh a lot :-) Cheesy, but funny :-)

8. Java Jive
This episode was pretty cool really. First off, it had a musical number (more on that later) and second it was the first real Rembrandt episode this season, more so when it included a double. We'd had Mallory, Diana and Maggie already as the main focus, this time it was Rembrandt 'Cryin' Man' Brown's turn.

First thing I noticed: They changed the SFPrime sign! Didn't they? I hope they did because otherwise my memory is going. When did they change it then (if they did)?

I did love the discussions after the Slide in, the men and women thing. Is it me or are the Slides in getting funnier? Because that's a good thing! But what was with Maggie's hair? It looked like she overdosed on volumiser or backcombed it! I swear it doesn't usually look like that!

A Speakeasy! How cool! Do you think I could get away with watching this and claining I was revising for history (I have studied that period)? :-)

Maggie gives a speech about illegal? Ha ha! I suppose she can, it just seemed a little... odd coming from her for some reason.

It's nice to see them all working together. In fact, it's nice to see them working full stop! They have to sometime!

Great music! It's been a while since Cleavant got a chance to show what he could do! Does he play the piano in real life? I'm curious. And the whole music thing was great. I'm a huge fan of music (except for poppy stuff) and so I loved it. It was excellent. For me, that could be nothing but the highlight of the episode, no competition :-)

That bad caffeine showed up quick! Would it do that? I'm not sure. I know I'd get by on a world without caffeine. There'd be no diet coke, but I can just about live without that and I don't drink tea or coffee.

For some reason I got serious deja vu when Angie was being interrogated and I have no idea why. Just one of those things I guess.

Remmy was a cop once before, wasn't he? A little consistency with his doubles :-)

So this is the episode with the jimmying out of a meat locker! I would never have guessed this one. Er... why would Mallory want to break IN to a meat locker?

What an odd car that was! It was all over the place! But it was quite funny :-)

I got a little confused during the shoot out. I couldn't work out who was on what side, who was shooting who or anything! It all worked out in the end though. And I guess the effects guys had fun with that!

As usual, great acting from Cleavant. When was the last time we actually saw a Rembrandt double? I think it was 'The Alternatevill Horror' back at the beginning/middle of season 4 and that was only breifly. That's ages ago considering he's the only remaining original! He's not had a proper doule story as far as I can remember since 'The Prince of Slides' in seaosn 3! It was about time he got one!

I did enjoy this episode. It wasn't my favourite of the season, but it was still great.

9. The Return Of Maggie Beckett
I love this episode, I really do. I would probably cite it as my favourite of the season. It was touching and funny in the right places. Perfect.

Most sci-fi shows will have a conspriracy show at some point, Star Trek, Red Dwarf. Some shows are based around it. But up till now, Sldiers hadn't. Due to the nature of Sliders, there was a different take. (Red Dwarf had a completely different take on the Kennedy assassination due to its style) Instead of covering up an alien landing, this world embraced it.

That has to be one of the funniest slides in! When I said in the previous review they were getting funnier, this one supports that! The house that sends the light around the house it a bit odd, but it was so funny I didn't care! And then the discussion afterwards is something I have thought of, but done in a funny way! And Maggie's comment of 'bigfoot' and running away was also hilarious! That's prett close to what I'd do! Ooh, great scene.

Y'know, with Maggie's ever changing hair colour, I'd be surprised if they recognised her!!! :-)

And I see we're back to the 'alternate' again, although there was a mention of 'double' as I recall.

When they're talking about fame in the museum, I'm surprised Remmy didn't mention being the King of Rock and Roll in season 1! e's been there, done that, and probably got the t-shirt! :-)

Does anyone know if thay actually used pictures of Kari Wuhrer of the young Maggie? It would make sense, but I just wondered.

Yay! Rob LaBelle! I do like him. His character on first Wave is my favourite. Considering that character, this episode was quite apt for him to be in! Though in this he wasn't the theorist. It's nice to see him in something else. And he is pretty cool :-)

All the stuff in the museum was pretty fun, as was this world's obsession with Maggie related things (the menu was hilarious!) :-)

There was a description of alternate history in this, but at least it found them before they found it. sort of anyway. Oh, and who is this Stevenson guy? Am I missing something?

Nice little nod to The X-Files as well. I suppose there had to be. I never had Rembrandt figured for a conspiracy theorist! Ah well, there's a lot of things I don't know.

Oh, that shaving advert had me ROTFLMOA!!!!! I can actually imagine that happening too! Especially considering the usual American averts :-) The complete mania did remind me of the monopoly the Spice Girls (ooh, hex, hex :-) had on advertising a while back.

Just a little question; if they don't carry possessions, where did the toothbrush come from? Personally, I don't see why they don't take a little bag or something with them.

Superwhat nipples????? Do I wanna know?????

So she's Margaret Alison? Wasn't her initial in Slide By Wire 'E'? That's what my guide for that ep says. Oh well, it could easily be different on different worlds.

I didn't like the mutated guy that much, but he wasn't so irritating that I couldn't cope. His paranoia to the point of engineering things to his own beliefs was interesting.

A nice conclusion to the backstory building up about Maggie's relationship with her father, and a touching climax. Both had issues they needed to confront and this story was the perfect vehicle. Beautiful. The atmosephere was just right. Kari Wuhrer was the main focus, the others not really doing all that much, but she was good and pulled it off. Good thing too, becasue this ep was excellent. Have I said that enough yet?

I have a question about a possible space programme: what would have happened if the USA and USSR HAD collaborated? First Russia refused and then Kennedy died and his successor wasn't up for it. Would it have made a difference? Would we have got there earlier and what effect could that have?

Once again (sorry!) a touching, yet funny and therefore outstanding episode. In the GEOS voting last I looked it was the highest of any seaosn 5 episode and at one point I believe was in the top 5.

10. Easy Slider
What can I say? Icky icky ick ick. Igitty igitty igitt. SLEAZY! I have to rate this as my worst episode of the season. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind sex or sex insinuation, but only when it's tasteful and this most definitely WAS NOT!!!

What amused me mildly was that it was still rated PG on your television things. Though I don't actually understand how they work since we dn't really use them. We have a watershed instead and thankfully this came after it. though my (at that time) 10 year old sister did watch it and I warned my parents beforehand because I wasn't sure. I don't like exposing the to tsateless crap like this episode.

Maggie stopped before she rolled!!!! LOL!!! It was gonna happen one day though, that they fly out the vortex on a hill. Thankfully it did.

Who IS Dennis Hopper anyway?

Oh dear, Mallory the walking hormone again I see. Sigh. He doesn't move at all fast does he? See someone, exchange glances, "Do you want to sleep with me?" Oh dear. If he sat down next to me and said those things, I'd get up and move! Unless I was very very drunk. It wasn't sexy, it was plain sleazy. There's a way to go about things and the way he did it is most likely to get him slags and nothing else. He's not even THAT fit! It's not ugly, but no sex God.

I think Sam said it all with, "Is that all you think about?" Maggie's shiver also.

Er... climax? Do we actually NEED this much sexual innuendo? Some is fine, but they took it a little far! Like I said my little sister was watching. PUKE!

And it was so formulaic! Wait... it was season 3!!! Was it even worthy of that? I'm giong with a yes :-) It was almost exactly a season 3 style episode. Damn that Peckerhead!

That did NOT look like love to me! Lust maybe, but no way in Hell was that love. Love takes time!

No mention of Quinn when Mallory was gonna leave? That's a bit off isn't it. They seemed awfully okay with it all. Hmmm. Perhaps they don't like Mallory :-)

It took Mallory that long to figure out she wasn't likely to stay faithful to him? HOW DENSE IS HE????? Come on, she was blatant about it! And after the way they got together? DUH!!!!!! Stupid idiot deserved all he got! And more really!

They just GIVE machines away do they?

The other Sldiers had some okay stuff, but the writing for Mallory as the main plot was weak and generally crap. And the plot was just plain useless. Wow... it really is a season three episode (of the post-Torme era)!

Wasn't that joust unfair? And that pole would HURT! They could have easily overpowered Mallory!

I really do hate this epsiode. I could even cope with Requiem and The Seer better than this! And that's saying something! I have no gripe with the actors, with a script and plot like this, there wasn't really anything they could do. It sucked badly. It really did. I'm not sure if I could ever watch it again. Maybe if I keep a sick bucket near me.

11. Requiem
What can I say that hasn't already been said? Not a lot, but I'll try anyway. For the record, I thought it was an icky, icky plotline, the acting in it was variable, I hated what they did to Wade and I could think of better ways tpo have done it, but it still almost made me cry. I don't know why. I didn't HATE this episode, but I didn't love it either. It was something.

First off, the direction was awful. No offense to whoever directed it, but I couldn't stand it. It was so... cheesy. And it didn't fit together too well at all.

While I'm here, I think that a far better episode would have been one seen through the eyes of Wade, that way she could have given voice overs and not been seen on screen. And a POV episode would have made it far more interesting.

I think I've seen Cleavant Derricks do better. At times he was good, but for the most part it was so variable you didn't know what to think. And again, direction came into part of this which I'll go into later.

Who's Wade????? They don't know????? I don't know about you, but I find that highly implausible. Mallory at any rate should have Quinn's memories of her, shouldn't he? Or have I missed something vitally important? I couldn't BELIEVE she's never come up! After all, the professor'd been mentioned, why not Wade? (although her name was ocnspicuous in her absence that time).

The strain that Diana mentioned is something that's not thought about a lot, but it is possible. Sliding for that long without seeing your real family, never knowing whether you will actually get home and all the rest of the crap you'd been through may come out in the end. Remmy did go and see a psychiatrist in PTSS, but that's the last kinda mention of it I recall. Anyone know any others since?

As my sister pointed out to me, they could all sleep through the slide window!!!!! There didn't seem to be any alarm or anything, none were awake through the night, they could EASILY have slept through! They may have good internal clocks, but all clocks fail sometime.

Nice comfy bed landing! If only every slide was like that!

Maggie WOULD say it was unlikely Wade was alive. What would he know anyway? She's not been inside one of the breeding camps has she? I know I guess this is a logical extension of Maggie's original bitchyness to Wade, which at least I guess is continuity, but it seemed a litle heartless to say it in front of Remmy.

Winner of most stupid comment of the wekk: "You feel really strongly about this, don't you?" I mean, DUH!!!!! Even Maggie is more perceptive than that. And she should know anyway, she must remember how close he was to Wade! Or is it just selective memory...

I still think Mallory should have remembered Wade. We'll get to remorse later.

Wade's a techie like Diana????? Er... I don't think so. She did all the computer stuff, but does that make her a techie? She never spouted technobabble.

That clip was so out of place. It didn't go at all. It just jarred so badly! It might not have been so bad if the lead in hadn't been as crap. This was where the direction came in. Just before the clip came on, Remmy looks to the sky as if to say 'Cue cheesy clip.' It ruined the whole thing. Icky, icky, icky. That whole seen just jarred so much and it felt so out of place. They must have been able to make it run more smoothly than that. The direction sucked!!

That was an interesting paranoia of Mallory's about it not being their Remmy. Right idea, completely wrong time and place. Where was that when the professor who I think was the wrong one around? Really not the time or place for that conversation, however breif.

Oh, make a lot of noise(!!) That's clever when you're hiding from Kromaggs(!!!) Well Done (!!!) I'm sorry. did I come across as being an ickle bit sarcastic there?

I do have a question though, why were the heads in such run down areas and seemingly spread across the complex? Makes no sense to me...

Fake upsetness? Oh that sounds like our Quinn. The seaosn 4 'We don't have time' one anyway. That particular bit was another jarring bit. My sister and I both burst out laughing because we thought it was so funny. Why didn't Mallory have ANY compassion for Wade? Surely he must have some memory of his former companion, even if it's not in a complete kinda way. I didn't mind Colonel Kesh, she was pretty cool, if over the top evil, shame she died or got knocked out or whatever.

For four humans who are known to be rebellious they send two guards????? If they're that stupid they deserve to lose!!!

I guess now we understand Remmy's guilt over Wade and how it really works. I guess that's a nice touch, but it lacked the emotion I would have expected from the revelation.

I cannot BELIEVE what they did to Wade!! Cut a hole in her head, oh yeah, that's nice(!) Eugh. How could they do that to her in good conscience? Yeah, the story is left open, but so is she and I find it very unlikely that she could survive outside that liquidy thing. Oh yeah, and is she just a head or does she still have a body? But icky icky icky to what they did to her. And then as soon as the credits start, evil Peckinpah's name appeares. (I think I shouted 'bastard' at the screen and my sister looked at me strangely. Thankfully my parents were watching in the other room). I didn't like all the mind stuff either. I don't know whether it's impossible or not, but I just didn't like this, although again it could be seen as a natural progression from Wade in season 3.

One last thing, that refelction in the water and the Remmy's was almost as fake as the lead in to the clip and Mallory being upset!! CHEESE! And again, I think that was bad directing. Remmy was obviously not looking in the pool. It seemed he was standing up actually.

Overall, it wasn't particually great, but it gave us some Wade and that was a good thing whatever, although I HATED what they did to her, but it wasn't the most awful of the season IMHO. Easy Slider takes that prize, I can barely watch that again. Requiem I might be able to. It could have been so much better though. There was so much more open to them than this. I hate the idea of human computers too. Can you say... "Shadow ships!!!!"

12. Map of the Mind
Unavailable at present

13. A Thousand Deaths
Unavailable at present

14. Heay Metal
Unavailable at present

15. To Catch A Slider
Yeah, this episode was pretty enjoyable. A bit cheesy at times, but also it took the piss out of films a little and laughed at itself in a way :-) Wasn't the best, but it was quite watchable and enjoyable. Better than I was expecting.

Please excuse the disjointedness of these points... I jotted down nots and can't read half of them (that's what happens when you try to wrap pressies, watch a show and take notes!!)

Oh I see we get Mallory the walking hormone again! He is such a hormone (I would say bloke, but I'd probably get flamed :-) He so is though!!! Can he never stop staring at various parts of women???

Lol on the shoes. I know it's stereotypical, but it's probably true. I KNOW I've had that particular convo with BritSlider and I think SL4ever as well.

A screwy timer again???? Dearie me. That doesn't happen OFTEN does it now? Can't they think up anything else? And that shot of it acting screwy looked very wierd. the second one at least looked like they'd frozen the hand holding it then CG-ed the numbers behaving weird. they shoulda been able to manage better than that.

That was a little fake-o slide, fun as it may be. There is no WAY they slide like that and exit standing up!!! I liked the really short slide, only it reminded me of a fanfic a little (Slide after Slide by Ivan Turner). But I was a little bit dubious when they got left in mid-slide.

Does Diana ALWAYS need a lab? Can't she do what Quinn and the prof always did and muddle through with what they have? :-) lol.

What I find really strange is that Maggie and Remmy NEVER seem to talk about past slides with Mallory and Diana. I mean they never talked about Wade, never about the Egyptian Slide, what DO they talk about???? Is this a sign they don't really get on?

The Goddess of Sex? Oh puh-leaze! How slutty were they!!!! It nearly made me puke!!!! :-)

A different language on Egytian world? Oh yeah right!!!!

Wow, at last another mention of the prof :-)

Oh, Mallory and Maggie were funny in the jewelry store!!! They really were!!!! That was a pretty fun scene :-)

Lol @ the movie stuff. I love references like that :-) And woh!!!! Common sense!!!! Althought that's becoming more common on TV 'oh this is real life, not TV.' I like it though. And I'm glad Remmy was the one with the common sense :-)

I've written something here I really cannot read. It looks like crawl or growl or something. Wait that's what it is!!! Mallory's growl made me laugh so hard!!!! But I think it made the others laugh too, so that was okay :-)

Tea??? But Diana's not English!!! LOL!!! (as a side note, I don't drink tea, nor does BritSlider, and nor do half the Brits I know :-)

The name Mansfield makes me laugh in this context becasue I know a guy with that name... and laugh even more at the end!!!! :-)

Oh what lovely trunks they were :-) I bet Mallory loved them to bits :-)

Hey! At least Diana gets to do SOMETHING this eppy! She needs to be explored more as a character. True she was still technobabble girl, but at least she was technobabble girl having fun!!!! :-)

Love the clothes convo. Almost excatly right!!! If again stereotypical :-) Cool dress! (the one from the credits) though I like the later one better though. Remmy's comment made me laugh too :-)

Gotta love Mallory's way out, however cheesy. :-)

Oh that three way convo was absolute genius!!! I laughed so hard!!!! That happens so often to me!!!! The screen thing was a bit pridictable and a change from format, but it emphasized it and made me laugh so mcuh1!!! The whle scene did!!!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!! Monique was a cross dresser!!!!! Oh I laughed so hard!!! It wasn't as predictable that s/he would be the theif!! Oh they'll laugh at Mallory for a while yet. I will :-)

This seems to be a generous world where they give out rewards just like that! Handy really! Handy that the readout was wrong and that they had two mins as well :-)

Yeah I liked this ep.

16. Dust
For the most part, I found this episode to be really really good! I loved how it handled some parts and there's only one part that really bugs me and I will bring that up. One truly classic scene and some interesting other ones :-)

Blame Mallory for everything, why not :-) I do love the banter around the slides. That was always there in the original episodes and though it's not quite back to that, there's something there. It helps the chemistry of the group, unfortunately, it's counteracted by the fact they never seem to talk about past slides before season 4.

There's that pic that I have on my site somewhere! And there are some more later. Thanks Tf, you were right on with them :-)

Cool iguana :-) Wonder how much that cost?

Oh, they're not taking the piss out of archaeologists with the beer mug and parking meter are they :-) Not that it wasn't funny though. I like the strange theories. Archaeology does interest me a lot, but I do sometimes wonder at some of the assumptions. There could be any number of things certain artifacts could be used for.

As a complete aside, I love the tops Maggie and Diana wear in this episode at the beginning. I hope I can find some like that in a shop.

It's interesting about the cataclysm. I don't know how technically accurate it is, but it does provide the premise for a very interesting episode. The way it was brought in didn't stand out as being too heavy-handed. It makes you wonder what could happen if they arrived in a owlrd in the middle of a major catastrophe. But I just found it interesting anyway. Is it trying to say that's the way we're headed or not?

lol - coin operated time dispenser. Technically accurate description I think, but it made me laugh all the same :-)

A timer? They find a timer? Now I haven't actually worked out what point this had in the episode wxcept for a little padding. Yeah, there was a Remmy here, but he wouldn't neccessarily have to have been a Slider. And it leadsd ot the only thing that really bugs me about this eppy. They automatically assume that they and their doubles are the only Sliders 'oh that means our 'alternates' were sliding 400 years ago' (approx) Why does it? It doesn't. There'll be splits for the Sliders as well as they make decisions or there's something weird going on. And even if there aren't those rules and splits, there's gonna be other people who discovered Sliding anyway. STOP BEING SO BIGHEADED SLIDERS!!!!! :-)

The cellar - cool :-) Woh! Actually a booby trap there!!!! :-)

Suspended ani? A bit pat for my tastes, but I guess it kinda needs to be there.

Was it only me and Diana who thought that the body might be back in the chamber? Oh come on!!!!

There are always nice handy tunnels for the Sliders to escape into aren't there :-) Wouldn't it be nice if things always happened like that :-)

Remmy the voice? Strangely appropriate. and as for the 'Star of the show' comment, I know I change the context, but I guess he is really. He's the mainstay.

Oh you really gotta love the shrine though. How cool is that place! THE CADDY!!!! :-) Oh that's an amazing scene. One can only imagine how it might have affected Remmy in the mental way. It must be exhilerating, shocking, exciting and creepy all at the saem time!

Gaaaa!!!! Alternate again!!!!

This episode turned out pretty well really. I did like it a lot. It intrigued me, and that's how it should be. I

17. Eye of the Storm
Well, it's been a while, but I'll try my best.

First up was the recap. It seemed pretty much like the trailers for The Unstuck Man, with a little Applied Physics and New Gods For Old thrown in for good measure. It had to be done, but I guess the ickle clips they chose were a little strange at times.

Lolly lol on the flood thing. It looked to cheesy! It seemed pretty fun though. I liked the teaser. Maybe a little odd Mallory simply converting to Pagan worhship, but it did make a funny scene! And funny images in my head :-)

The old co-ordinates are gone? Aren't they gonna have a bit of trouble finding Remmy's world? If they had his to start with. Yeah, they have that od Diana's world, but what good's that gonna do Remmy?

That alley set looks strangely familiar... have they used that about a hundred time before?

Wow, it's weird shit world! Weird weather, weird orange energy barrier thingy. Very strange place.

Peter Jurasik is plain amazing. Okay, so most of the stuff he didn't actually get the chance to be really evil. You get to sympathise with him TOO much. That's not good if you're meant to hate him. They tried to make him kind anice, then not nice, then nice again. Make your mind up people!! Anyway, that scene he did at the beginning was great. Brilliantly done IMHO. He has a lot of ability, but the character really didn't go anywhere :-(

Eugh. Peck. 'nuff said.

I got a little confused by the Geiger double and if he really was. Geiger says he is, then there's these mergery experiments and I'm more than a little confused. Was that his double or not? I still don't see why there can't be a double if one person got unstuck. Wouldn't that mean SO MANY people would be unstuck because there'll be quite a few people around the multiverse in one place or another who slide and get unstuck. The infinite possibilities. So I think there HAVE to bedoubles of each still out there.

When it comes down to it, Remmy's still the heart and soul of the group. That's why he's still there. He's strong, but he feels other people's feelings. That makes him the steadiest of the group IMHO.

Yehay! This is eppy of the tough girls!! Diana's off in full bitchy mode to Geiger (and quite rightly). That has to be her best material this season. The writers just didn't appear to know what to do with her. They said she was they scientist of the group, but when it came down to it, all she ended up was practically a textbook. That's no reflection of Tembi Locke. Ithink she did great in her portrayal. And the character herself was a very interesting character with a lot of potential, but the writers underused her, perhaps out of lack of understanding of her, perhaps they just wanted to use the others. It's a shame... she could have been a wonderful addition had the writers actuall TRIED. Anyway, off on a tangent there. I loved her scenes with Geiger. And then we have Maggie the tough gal too! Punching poor Stu al lthe time and then kneeing him in the balls :-) And last off we have Sharon, overly tought policewoman person! Definitely tough girl ep.

The suggestion is that each wormhole for each set of Sliders is unique. The exact mechanics of it all I can't comprehend, but would it relate to frequency or something? Because otherwise I'm lost. Of course, in my spin-off ficcy, I have different frequencies for 'Magg and human. That just made things easier for me.

Oh my, what a git Geiger is!!! He could seperate them before and he didn't? Eugh. But that just seems like an attempt to make you hate him again after all the trouble they've gone to to make you sympathise. Make your minds up!!

I see Geiger has a lab, though. LOL! :-) Also lolly on the psychiatric (sp?) care joke :-) I think she just needs de-tox from the caffeine pills :-)

It was nice that they could finally use Jerry O'Connell's image in such a scene. It was a shame about the choice of image. Okay, I think at one point they may have used the torture scene, which would have been perfect, but I think they also used just a bland image which did not go. These people were meant to be seperated! It would at least be partially painful!!! It was shame also that they weren't able to seperate the Quinn's before the end of the season, but without securing Jerry O'Connell for at least one episode that would be almost impossible. Not entirely, but almost. Sigh. The bellhop was cool :-) Cheesy and stereotyped, but he was fun :-) And how many times has Jay Acavone been on sliders now playing different characters? I've lost count. If he's gonna be on it that much, they should have made him a recurring character. Or maybe... he knew Peckerhead?

Okay, the effects seemed a little overdone and I don't really care for the Geiger arc, despite the brilliance of Peter Jurasik, but there was some great Diana character stuff in this. And it was interesting. And at least they actually partially FINISHED an arc. for the most part I enjoyed it, but it wasn't amazingly outstanding. The money on effects seemed a bit wasteful. And I swear that the machines they use in the lab were also used for the Kromagg Sliding device in The Seer!!! LOL. I don't like the beamy things. They left one arc open, and closed one. It needed to be done. And then they left all kinds of arcs open at the end of this season. And the fans are the ones to pick up the pieces. A virtual 6th Season will be found at some point on: Phoenix Virtual Television

18. The Seer - Season finale
Well, it finally came... and went. Er... what more to say? It sucked pretty much. The stupid, nasty, cruel ending to leave us on. This suck badly. And they were actually offessive to fans who tried to save the show. Bastards. And they KNEW this would be the last eppy. Hmph. Me no happy.

Well, here's the biggie. Was it any good? Ho hum. Weeeeeell, it started out okay, and quite fun, there were some cool bits, some really nasty lines, and the plot itself degenerated into a big mess in the middle. The beginning even. Of course, the lack of finish put me off a lot. The actors were fine, even very good in parts, it was just the plot and lack of end really. Oh and the nasty lines. Dp the writers hate us? They knew this would be the last, yet they ended like that as revenge. And they made jibes about us. Hmph.

What should I write about this? Well, I thought it started out okay, the common fanfic of fans Sliders slide into a world where there is a show of their exploits. I'm not dissing them, I've written one (though that was a bday pressie for spaz119). It makes you wonder if they nicked that idea. It wouldn't be hard. The banners were funny and cool 'Bring Back Wade' comes to mind 'Rembrandt Rocks'. Icky one - 'Marry Me Maggie'

There was a flashing light warning before this show. From the vortex? There's never been one before. I didn't notice any others. did I miss them? Did I blink?

I liked to see the posters and stuff, but why don't they actually merchandise some things? Grrr. What merchandise have I gotten hold of? Free posters from magazines (probably unlicensed or summat), the books... and er that's it. Oh and a signed JOC pic, but that's not really Sliders. They don't appear to sell the cards here.

And they actually diss us in the episode? What bastards!!!! They do THAT to the fans of the show? Some people may find it funny, but I just find it offensive. Yeah, some peopel are obsessive, but not all. They really need to start thinking about the fans! And they left us on that f-ing cliffhanger on purpose. Plech.

Some bits were okay. There was emotion in places, but the episode as a whole sucked badly. the plot was such a soggy mess that it held together about as well as... as... very soggy muesli. And I can't even think up a good analogy!!! Gaaaa!!!! Tehre wasn't much of a plot really. Weel, there was and there wasn't. It had no depth. It sucked basically. What were they thinking?

I don't see Claire being able to hoard all that unnnoticed though. And there were plot holes in this, dotted here and there.

People around the show lead us on, lied to us, tried to hide this, but this is what we ended up with for our finale of the show. A big pile of nothing that's not even the slightest part of an ending. Sucky last line. REALLY bad. The acting was good in places, but others so damned pathetic I laughed! It was a big pile of shit and even we deserved better. Not content with screwing us over completely, they take a rip at us to cap it off.

I'm annoyed.

I've seen one worse ending, but that could be excused because it it was pulled in the middle of a series leaving viewers with even less than this.

This was nothing. The crap should never have made it through.

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