Season 4 - My Opinions

In general, my opinions of season 4 are much improved on those of season 3, which I thought weren't partically good. Personally, I think that the move to the Sci-Fi Channel was a good one, even if it meant that the audience was reduced, although now, the viewers are more likely to watch the show reguarly. Of course, it doesn't change who sees it in the UK as over here, it's still being shown on Sky 1.

Here are my opinions. They are subject to change every so often, as in when the repeats are shown.

In my opinion, this was a good episode, but not the best. I think the writers had a little problem getting the story to fill 45 minutes as the sliders staged two rescue attempts - one for Rembrandt and one for Quinn after he got captured rescuing Rembrandt. I actually kind of like the idea of Quinn's parents being sliders, even though it sounds kind of cliched. The one main thing I didn't like was the microdot which 'filled Quinn in'- it was too typical of sci-fi. Pretty much everything else I liked, especially Trevor Blue (the Hacker) and the added sarcasm and humour.

Prophets and Losses
This wasn't another Kromagg story and I kinda liked that. I actually prefer the ones that are about how choices and events shape history. The ending was traditional; The sliders help free the people from tyranny, but for once, I didn't mind. It worked better like this, anyway, since it wasn't just the sliders coming and saving them, there was already a group there working towards that goal; The sliders just assisted and even then only a little, really.

Common Ground
I don't remember much of this as I saw it a while ago, but I thought it was okay, although the best Kromagg episide for me so far is Season 2's Invasion. I did like the sliders quest for the timer, only to be handed it by the Kromagg leader just before his death and just in time for the slide. It wasn't really that different from the ending of "Prophets and Losses", but I didn't really mind that much; It shows that the sliders do quite often need help from the inhabitants of the worlds they encounter.

Virtual Slide
I thought that this was one of the funniest episodes I've seen even if the plot was not the best. Why is it that opponents are always positively evil, not just misguided? As for Maggie fancying Quinn, I thought this was very realistic; Who wouldn't fall for Quinn? However, I think it came too early in the season; It's not long since she was married, she can't possibly have quite got over Steven yet, even if he is dead.

World Killer
What I liked about this episode was the interaction with the two Quinns, especially the way in which they both seemed to be jealous of each other, but yet they couldn't seem to agree on much or work together that well. It made intersting viewing and it showed how people probably wouldn't get on with themselves, as well as how people change if the situation changes. What I didn't like was how Quinn2 had a change of heart at the end and saved Quinn's life - it was too predictable and it's been done before.

Oh Brother, Where art thou?
The first part of this I enjoyed. Quinn finds Colin, Colin doesn't believe at first, Quinn persuades him etc. However, the I didn't think much of the handglider scenes even though they were a good idea because they were not very well put together in my opinion. I could tell which bits had been shot seperately from others. I also liked the way Quinn and Colin got to know each other. I've never been in that position, but I guess that would probably be how I'd react. I also liked how Colin kept wanting to take the things apart to see hoe they worked. If he was an inventor on his world, of course he would. It's only natural to be curious. I agreed with Remmy that he was taking it very well (I know I wouldn't be able to!), but there is the possibility that his ease at adapting to worlds was because he wasn't from his world in the first place. There could be something in his sub-conscious that knew of his home world and how different it was from where he grew up, which could have helped him adapt so well. I haven't seen the pilot episode, so I don't know how well the other sliders coped.
I didn't really like the second part. To me it felt like it was tacked on the end just as a time filler, although the way Colin got involved in it in the first place was quite well thought out.

Just Say Yes
I haven't seen this one.

The Alternateville Horror
Not a bad idea, really. It was a fairly predictable way of introducing a ghost story without involving the supernatural. However it did work pretty well. I particualy liked the way Quinn the scientist wouldn't believe any of them until a chair flew across the room at him. I also liked another scientist being involved in the story, one who also believed in parrallel worlds. This "John Smith" actually reminded me of Trevor Blue in "Genesis" , but as far as I know there's no deliberate connection. The room that no one was allowed into reminded me of the ghost-inhabited room in Stephen King's, "The Shining." I also liked the way Maggie commented on how their situation was like a bad horror movie.
I read somewhere that Marc Scott Zicree (I think) had commented that this episode was a comedic episode with some fun visual effects (or words to that effect) and I happen to agree with him, even though there were a couple of major mistakes (see season 4 mistakes for more details)
I thought the fact that the ghosts were actually Remmy, Quinn and Maggie was a little suspicious. I will just about buy the fact that Colin and the boy Matthew had almost the same quantum signature which enabled Colin to see Matthew, but this I find a more than a little dodgy. What made it worse was the way Remmy and Quinn had just swapped roles. Well, I could have coped with it if it hadn't been for the name Quinn "Howling man" Mallory. This I found way to ridiculous. However, what I really want to know is why it's always the doubles of whoever are the main cast at that time whose doubles they meet sliding. WHY CAN'T THEY HAVE COMPLETELY UNRELATED PEOPLE THAT HAVE DISCOVERED SLIDING? Well, they did have Maggie's husband (I haven't actually seen that episode so I don't know any details of this), but in my opinion they need more. At least the didn't have a double of Colin in there, which is something. I did think the acting in different characters was good and it did give them a chance to play an almost entirely different character within the same show and they came across as VERY different. The best bit in that part of the episode was Maggie's reaction when she finds out her double is a stripper or "exotic dancer" as her double prefers to put it. I was surprised that Quinn wasn't more shocked, although he did have a lot on his mind at the time.
I laughed out loud when Quinn said, "I'll be right back!" because it reminded me of the movie "Scream" in which Jerry O'Connell had just starred in the sequel to, although I haven't seen that yet. I wonder if that was done on purpose for this reason, or just coincidence?

An interesting way of them nearly getting to Quinn and Colin's home world, but failing. The interaction between the humans and the Kromaggs was to be expected, yet suitable. The man who wouldn't live with the other humans but instead lived on his own in the walls was less expected to me. I thought that because Maggie's lungs were different, it might possibly enable her to survive a little longer outside, but being rescued and feeling ill effect afterwards is a much more realistic way. The one thing I really didn't like was Jules/Kaldeen's telekinetic mind powers. Where the Hell did they come from? He's not a Kromagg, even if he was brought up to be one and anyway, I don't think that the 'Maggs have telekintic powers anyway. And as far as we know, his parents world didn't have these powers, although if they were in competition with the Krommags powers, they may have adapted to have them. Yet no-one bats an eyelid, not even the sliders when he uses them.

Can't remember any of this one, so I'll do it later.

California Reich
This was a great idea for a plot, although the background could have been one of two. First was the one used where there never was a second world war and no Hitler, which means they wouldn't have learnt why it was bad. The second is that there was a second world war, but Hitler won it and succeeded in taking over the world. Either would have been acceptable. I didn't really like the touch of the "Eddies" but I guess it had to be included or the plot would have been very difficult to wrap up towards the end. In reality, there would be more likely to be concentration camps and random killings, although that may not be the best course of action if they wanted to stay in power. In general, I thought this was one of the best "what if" plots, even if I didn't like as much as some, possibly due to the horrificness of it.

The Dying Fields
I didn't really like this one that much. I'm not actually sure why; It just had an odd "feel" to it that I didn't like. The one part I did really like was how right at the end Kyra died. I thought that it would not have been good if she had agreed to slide with them. If she had gone to another world, she would have encountered many problems because she doesn't look completely human, although she could get away with it on some worlds if she claimed to be deformed. I wasn't expecting the other Hu-magg - I've forgotten his name - to kill her at the end.

Lipschitze Live!
This was one of the most entertaining episodes ever, along with Virtual Slide. I loved the way, Quinn with the scientific approach not being believed whilst the mad man who gave the audience entertainment was. I really loved the way that past episodes were refered to, especially the way the producers and audience leapt on Quinn meeting his female double (Double Cross). I also loved the way Colin married Roxanne without realises because the ceremonies were different. I did think, though, we could have done without her prefering him to her Colin. Still, the only thing I reall don't buy is how thick Maggie and Rembrandt were! How couldn't they have even suspected that it wasn't their Colin? They hadn't been seperated for THAT long (I don't think).

Mother and Child
I found this a very moving tale. I thought that Jonathan being torn between his grandson and his world was realistic, though I was surprised the Sliders trusted the 'Magg Commander at all, considering what they know of 'Maggs. Incidently, that thing about Quinn's original device being an anti-grav device; I was thinking about all that yesterday. It did seem odd to me that recently all these geniuses had been trying to make an anti-grav device and got a slide machine. Nevermind, that doesn't really affect how moving the story was. I even liked the way they came so close to Wade, but failed to find her. A good episode, though perhaps a little lacking in variety, although from some of the other Kromagg episodes, it was very different. I just think that just because the story-arc is built around them doesn't mean quite so many episodes need to be based around them. If they have a 5th season, they may have to change the arc because I think they ay at some point run out of different Kromagg story ideas, while there are so many non-Kromagg story ideas out there just waiting to be written. This episode does bring up a couple of questions such as was a virus the way Quinn and Colin's homeworld freed itself and also the question whether Wade has a Hu-Magg child or not.

Net Worth
This was a very "Romeo and Juliet" story as one of the characters mentioned, but I did think this was a good episode. I thought it showed the ultimate discrimination between the richer people and the poorer people with little regard for the intelligence or personallity of each other. I did, however, think that some of the CG backgrounds were awful (they looked CG) and the garbage shute was very typical. Also, I though that one of the offliner sets (the one where the explosion happened) looked very much like the set on which Kyra died in The Dying Fields. Can anyone out there verify (or not) this? Despite all these nit-picky things, I did enjoy this episode a lot, though I think that it is aimed more towards the female Sliders viewers, which is probably why I liked it better than the more violent episodes.

Slide by Wire
I don't think that they have ever taken a double with them on a slide without realising, so this was a fresh plot and in itself it was interesting. It gave Kari Wuhrer a chance to show off what she could do as it's usually Quinn's duplicate they meet or sometimes Remmy's. Now all we need is a few more Maggie and Colin doubles and they'll all be able to show of their talents a lot more. A good episode with an interesting plot even if we did all know the others would find out she was not their Maggie and go back for the real one. I liked the way Maggie2 immediately hit on Quinn, it shown a very different possible side of Maggie, though I can't understand why she would do this if she was still in love with Steven Jensen. I also really loved Quinn's "improvised" speech. It really did sound improvised, although it most likely was scripted. I though that speech was very funny and entertaining. The only thing was, the Sliders seem to land on an awful lot of technophobic worlds.

Data World
Not a bad episode, but I think the writers are going for a more sciency show rather than differences between cultures. The beginning contained a lot of references to one of Jerry O'Connell's recent projects, Scream 2, which was directed by Wes Craven. However, if you didn't know that, it would have worked just as well, although I think Remmy was given too many, "what is this?....." to say. It was a little confusing at the beginning, it lookeed like part had been repeated, but I think most people could work out why that was by the end. The Junk directory looked very typical and I didn't like it for that reason. I enjoyed watching the obsessive Mr. Chandler, but I think him having destroyed his body was a bit predictable. I was glad they brought back Quinn playing chess; It gave the series a sense of continuity. One of my favourite parts of this episode was maggie being recreated in Remmy's body. This gave Cleavant Derricks a chance to play a completely different character (ie. a woman) and I think he did brilliantly. To me, he even managed to mimic Kari Wuhrers way of playing Maggie. I wasn't that happy with the fight scene at the end. It was obvious to me when Rembrandt was given the ham that it was going to save the day. Also, I think that the producers (or whoever decided this) were trying to make Maggie sexier. You only need to look at her clothes in this scene for proof of that. I did not like the way Maggie was able to swing Freya round without any assistance. It reminded me too much of Xena Warrior Princess which is nothing like Sliders. The fight scene did give Charlie O'Connell a chance to show off his fighting skills, but I was surprised they didn't let Jerry do the same. Or maybe it was his descision as he was directing. Who knows? All in all an enjoyable episode, but I personally would have made a couple of changes.

Way Out West
All I can really say about this is: WOW. Okay, so it had a few pedictable moments and stuff, but I thought it was a brilliant, entertaining and interesting episode. I was a little suspicious of a story coming from Jerry O'Connell to begin with (though I'm not sure why since he went to NYU Film and studied hour-long format script writing or something as part of his course) but I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it was. I loved the way the non-native characters began to pick up the lingo after not very long; This is the sort of thing that happens to me when I go to visit my cousins in Northern Ireland, well I pick up the accent. I also liked the way they brought in stuff they'd seen in westerns, and then how Kolitar knew what they did because he'd seen the same film. This episode also allowed Colin to come to the fore a bit more. Out from Quinn's shadow, we get to see more of the character. To my English eyes, this world was more similar to his than any other they'd been to recently, which also gave him an edge. I especially liked the western font type at the beginning instead of the usual Sliders font, which I thought helped make the world more accesible from the beginning. As to Maggie's singing, Kari did a good job (though how the pianist knew the songs I don't know) and few of the songs are traditionally western (there's stuff like "YMCA" and "Tight Pants"). I did think it was odd though how she was getting really nervous before and then, instantly, she knows all the words and she's really confident. I know it could happen, but it didn't take very long at all. As for bringing back Kolitar, they were bound to run into him at some point, though I don't see why he was there before going to the Slidecage. Kolitar's paranoia was well written and completely plausible. Unfortunately, I ran out of tape after Kolitar challenged Colin to a gunfight so I can't say anything about the ending yet. Once again, it was a brilliant episode.

My Brother's Keeper
I enjoyed most of this episode. There are some things i wasn't too happy about, but the good outweighed the bad. I liked all the confusion over the Quinns, but how come they haven't had any other Quinns who have discovered sliding since Season 2 and I think the last on to feature one was Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome although I could be wrong. We've had numerous Quinns (or a Logan) who haven't perfected it yet. Even though I could see Mallory (the clone) getting shot for Dr. Mallory from the beginning of the scene, it wouldn't have worked any other way. I liked the way Colin was teaching Mallory about things a lot. It took Colin back to where he started in a way. I liked this because I think the writers advanced the character of Colin too quickly and this kind of regressed him a little, but I don't remember him asking what cloning was, which is surprising. This episode also showed how much Quinn and Colin care for each other and each others doubles. I also liked most of Jerry O'Connell's portrayal of the controlled clone, but like the character of Colin, Mallory's character was advanced too quickly. And at last a scientist who wasn't working on an anti-gravity machine! Still, it's a pretty good episode.

The Chasm
This would definately get the award for oddest, most complicated and most confusing episode of the season were there such an award. The plot was actually far more suited to a season 3 episode rather than a season 4 episode, even if it did try to get some science into it. It was a good effort, and the parts concentrating on Rembrandt's anguish at abandoning Wade and Maggie's loss of her husband and world as well as her frustration that Quinn doesn't love her in the way she wants him to gave us valuble insight is to their emotions, but they didn't show us enough of Quinn and Colin's emotional problems which let it down a bit. I would have thought they could have got Quinn's responsibilities in there somewhere and they should have at least mentioned Colin's love Susanna. While those bits are compelling, the main plot which feeds those scenes is odd, complicated and rather fantastical, including an emotion transferring machine AND suspended animation cryogenics stuff. I think the complexity of this episode could have been one on the reasons few plot synopsises appeared on the internet prior to it's showing. The plot is so strange and complex going back and forth that even I had trouble working it out, and I'm known for being able to make sense of things. The other thing was that is was fairly predictable. Still, there were so many logic problems within the plot (see Season 4 Mistakes for a few of them) I'm not surprised I couldn't work it out.
Jerry O'Connell, Kari Wuhrer, Cleavant Derricks and the little girl playing Amy all acted superbly. I would say the same about Charlie O'Connel, only he wasn't really given any real acting scenes to do, and so cannot really be considered outstanding in this episode. However, even the brilliant performances were not enough to bring up the quality of the plot.
If this had been a season 3 episode, I would have called this a good episode, but fankly, like The Dying Fields, it's not up to the standard I've come to expect of season 4. I think that both my worst episodes of Season 4 have been wriiten by the same author, William Bigelow, so it could be that I just don't like his style.

Roads Taken
I only saw this episode once, so forgive me for my lack of details. I thought this was quite a good episode with good writing, but I didn't like the premise for it. I do have a reason. For Thomas (?) to have gone to get the younger Quinn and Maggie, it would have to include time travel and I have very strict theories about that. I won't explain them now, but this episode kinda comprimised them. Another thing was that this episode implied that Quinn wanted a romance with Maggie as well. Now, there have been little things throughout the season that suggested this, but when Maggie asked him if he saw her fantasy in Virtual Slide, he actually seemed quite irritated also, in The Chasm, Maggie thought that Quinn didn't love her in the same way she loved him. The premise was a little complicated, but in a few ways, it was kind of interesting.

This was the plot I'd been waiting for since the Kromaggs were first introduced in Invasion, so the twist wasn't entirely unexpected. I have a couple of nit-picks, but you can read about them in Season 4 mistakes or at the Long Guide. The parents costumes were a little tacky and was the sliding from the train. The beginning I actually thought was verging on the ridiculous with the giant after Maggie. We could definately have done without THAT. It was good to see that Maggie hadn't lost here aggressive tendancies completely, if only for the sake of continuity. When writing my notes, I jotted down, "didn't make enough of Colin's early experience." I think I was talking about when Colin was talking to Catherine. It's the only place it fits. Anyway, that could have been a far more poignant scene if they'd actually gone into more detail. It would have given us more insight into Colin if they had. That's been a major problem this season, they haven't given us enough about Colin. Still, mostly well written.

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