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Rules of the Game
Not a bad episode and a pretty good choice for a season opener. I did feel some parts were set up to make Sliders more actiony, but overall the episode was engaging. I did especially like the Professors reactions to becoming blind. I thought they were very realistic.

Double Cross
This was a verygood idea for the plot. I love the idea of Quinn having an evil female equivilent (I know that's not spelt right). I'd like to see some of the others having female equivs. I also really liked the way that Logan and her allies hired Wade's double. It was something that there was always the potential for but it was never used. I even liked the way she made mistakes which made Arturo realise it wasn't our Wade. I did, however, think that some of the acting came across as being wooden, especially on Logan's diary thing. There were also a few minor things I didn't like, but overall, it was a brilliant plot, that was not used to its full potential. It still comes across as a pretty good episode.

Electric Twister Acid Test
This was actually a fairly predictable episode. I enjoyed watching it (as I do all Sliders ), but as I was watching it the first time, I predicted what would happen next. As it happens, I was pretty much correct every single time. Still, it gives us an interesting take on their life. This may not be the same for everyone, but I found that I was comparing Franklin to some of the dictators because to me that's what he was. He even goes as far as to lie to his people to keep their support of his leadership which is what I think dictators often did. He may not, however, have been doing this just because he was power-hungry. I think that was mostly the reason, but I think the rest of the reason was that he felt guilty and couldn't face it.

The Guardian
This is one of the best episodes I have seen. It comes very high on my top list. I just loved pretty much everything about it. I'd be more specific, but I haven't seen it for a while and I don't have my notes.

The Dream Masters
An interesting way of bringing science to the supernatural. As someone who often lucid dreams, I have to say that it is not as easy to control them as this episode may have led you to believe. I did on the whole like this episode, even if there was stuff that I would have improved upon and changed. While the different lighting and odd representations of the other sliders were what I would expect in one of my dreams, I have never, ever seen smoke covering the ground in any dream of mine. The way the dream masters controlled people was a little implausible, but never mind. This episode has some similarities to what I know of the show Sleepwalkers which recently was made, but them cancelled. However, in this case, Sliders came first, which for season 3 is unusual. When I watched this episode in German via satellite, I found that some parts had been cut for BBC2 which is fair enough considering the time slot, but it did alter the story a little.

Desert Storm
This was an okay episode, but it was leaning towards fantasy instead of "what-if" science-fiction and no episode, however good, is worth the death of any person. The story brought the mythical into it well, but I prefer stories like the ones in the first couple of seasons where how events shaped what humanity is today and what would have happened if they had turned out differently. This is probably because I am a "what-if" person and I think about "what if this had happened" quite a lot. One of my english essays for my GCSEs has an entire conclusion on it.

Although this was well scripted and fairly well acted, the bad in this episode outweighs the good.
THE GOOD: The way Wade botched the love spell was the sort of thing that would happen to someone not understanding it, and I thought that was good. I also like some of the tensions between the sliders themselves and there were a couple of other good scenes that mainly focused on the Sliders' connection to each other and their interaction. I liked the way Remmy felt he had a special connection to Wade because neither of them were scientists and his frustration at knowing people and not knowing them. Most of the good in this episode was betwenn Wade and Remmy. The only other good thing was that Jerry O'Connell got to show off his skills, even if it wasn't for very long and I didn't like what he was fighting. Apparently he has perfect positioning of his feet as he faces the dragon. (I don't know; I don't fence or swordfight.)
THE BAD: Basically, the world they slid into. People who believed in druids (or not) and in spells and stuff was okayish, but having people who could change shape was ridiculous. The stuff Arturo and Quinn discussed about the laws of physics not being the same in this world was only remotely possible and even then not likely, so generally a load of crap. And then at the end with Quinn's body being inhabited by Gareth and then being stabbed by Arturo and brought back to life was even more ridiculous. The writer may have attempted to bring some scientific credibility to the episode and a historical reference, but due to the nature of the episode, they didn't succeed. All the magic stuff to me was completely rubbish and pulled us away from the good stuff mentioned above. The dragon just capped it all off.
So basically, the main plot was not good, but the sub-plot was. I think that this season, the writers are moving further away from science-fiction and closer towards fantasy, and in my mind, the two aren't usually compatible, and in this context, they are definately not. This was not the kind of Sliders I had come to like and enjoy. This was some parrallel version of it.

The Fire Within

The Prince of Slides

Dead Man Sliding
This was one of the better episodes of the season. It wasn't a movie rip-off that I know of and it didn't have some fantasy element and it didn't verge on the ridiculous. However, it still wasn't as good as the first 2 seasons. I thought that Quinn's reactions to his imminent death were very well done and seemed very realistic. This was a missing in the 4th Season episode Way Out West, where Quinn was also facing death. I also liked the photos Quinn and Arturo had done at Wade's persuasion, but it would have been better if they hadn't led them so obviously to the conclusion. They could probably have worked it out themselves without it. The lack of decent security systems was a plot device, but it was possible if not probable. One of my main problems with the episode was when Wade was crawling through the air vents. They were (in my opinion) ridiculously large for air vents and very echoing. Why is it that air vents are always gigantic (enough to easily fit a grown person) and they always carry echos very well? In general though, a pretty good episode. It wasn't quite The Guardian quality, but it was better than most of this season.

State of the A.R.T.
After a brief improvement in the previous episode (Dead Man Sliding), we're back to the usual season 3 episodes. I didn't really like this episode very much, although the psychotic robots were in a way quite funny. I didn't like the idea of the episode particualy and I could see that the 'last human' was going to turn out to be a robot the minute we met him. Actually, the whole episode was pretty predictable. It began getting really tacky when Quinn and Rembrandt were being held and Rembrandt threw a chair at the window. He gave up on that pretty quickly; If he'd hit a bit longer, he probably could have broken it. Then that set Quinn up to be the genius again and hotwire the door. That was incredibly tacky. That then set it up for when Wade, Arturo and Rembrnadt were in there and the power was cut off. That let Wade show off her ingenuity by breaking the wall down. But if the window was unbreakable, wouldn't the wall be too? Generally, very tacky. One of the worst done parts IMHO was when the showed the robot Quinn and Rembrandt without eyes. It was badly done and what was the point? They had eyes later on. The bit with the pink sky was actually quite funny, but there wasn't really much point to it. Overall, it was tacky and I didn't like it.

Season's Greedings

Murder Most Foul
It wasn't that bad an episode, BUT I felt it was maily a plot to let the cast dress up in period costumes. I thought Rembrandt, Quinn and Wade in suits was quite funny for some reason, but the people did seem a little strange. The kid wasn't too bad, but he was a bit superfuous. Overall (I can't be bothered to write much today) it was okay, but not really the type of episode I would consider excellent.

Slide Like an Egyptian
This could have been a good episode, but it wasn't particually. The scarab was just stupid and served no purpose really, and the fact that a scarab that size would be unlikely since the body would be crushed by the shell (sorry, my biology lessons don't usually stick in my mind, but that one did). Do you realise this is at least the second time this season that Quinn has died and been brought back to life! Once was bad enough, but twice is just tacky. How many more times is it going to happen? They didn't keep much to the Egyptian stuff though, if the centre of power is in Cairo, why on Earth is the Pharoah being buried in LA? And why do they all speak English? They would speak Egyptian. And the heiroglyphs Wade was looking at were pretty convenient since that was the only time they were seen. The newspapers were in English. I know this sort off stuff would detract from the action, but they should think about it. And how many more people are they going to ask to join them? Now it's like every week. And they all decline. I'm just bored of it. I guess the way they got a new timer was okay, but not very origional really. And the end where that leader person was tricked into being eaten by the scarab was pathetic. Oh, and the CG on the scarab wasn't very good.
Thinking about it, it was better than some, and although it came from a more origional idea, the plot we got was fairly unorigional. They should stop killing Quinn off and pay more attention to detail. Fairly average (but a bit more glitzy) for Season 3, but they need to try harder. Oh, some stuff that was a bit better. The reactions of Wade and Remmy to Quinn's death. They were quite well played, but there wasn't enough time spent on them and they were fine not long after. Arturo's grief wasn't really noticible. I liked that they brough Quinn's father back, but it's debatable whether it was appropriate or not. I did liked how they brought back what he used to tell Quinn. I think that came up before (or was it after this??). Quinn was fairly sensible when breaking the glass and I did like the costumes of the police-type people. Still, a fairly average episode for sliders, but slightly above average for this season.

Paradise Lost
This was just plain ridiculous. It was a pathetic attempt at a story, it was predictable and the worm was badly CG-ed. This has to be one of the worst, if not the worst, episode of Sliders. That girl geologist didn't really do a lot and me and my sister predicted every thing that happened. We were right every single time as well! The worm thing was pointless. In fact the whole episode was pointless and I did not think much of it at all. The only good thing was that Jerry O'Connell's hair looked nice. This season just keeps getting worse and worse, although I don't think it can get much worse. Oh yeah, and it's meant to be a rip-off of the movie Tremors.

The Exodus (Part 1)
I was actually fairly impressed with this one. The story about saving the world was quite interesting, especially Wade having to decide who lives and dies. However contrived that was, I found it compelling. However, I did not like the Rickman fungus story, even though it set up the story arc for the rest of the season, something that needed to be done. That was too typical of Season 3. If it had just been saving some people from the pulsars, that would have been an excellent story. The giant world was also fairly ridiculous, but I suppose I can cope since the bunny rabbits with teeth were actually quite funny. Why is it that villians always look evil (no offence to Roger Daltrey)? I can often pick out villians in a story just by their appearence. anyway, fairly good, but could do with some refining.

The Exodus (Part 2)
Not quite as good as part one, but not too bad. I thought the Quinn and Maggie love like stuff was pretty uncalled for. I mean, Maggie was married! Shows how much love their was in that marriage. Also, the way Arturo died was pretty disappointing, and I'm not the only one who thought so. Yes, he gave his live for the other sliders, but it could have been written far better. The funeral scene was is some ways characteristic, but it wasn't that brilliantly acted. I heard they were all hung over from the party the night before, so I watched really carefully. Of the three of them, I think Sabrins Lloyd managed the best (sorry to the others), but it wasn't as good as she has done in the past. Still, part of that could have been because the script they were given wasn't really moving enough. A question now: Did they bury Arturo's body, or did they leave it behind and just have a memorial service? Okay, so not bad, but it could have done with a lot of refining.

Sole Survivors
Well, I like Quinn coming out of the wormhole on a crucifix becasue they'd been seen coming out the wormhole, but that was the best part. Wade and Maggie keep bickering and I know that goes on and on in later episodes as well. It all seemed a bit contrived just so they could get a zombie episode. And those zombiefied creatures and zombiefied Quinn only avoided the light when it suited the story. They took Debra in broad daylight and other stuff like that. The idea of a fat-removal thing gone mad is actually quite funny, but the episode wasn't great. It's not the worst episode I've seen, but it wasn't brilliant either.

The Breeder
We now definately know why a tough, military woman was brought on to the team. Not only to balance out the sexes, but to make the show seem more sexy. It wouldn't have worked if Wade had the parasite inside her. I've found that most of the guys prefer Wade, but there are a significant propotion who like the tough sexiness of Maggie. My friend's brother is an example. He's 12 and he liked the episode becasue it showed a lot of Maggie. And this was the slightly edited version on the BBC! If FOX were aiming to attract teenage boys, they succeeded. I didn't really like the episode in general, but then, I'm not a bloke. The parasite thing looked awful! It looked almost exactly like the Polymorphs sucker thing in Red Dwarf's season 3 episode, "Polymorph." That was actually mostly what was cut from the BBC2 version. No, this wasn't the kind of ep I like to see. I also seemed like a rip-off of the movie Species. Correct that, it probably was.

The Last of Eden

The Other Slide of Darkness
I think this episode was designed to tie up a few loose ends really. It brings back the Quinn from the pilot who has gone insane and it also mentions that he gave the Kromaggs the formula for Sliding. I always like doubles, so bringing back the one from the pilot was welcome. I especially like insane of evil doubles so that was pretty cool as well. I saw it once in German and once in English (I forgot to set the video). I think the fog was actually fairly tacky. It was like a wall. It didn't gradually become thicker. It was just there. The blind girl seemed just to be padding. Either that or an attempt to make it more fantasy orientated. The new Rickman wasn't as good as the old one. The explanation they gave was pretty routine as well, but I guess it had to be done. I really think it could have been better if they had concentrated more on Quinn's double. Jerry O'Connell was as good as ever in the double role. All the pricipal actors do every time. I must say, though, I have a soft spot for double Quinns.

Urgh! I really HATE snakes. And this was a big rip-off of Anaconda which Kari Wuhrer actually appeared. Wade and Maggie were still bickering (something that annoys me) but as far as I remember, there did seem to be some attempt at a reconciliation. I laughed when Maggie kicked that guy in the balls, probably the best part of the episode. I guess the Sldiers were relaxing and stuff, but I'm surprised they actually split up considering what usually happens (you'd think they've noticed that by now!). The intelligent snakes stuff was slightly plausible, but I didn't like it, possibly becasue I really hate snakes and this ep was full of them. There were a few too many snakes and the characters all seemed to be fairly stupid when it came down to them (go inside a building full of and surrounded by snakes, go across snakes without getting what you need first). AND they both managed to hook up with really nasty people. When will Quinn stop falling in love with every girl he meets? It's getting kind of tiresome. No, it's not, it's getting very tiresome. And more implausible every time it happens. What happened to his feelings for Wade? Don't worry, I know, the FOX executives thought they could get more sex appeal out of Quinn if they made him a macho guy who gets a girl every week. In actual fact, most of the women who watch the show prefer him as he used to be with his sweet, shy sexiness without much clue about women. Also, his hair was a whole lot sexier becasue it was longer and floppier. Okay, I'm gonna stop drooling and writing at the same time now. The keyboard's getting sticky.


Okay, despite this not really being alternate history and it was aired just in time to ride the hype for Buffy, this episode actually has stuff to recommend it. The rock music scenes were excellent and Wade does have a great voice. They really let her show it off and the music wasn't actually too bad. It also showed one of the Sliders enjoying themselves on the world, even if it did turn sour. The grave robbing bit was also pretty funny. It even gave Quinn and Wade a chance to show they still care about each other. Something season 3 rarely offers. There was some stuff I didn't like ie. vampires, vampires having telekinetic powers, but otherwise it wasn't too bad for an episode.

This Slide of Paradise

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