"There once was a woman named Wade"

By Chris Boucher (TheBean)

Date Posted at the Bboard: 4/3/99

There once was a woman named Wade
Who, of nothing it seems, was afraid
Til the Kro-Maggs got hold
Of this woman so bold
And no attempt to save her was made

In her mind she held out the hope
Though it was slippery as soap
That one day her Quinn
Would come charging on in
It was the only way she could cope

But to this woman's utter dismay
She remained there day after day
Left in a camp
That was brutal and damp
While Quinn went his own merry way

Abandoned by all of her friends
We all know how this story ends
Left on the inside
She unfortunately died
It's up to the writers to make amends.

Alternate Earth 117
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