Unknown Pictures

I have little or no idea which episodes come from, so if you do, please tell me These have mostly been scanned in from magazines, so I apologise for the creases and stuff in a few piccies. The magazine they are scanned from will always be mentioned. Cult Times, TV Zone, Starburst and X-pose can be found at http://www.visimag.com and Dreamwatch can be found at http://www.dreamwatch.co.uk. (I think!). Sorry about captions.

The only order these are in is the order I scanned them in.

Click on the image for a bigger copy.

1. Wade and Remmy in ?, taken from TV Zone 89
2. Wade Welles in ?, taken from TV Zone Special 24
3. Arturo, Rembrandt and Quinn in ?, taken from TV Zone 89
5. Quinn Mallory in ?, taken from Cult Times 35
6. Rembrandt Brown in ?, taken from Xpose' 26. I think this is from an episode.
8. Arturo and Quinn in ?, taken from Starburst Special 37
9. Arturo in ?, taken from Cult Times

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Alternate Earth 117
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