Welcome to my survey page! When looking into completing my princesses, I started finding conflicting information. There is one fantastic site that wonderfully details which accessories came with which pony (My Little Pony Princess Accessory Guide), but the information on there did not tally with my own (foolproof!) childhood memories. It took a while, but eventually I realised the reason for this discrepancy was regional issue, and that the UK edition had come with dragons and not bushwoolies.

The UK was not the only issue to include dragons. Italy did also, though bizarrely in France and possibly Germany they came with neither dragons nor bushwoolies. While my original intention was to just investigate the UK issue, I have found I need to lump it together with the Italian issue. Further investigation indicates that there is appears to be a consensus with the carded Princesses also, so I have now begun to include them too. Much of my information relies predominantly upon other people's childhood memories, and to ask everyone to remember which box it came in is a bit of a stretch!

I am always looking for more information on these, and especially MIB or MOC pictures (UK, Italian, French or German packaging). If you have anything that could help, please get in touch! My email is ladyguinevere83 AT hotmail.com (remove the space and AT, and replace them with @)

The UK editions of the princess ponies also came with puffy stickers, which had already been phased out in the United States. Italian, French and German packaged Princesses did not. MIB Pictures <-- Click here for pictures of the Princesses in UK packaging

Princess Amethyst: (10.5 results)

Comb: pink (5)
Wand: dark blue (9)
Hat: lilac with moons and stars (9)
Ribbon: Blue with gold trim

Fairly straight forward as far as hat and wand go, however, there does also exist a pink hat with flowers and butterflies (as pictured in UK merchandise), and combs in the colours of blue, dark purple and lilac. And a wand of dark purple (2) as well. But the wand and hat were overwhelmingly these colours.

Princess Amber: (4 results)

Comb: green/aqua (4, poss more)
Wand: lilac (4)
Hat: turquoise with moons and stars (5, poss 6)

A bit more mixed on this one, with less information than the other princesses. Occassional additional colours, such as the dark purple wand (2), but mostly seems fairly consistent, with what little we have. I lost the auction for the one MIB I've seen (went near 100), and in the picture I couldn't see the comb colour.

Princess Aquamarine: (5 results)

Comb: dark blue (4, with one MIB and one MOC)
Wand: dark purple (5)
Hat: lilac with hearts and drops (4, poss 5)
Ribbon: pink with gold trim (3 confirmed)

Benefits from matching UK MIB and French MOC. Some minor variation to the accessories, but a pattern is starting to form with her accessories, from what was originally fairly messy.

Princess Pearl: (10.5ish results)

Comb: lilac (6)
Wand: blue (6)
Hat: blue with hearts and teardrops (8)
Ribbon: yellow with gold trim

Recent additions to the survey have helped put a bit more of a pattern in her accessories, assisted by a French MOC. Still has a wide, messy variety of additional comb (pink, blue) and wand (pink, lilac, dark purple). Also, a secondary hat colour of pink with hearts and drops, but this is less common.

Princess Ruby: (8.5 results)

Comb: pink (5)
Wand: mid-pink (5)
Hat: yellow with butterflies and flowers (6)
Ribbon: pink with gold trim

Fairly straightforward, but there also exist a blue comb, lilac comb (2), purple wand (2), purple wand and yellow hat with moons and stars. Not all at the same time though. The MIB in my possession has a purple comb to go with the pink wand and yellow hat with flowers, just to make things difficult!

Princess Sapphire: (6.5 results)

Comb: Dark purple (4), lilac (3, 1 almost MIB)
Wand: Aqua (4) or dark blue (2), both seen MIB
Hat: lilac with moons and stars (4)
Ribbon: blue with gold trim (2)

We have no other colours for hat, only a vague change for comb, but the wand is still confusing. Both wand colours have been seen MIB at different times, so there is definitely the two. Also, My own childhood one had the dark blue, and I have photographic evidence, which is why I'm persisting in listing it, when it seems the less common of the two! There is one minor difference in the two UK MIB Princess Sapphires, packaging wise, which is that the one with the dark blue wand has a hole in the top, (as does my Aquamarine), but the one with the Aqua wand does not (like my Ruby)  

I myself am leaning towards the possibility that there may have been two different issues. There may be two different hats for most princess. One exception Sapphire, and in her case there are distinctly two wands. The two issues could explain the myriad of colours that appear for some of the princesses if half the colours went with one issue, and half with the other.

Of the two princess Sapphire MIBs, there is one minor difference in the packaging - one has a hole at the top for hanging, one does not. This could indicate a differeence in issue, or it might be a red herring!

The ones I've listed are the most common, but that may change as more comes to light. Although there is often a lean towards certain accesories, there are still anomalies out there. I guess it's just a case of pick your faves from each selection.  

Thanks go to everyone who has contributed information for this page, especially Taffeta and 'fragility & decay'. It really has helped. Also to NiceNSpicy and satinslipper for selling me MIB Aquamarine and Sapphire. And special thanks lily-of-the-valley for her extra help and donation of sticker pictures.

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