Season 5 Mistakes

Feel free to correct any where I'm wrong, and also feel free to tell me of others I missed!

1. The Unstuck Man
* Although the stand-is looked pretty much like Jerry and Charlie, the 'Go! Go'! was so obviously not them.
* This may or not be a mistake, but it's a little difficult to believe that when Geiger was unstuck, he was in that dimension long enough to get a lab started and a forcefield up to contain him.
* A stasis field may stop a countdown, but would that change the window?
* Thomas Mallory wouldn't actually grow up without a father because he has already grown up and gone.

2. Applied Physics
* Not a technical mistake, but they keep using 'alternates' instead of 'doubles' just like that! It's annoying after 4 seasons of 'doubles.'

3. Strangers and Comrades
* The first time we see the timer, it's not lit up at all. then, when the Kromagg finds it, the LED is lit up and shows the numbers 130700.
* I don't remember 'Magg weapons doing quite that!
* Larson didn't actually mention the 'KR-17' bit when he talked about the weapon. He just called it the Voraton device.

4. The Great Work
* Only Diana and Sarah knew about the detonator! So how did Maggie know?
* That wasn't 14 seconds until the Slide! It 28!
* Other people can argue the crystal plausibility much better than I can.
* Er... where would Seth and Sarah actually take the crystal?
* How would anyone retrieve the data from the crystat? They don't know how!

5. New Gods for Old
* The original water was clear.

6. Please Press One
* The barcode was scanned rather a lot of times.
* Why would the van still have manual controls? It's not like they were ever used.
* Diana and Rembrandt don't want junk food, but are at the machines anyway.

Episodes 7-14 coming soon

15. To Catch A Slider
* How would Diana know they were getting closer? She's shouldn't have Remmy's co-ordinates. In Season 4's Revelations Michael Mallory was going to have to find the co-ordinates for that world.
* They would Slide that roughly then exit standing with the barest wobble.
* Maggie exlains to REMMY they have little control????????
* A different language on Egypt world???? YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!
* Diana says she never went to bars and stuff like that in college, but she said in another eppy that she went to the student union bar for the odd beer.
* That's one feminine looking man!!!! :-)

* Mallory didn't actually join, he WAS joinED.
* How did they get mud on their clothes when there's no water? The previous world perhaps.
* Diana refers to a time warp when it's not necessarily, and in fact unlikey, though there were miniscule amounts of time travel in Season 2's Time Again And World and Season 4's Roads Taken. She also later talks about the theory in The Guardian which is different.
* Why must it be their duplicates timer? Why can't other people slide? They do! And why must it be their timer?
* For that matter, what was the point of the timer?????
* They should be able to manage an ickle while without water.

17. Eye of the Storm
* If those people have been holed up in the Chandler for 6 months without food or water and no other people coming in, how are they in such good health? Water would be a problem.
* The people in the hotel said they found no one, but they can't have looked to hard if there were people in the bank.
* I've written why no understand doubles. I'd like to know what the Hell I meant! * But the experiment did work in Applied Physics. At least, the two worlds were combined fine.

18. The Seer
* Since when did Remmy give up on church?
* How did what appeared to be Mallory's PHOTO appear on posters? He didn't even have a double on this world.
* Didn't they lose Remmy's home co-ordinates when they had to change the crystal in To Catch A Slider? It said all co-ordinates were erased, and that was why Geiger gave then the co-ordinates of Diana and Mallory's home world in Eye of the Storm.
* If the Seer himself has plenty of money, why is the movement in debt? Wouldn't he give some money to it?
* So what happened to the extra timer from Dust? It appears to have disappeared since them and as far as we can tell, they took it with them when they left.

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